Upkeep Your Skin: 5 Best Salons For Facials In Tanjong Pagar

February 21, 2020
Best Facial Tanjong Pagar

No matter how diligent you are in your multi-step daily beauty regime, there are several external factors such as weather, stress and diet that can do a number on your skin. That’s why most people often turn to the deft hands and expertise of a professional every now and then. There is a variety of facial treatments to tackle different skin concerns from fine lines and wrinkles to dryness and acne.

Paying a visit to the beauty salon and getting a facial can do wonders to maintain the general look of your skin. If you are on the hunt for a facial spot near you, we share 5 best beauty salons that provide facials in Tanjong Pagar, suitable for the busy professionals in the Central Business District (CBD) area.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Bonita

Source: Bonita

Meaning beautiful in Spanish, Bonita specialises in everyday beauty services and grooming to provide beauty to every woman. Here, you can expect “The Bonita Experience” with 100% quality in the products used and services provided. For those looking for something more affordable in the CBD area, they take price in offering beauty services at a rate that’s charged by typical neighbourhood locations. Their beauticians have served for over a decade, with experience and convenience guaranteed for each and every session.

Available to women only, their range of facial treatments includes whitening, hydrating and refining to address different skin issues. Suffering from blackheads? Their refining facial includes a 6-step process to cleanse, steam and extract to clear the pores – with a visible difference in just 1 session. If you have puffy eyes or dark circles, top up your facial with a soothing eye treatment and relax in full privacy.

Contact Number: +65 6538 3100
Address: Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link, #01-10, Singapore 078867
Operating Hours: Mon–Sat 10AM-8PM | Sun 10AM-6PM

2. Indulgence Beauty

Source: Indulgence Beauty

Here at Indulgence Beauty, they are passionate about helping to restore your skin. They specialise in beauty, skin care and clinical facial treatments to treat numerous skin conditions and imperfections. You will be in highly capable hands, armed with their extensive knowledge and experience in skin health as well as their use of the latest advancements in skin science. They also make use of the most effective products from MD Dermatics Skin Care to treat skin problems and revitalise your skin.

They incorporate a 4-step approach to serve customers: consult, analyse, recommend and manage. By understanding your skin concerns and going through skin assessment, they are able to recommend a tailored salon treatment and guide you with a home care treatment regimen to achieve your desired results. If you have congested skin and clogged pores, try out their signature extraction treatment!

Contact Number: +65 6225 8908
Address: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #02-58, Singapore 082001
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8.30PM | Sun 12PM-3PM

3. Queen’s Market

Source: Queen’s Market

Opened since 2012, Queen’s Market has been delivering facials at Tanjong Pagar area with a shop atmosphere that feels like home. They use materials and tools that are imported from Japan and stay up-to-date with Japan’s hottest trends. The salon’s founder, Maki Nagamine, regularly organise external events at various companies to share beauty lessons including body treatments and gel nails – so she certainly knows a thing or two about enhancing your beauty.

At Queen’s Market, all of their staff are female who can speak both English and Japanese. And to ensure a dedicated consultation, they accept advanced booking only! They will assess your skin concerns and propose the right treatment to take care of your skin, be it due to ageing, UV damage or stress. Schedule yourself for some me-time! You can find a number of facial treatments as well as body services for relaxation, slimming, detox, anti-ageing and more.

Contact Number: +65 6329 1166
Address: 81B Tanjong Pagar Road 3F, Singapore 088502
Operating Hours: 10AM-8PM Daily

4. Kiray Aesthetics

Source: Kiray Aesthetics

Located right in the heart of bustling CBD lies an intimate oasis, Kiray Aesthetics. They aim to be the ideal holistic sanctuary to pamper your body, mind and soul for an improved overall wellness. Their concoction of therapeutic therapies and effective treatments have been perfected with over 20 years of experience, all professionally performed by their well-trained therapists. Designed to suit everyone, the range of treatments offered utilises natural and holistic remedies to tackle elements of physical tension arising from hectic lifestyles, hapless nutrition and radical environments.

Kiray Aesthetics are constantly upgrading themselves with new methods and technologies, so you can look forward to experience a wonderful aesthetic makeover through innovative treatments. Part of their facial treatments are customised so all skin types will be assessed and treated accordingly to ensure optimal results and see wondrous improvements to your complexion.

Contact Number: +65 6235 3898
Address: 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-111, Singapore 081007
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-6.30PM | Sun 8.30AM-3.30PM

5. Porcelain

Source: Porcelain

Porcelain’s humble beginnings began in 2009, founded by a team of mother and daughter who combines their values in business and more than 20 years in aesthetician skills. All of Porcelain’s therapists are trained in the refined art of extractions and deep-cleansing treatments. They take pride in being good at listening – their solutions are conceived in-house based on ongoing interactions with their customers. And as the skin evolves with time, they are committed to an active customer feedback loop to curate products and treatments to meet your needs.

Their facial treatments include all-time favourites to signatures, solutions that are targeted to treat the root of the problem and stimulate cellular regeneration to achieve healthier living and skin. There are 3 steps to this approach: detoxification, regeneration and protect, to put your skin on the right track and become inherently radiant from within.

Contact Number: +65 6386 5388
Address: Tanjong Pagar Center, 7 Wallich Street, #01-02, Singapore 078884
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-10PM | Sat 9.30AM-8PM | Sun 9.30AM-7PM

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