4 Best Halal Cake Shops In Woodlands For A Sweet Tooth Fix

January 8, 2021
Best Halal Cake Shops In Woodlands

Everybody loves cakes; no celebration is complete without it. There’s just something about satisfying the raging sweet tooth with these delectable desserts, no matter the occasion. Whether it’d be to celebrate somebody’s birthday or simply a well-deserved treat after a long day at work, nothing beats getting a bite of a sweet and moist cake. Even on an ordinary day, you could do with a mouthwatering dessert – so here are 4 best halal cake shops in Woodlands that can satisfy your major sweet tooth cravings.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Polar Puffs & Cakes

Image Source: Polar Puffs & Cakes

Polar Puffs & Cakes requires no introduction. Established back in 1926, it’s a homegrown brand that has cemented its position as one of the most renowned brands on the island. The past decades saw the production of quality halal pastries and cakes that’d bring a smile to anybody’s faces.

Their signature sugar rolls are the public’s favourite pick out of their wide selection of bakes. They offer these rolls in traditional flavours, such as gula melaka and pandan, and the quintessential ones like sugar and strawberry. If you think their sugar rolls aren’t enough to satiate your sweet tooth, you can opt for their whole cakes! Their extensive selection includes Tiramisu, Mango Paradise and Chocolate Mousse. If you’re buying a cake for your child’s birthday, they offer character cakes that feature their favourite cartoon character to make their special day extra special!

Customer Reviews

Shi Min Ong

Came here on 10 Nov. All the staff are so proactive, attentive and cheerful!

SK Lim

simple and down to earth cakes and puff.

Contact Number: +65 6893 7930
Address: 1 Woodlands Square # B1-K07, Singapore 738099
Operating Hours: 10.30AM-10PM Daily

2. Bread Garden

Image Source: Bread Garden

Started out as a passion project, Bread Garden was founded on the desire to let dessert connoisseurs enjoy their cakes just as much as they enjoy making them. At Bread Garden, they don’t shy away from unconventional fruit flavours and expertly included them into their selection. Have a go at their 3D Premium MSW Durian Cake and indulge in the rich aroma and taste of a Mao Shan Wang durian. Or take a bite of their Longan Macadamia Cake that’s topped with crunchy Australian macadamia nuts with an ample of longan and longan fresh cream. If you’re a traditionalist, you can always opt for their Cocoa Divine for their chocolatey goodness or their Love is in the Cake for a little red velvet and vanilla.

If you wish to engage with a bakery that bakes with passion and sincerity, then Bread Garden is the very one you seek!

Customer Reviews

Mariz Jedi

Good convenient great selection

Gazalee Samat


Contact Number: +65 6368 5791
Address: 768 Woodlands Ave 6, #01-23, Singapore 730768
Opening Hours: 7AM–9.30PM Daily

3. J & C Bakery

Image Source: J & C Bakery

With over 3 decades of experience under its belt, J & C Bakery is no stranger to cakes and bakes. Since their inauguration, they’ve managed to make a name for themselves and are now well-known in the neighbourhood for their affordable yet quality cakes and desserts. They offer a wide range of selection to cater to your taste buds, from Banana Cake, Buttery Cranberry Cake to Ondeh Ondeh Cake. The best part? They have an entire category for cheesecakes alone! You can opt the classic New York Cheesecake, the succulent Oreo Cheesecake or the soft Japanese Cheesecake! J & C Bakery also has brownies for those who wish to savour the fantastic flavours of cocoa.

However, do note that apart from their Chiffon cakes, J & C Bakery do not offer other types of whole cakes. Their cakes and cheesecakes come in 12″ x15″ and 8″ x12″ respectively.

Customer Reviews

Mohammed Zubir Baboo

Good variety of cakes. Freshly baked. Good balance of taste to sweetness. A bit remote but that’s what makes it economical. Try their selection of Cheese cakes or marble cakes

Yudi Setiawan

Freshly baked pastry and cakes. The price are very reasonable. Friendly owner and very accommodating. We didn’t bring enough cash and they only accept cash or nets but she let us pay with PayNow.

Only 3 persons at a time in the store due to COVID.

Contact Number: +65 6753 3500
Address: Blk 15 Woodlands Loop, #03-03, Singapore 738322
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Sun 9AM -4PM

4. Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries

Image Source: Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries

Established in 2009, Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries has made a name for itself with its wide range of 100% Pure Durian Pastries that are not only to die for, but are also pocket-friendly! They offer durian cakes (D24 OR MSW, take your pick!) topped with pretty macarons! But durian-flavoured cakes are not their only forte. They also offer cakes in other flavours, such as the Lychee Rose Cake and Earl Grey Lavender Cake! No matter which cake you decide to purchase, you’re sure to be blown away by the aesthetics and flavour!

If you’re having a celebration, Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries got your back! They offer packages that offer pastry and dessert spread big enough for your event. Whether it’d be a small get together or a wedding ceremony, Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries will keep your guests satiated!

Customer Reviews

Jocelyn Tan

I love everything from Sunlife! Durian puffs, fruits tarts, lava cake, eclairs and even their whole cakes! Freshly made , low in sugar , suitable for all ages and in all events!!

Chen Carina

Ordered their basic package for an event and it was wiped out in no time. I did not manage to try myself but there were many compliments especially for the durian puffs. The order process was pleasant due to the helpful and friendly sales team. Would definitely recommend.

Contact: +65 6925 8516
Address: 1 Woodlands Square, #B1 – K10, Singapore 738099
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM Daily


If you’re looking for great-looking and even better-tasting cakes for your special occasions or to simply satiate your cake cravings, these 4 best halal cake shops in Woodlands will help!

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