5 Best Clinics In Mount Elizabeth To Get Plastic Surgery

April 6, 2022
Best Plastic Surgery Mount Elizabeth

Nowadays, people resort to plastic surgery when they are unhappy with their appearance. This is especially true when the problem, defect, or deformity cannot be corrected by exercise, a balanced diet, nice clothes, or makeup. This is because society finds people who are more attractive to be healthier, more sociable, intelligent, and skilled. In other words, having a more appealing physical appearance gives a person an edge.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, plastic surgery can also increase a person’s self-confidence. As the saying goes, you feel good when you look good. It helps people to be more comfortable in their own skin and willing to step out of their comfort zone.

However, to truly enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery, you need to get it done at one of the five best plastic surgery clinics in Mount Elizabeth.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Clifford Surgery

Source: Clifford Surgery

Clifford Surgery understands people’s need to look more beautiful – more appealing – for personal reasons. This is why it is their mission to provide every patient with the best plastic surgery in Mount Elizabeth. At Clifford Surgery, they want every person who comes to them for help to have a safe and pleasant experience during and after the procedure. It is important for them to make sure that all their patients are completely satisfied with their services to make them look good and feel good about themselves.

Whether you’re in need of cheek augmentation, dimple creation, fat grafting, ptosis repair, double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, or hair transplants, you can be sure to get the best plastic surgery services in Mount Elizabeth at Clifford Surgery.

Contact Number: +65 6532 2400
Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place, #01-05, Singapore 048621
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #08-36/7/8/9, Singapore 329563
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-5PM

2. AZATACA Plastic Surgery Centre

Source: Azataca

Established in 2017, AZATACA Plastic Surgery Centre is one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Mount Elizabeth. The founders, who met in 1999, worked closely as a team, collaborating on various complex cases and sharing notes with each other to help each other improve their skills. All three of them received the Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) award from the Ministry of Health. They then went on to further their education and hone their skills in breast reconstruction, facial trauma, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and lower limb reconstruction.

Today, the founders of AZATACA Plastic Surgery Centre work together with a common goal and that is to provide excellent plastic surgery services that will help all patients achieve their dream physical appearance. They also want to guarantee all patients that they will be there for you every step of the way in your plastic surgery journey.

Customer Reviews


Dr Goh is kind, patient and extremely skilled, I am forever grateful to him and his staff. Would highly recommend him.

Susan Wu

Dr Goh did DIEP breast surgery for my friend in  CNY 2020 after she got breast cancer, the surgery lasted 12 hours and very successful, Dr Goh did not rest in CNY and visited her twice every day and checked the wounds and asked nurses to take care her. My friend feedback, Dr Goh is very humble person, he is very patients to answer my friends questions before and after surgery, she feel very lucky to meet Dr Goh to do the surgery, as a woman my friend is happy to own natural breasts and build a confidence, she appreciate Dr Goh fantastic person with with remarkable medical skills. She strongly to recommend Dr Goh to other woman patient.

Contact Number: +65 6767 1648 | +65 6778 8648
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, #15-11, Singapore 228510
Royal Square Medical Centre, 101 Irrawaddy Road, #14-09, Singapore 329565
Operating Hours: Orchard Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM, Sat 9AM-1PM | Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat 9AM-1PM

3. Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Source: Dr. Leo Clinic

With Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, you can redefine, restore, rejuvenate, or reveal yourself through their top quality plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures. This clinic is led by Dr Leo Kah Woon, an accredited plastic surgeon by the Ministry of Health. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor with Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and a Plastic Surgery Exit Examination Examiner in the region. All aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive procedures, such as fillers, chemical peels, IPL facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, laser pigmentation treatment, laser tattoo removal, laser acne treatment, hair removal, ultherapy, and cosmeceuticals, are done by Dr Leo himself.

With Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, you can rest assured that their plastic surgeon has undergone rigorous training and is certified to conduct invasive and non-invasive procedures. He is also experienced in modern techniques in cosmetic surgery, which guarantees that you’ll always be well taken care of.

Customer Reviews

Elliot Sim

Dr Leo performed eyelid surgery to correct my elderly dad’s droopy eyelids, which were so severe to the point that they were obstructing part of his vision. The operation went smoothly, and the scars are barely visible too. My dad is now more cheerful than he’s been in a long time, now that his vision field has improved, and looking much younger too (a great, unintended side effect!) Thank you Dr Leo for taking such good care of him.

Kim Ong

I appreciate how Dr Leo and his staff really make an effort to provide excellent service to their patients. I scheduled a lunch appointment here 2 weeks ago to get my lip fillers touched up. There was no waiting time and no hassle in confirming my appointment 🙂 Dr Leo works very quicky and efficiently too, so I was back in the office an hour later.

Contact Number: +65 6733 3895
Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, #06-10 Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5PM | Sat 8.30AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

4. Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery

Source: Evan Woo Plastic Surgery

Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery is one of the go-to plastic surgery centres in Mount Elizabeth. It is their number one goal to help patients begin their journey towards self-love with the different procedures offered by Dr Evan Woo, a MOH-accredited plastic surgeon who has always been passionate about helping people achieve the physical appearance they have always dreamed of.

At Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured that you’ll be well-taken care of from consultation to post-surgery follow-ups to ensure your desired results. Dr Evan Woo specializes in breast cancer treatments, offering a range of breast procedures to help survivors get back their confidence. Aside from that, this clinic also offers liposuction and fat grafting services with the use of cutting-edge technology and with their team’s combined years of experience.

Customer Reviews

Cameron Castillo

I had a bilateral mastectomy(top surgery) done by Dr Evan, initially I was a little skeptical about doing the surgery in Singapore as I heard that Singapore surgeons are not as experienced as Thailand surgeons for this surgery. I had a few consults with Dr Evan prior to surgery, his methods and approach were different as compared to the one’s in Thailand. He took the time to understand and address my concerns. I’m 3 months post op and I would say that this is the happiest I’ve been with my body and with the choice that I made to have my surgery done under him and his team. The scars are barely visible and the results turn out better than I expected. I’m thankful for the follow up messages from his nurses, for checking in on me and for their care throughout the journey of my surgery and recovery. I would highly recommend this clinic for people who are worried about post op scars because Dr Evan’s suture techniques is by far the best i’ve ever encountered!

Ken Ju Chew

I stumbled over Dr Evan from a referral from another dermatologist, as originally I wanted to cut out my keloid scar. When consulting with Dr. Evan, he mentioned to me that if I cut out my keloid the scar could potentially grow even bigger than now as I am prone to keyloid, and he suggested an alternative such as keloid injections and lasers. With the initial consultation, I knew I could trust Dr Evan and his team 100%, as I was provided with facts. Dr Evan is genuine and wants the best for his patients. I am a long standing patient of his, and my keloid have since flattened and reduced significantly. For scar or keloids that has to do with aesthetics, I always believe a plastic surgeon would do the best job with the steadiest hands, and a keen eye. My mother also does IPL with him for blemishes and it has only been 3 sessions and results are incredible!!  Dr Evan and his team are extremely genuinely and do not advise on any unnecessary procedures just for the sake of earning money. I once joked about fat grafting because I gained quite a bit of weight, and Dr. told me to work out and have the determination to, if not fat grafting would just be temporary. This is the kind of Doctor you would want to put your in! 😊 In terms of the administration team / nurses, I am reminded of my appointments via text so it is very easy to communicate with them via WhatsApp. They would always follow up with me after a couple of days after my treatment. 😊 Highly recommend.

Contact Number: +65 6734 1213
Address: Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #07-21, Singapore, S329563
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-1PM

5. Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery

Source: Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery

What makes Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Mount Elizabeth is that they make safety their number one priority. They take every measure to ensure all patients’ safety during the procedure. This is why their facility is an accredited day surgery centre supported by a medical team comprising of experienced plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and nurses. Aside from that, their clinic also makes sure that they provide their clients with a private and comfortable environment all the time.

Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery is also passionate about providing natural results with minimal downtime. Their signature treatments include scarless eyelid surgery, Vaser Liposelection, breast augmentation, breast implants, lateral canthoplasty, ptosis surgery, eye bag removal, rhinoplasty, septoplasty, liposuction, earlobe repair, lip augmentation, and facelift, to name a few. They use a combination of art and science in patient care to ensure the finest results possible.

Customer Reviews

Alicia Teng

I’d like to commend Dr Tham for carrying out my breast augmentation very very well. The results look natural and compliment my proportions nicely. The scars are also not noticeable – big plus. In terms of personality, Dr Tham was always honest, respectful and detailed every step of the way.

Jaime Cheng

After years of deliberation, I finally decided to get my eyelids done. The inconvenience of daily eyelid tapes and difficulty of applying eyeliner properly became increasingly not worth it to me! Dr Tham was recommended to me by a friend, and true enough, he was very professional, experienced and kind. He managed my expectations well and explained various options to me in detail, so I felt very comfortable in my choice. Fast forward to today, the results are looking great. The scars healed well and are barely visible. I’d definitely recommend Dr Tham to others.

Contact Number: +65 6235 8411
Address: 304 Orchard Road, #05-06 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun


It’s important to get to know the plastic surgery clinic before you make a final decision to ensure that you’ll get the results you want. Also, you want to make sure that you’ll be safe all throughout the procedure.

Be sure to check this list of the five best plastic surgery clinics in Mount Elizabeth to get a good start in your journey towards becoming a more appealing version of yourself.

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