3 Best Hair Salons in Yishun for Sleek Haircuts

July 17, 2020
best hair salon yishun

It’s time to upgrade your dull, plain look this season with a refreshing hairdo! Bid goodbye to your old locks and embrace a brand new appearance by going to a salon for a hair makeover. If you happen to live around Yishun, count yourself lucky as this article is written just for you.

Have you kept your same hairstyle for a little too long? Step out of your comfort zone for once. Take a shot at getting a professional and lovely haircut at any of these 3 best hair salons in Yishun today!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Myeongdong Hair Studio

Image Credit: Myeongdong Hair Studio

Constantly innovating with the latest trends, Myeongdong Hair Studio is the go-to salon where you can be accorded with dedicated Korean style hair treatment services! Their hairstyling crew have undergone all-rounded training by their very own Korean Creative Hair Director and brand partners to ensure that you will be granted your dream mane!

If that is not enough, they have also partnered up with premium hairdressing brands – Milbon & Tokio Inkarami, L’Oreal and MUCOTA to come up with the most sophisticated, striking hairstyles and makeup products just for you. Keen to find out what new hair trends they have to offer? Stall no more and swing by ​Myeongdong Hair Studio to nail down a modern Korean-inspired hairdo!

Customer Review

Cheryl, Website’s Reviews

I just did a rebonding and with C curl perm. Very satisfied with the results, my hair is super soft and the product used was not damaging to hair textures. I spent about 4.5 hours in the salon. I did many Rebonding sessions and this is the best! Love my new style. The stylist is patient n detailed.

Contact: +65 6909 6553
Location: 598 Yishun Ring Road, Wisteria Mall, #01-29, Singapore 768698
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-8.30pm | Sat-Sun 9.30am-8.30pm

2. Vintage Studio

Image Credit: Vintage Studio

Spearheaded by an exclusive team of talented stylist professionals, Vintage Studio offers specialised hairdressing and scalp treatment services. Aiming to deliver nothing less than impeccable services and products usage, they strive to enhance your beauty wellness and physical appearance!

Pair this up with their comfy and spacious hair salon setting and what you get is a hair treatment service unlike any other. At Vintage Studio, they believe in tailoring each and every solution to meet your hair care needs. Placing quality expertise and effective communication as their priority, expect a hair salon experience that is second to none at Vintage Studio!

Customer Reviews

Thirteentuesday, Blog’s Reviews

I realized it’s very rare to see an owner so involved in replying feed backs (some don’t even have a review tab to avoid bad reviews) This showed that Vintage Studio is definitely taking all of our words seriously and they seek to improve on each time they do not do well, which is also something I learned when I started working as a sales associate in 2013. 

It is certainly not my last time visiting Vintage Studio in fact I can’t wait to go back again as well. I also loved their Vitas Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic Spray a lot! It smelled like heaven, with ingredients like flowers and herbs, it’s a great choice of product for the hair. I will definitely purchase it after finishing my current set of shampoo.

Maybeline Sim, Blog’s Reviews

Not much people realized that I dyed my hair 2 days ago. Not even the people whom I see almost everyday. One of them could tell that I did something to my hair but just couldn’t tell what was it.

That was because I met an amazing hairstylist at Vintage Studio (West Gate Branch)! I told him that my current hair colour lightened a lot because the last dye was 6 months ago and it was just continuously the retouching of the roots only.

Contact: +65 6556 2688
Location: 1 Northpoint Drive, Northpoint City, #B1-169, Singapore 768019
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

3. Rupini’s

Image Credit: Rupini’s

Not just another average hair salon, Rupini’s is also a beauty parlour providing an array of grooming services. Using fruit and herbal based products in their treatments, their philosophy is to provide you with physical beauty care. What’s more, they take pride in being the forerunner among Indian beauty salons in Singapore!

Drawing on Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old healing tradition from India, their holistic treatment approach serves to balance the energy centres of your body. Look forward to a calming and soothing session when you indulge yourself in their body, scalp and facial treatments. See a harmonious transformation in both your inner and outer outlook with the relaxing hair treatment experience at Rupini’s!

Customer Reviews

Alastair Tay, Google Reviews

Great and friendly service. The salon is well decorated with a traditional ambience and you can’t help but feel luxurious when getting your face cleaned up. Most importantly, they have never gone wrong with my brows before. Having good brows adds an additional star to your face’s rating. Suggest all to try.

Jj Abcd, Google Reviews

Excellent hair services. Maya is knowledgable about the various hair treatment options and the purposes it serves. I am glad she was able to engage me on the varied services available, how often I should visit, Rupini’s locations and business hours. Good job Maya. Thank you very much.

Contact: +65 6754 6706
Location: 925 Yishun Central, #01-217, Singapore 760925
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm |  Sun 11am-6pm



Everyone deserves a hair makeover once in a while, including you. Take the plunge today and give yourself a new hairdo at any of these 3 best hair salons in Yishun. What awaits you is not only a trendy hairstyle for your locks but also one that will complement your facial features!

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