6 Best Hot Pot in Bugis for a Sizzling Good Time

May 14, 2020
best hot pot bugis

Feel free to stare at the enticing sight of the gorgeously palatable food banquet as you let the simmering steam from the exquisite Chinese hot pot warm up your growling tummy. This prepares you for the real foodie gratification that comes right after!

Just don’t overdo it as there are diners waiting in line behind you that are all ready to grab their desired food items! To bless you with an exquisite dining memory, Nearme has shortlisted these 6 best hot pot eateries in Bugis with savoury and irresistibly addictive menu options that would be a sin to miss out on!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Suki-Ya

Image Credit: Suki-Ya

A hearty meal that satisfies your food cravings to the max is what you can expect when you dine in at Suki-Ya. Shabu-Shabu is no doubt their standout signature dish which seamlessly complements the other top-tier meat served! Other crowd favourites include the soup selections Touyu Miso Broth and Sukiyaki. 

Satiate the hungry monster in you with the superlative Sukiya experience as you order unlimited servings of succulent sliced chicken, pork and beef. End off the meal at Suki-Ya with the Salad Bar boasting a galore of fresh vegetables for a wholesome balance!

Contact: +65 6884 5778
Location: 201 Victoria Street, Bugis +, #04-14/15, Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-9pm

2. Mookata

Image Credit: Mookata

On the passionate pursuit for Thai food fare in our little red dot? Look no further than Mookata. Their specially picked ingredients are made with an abundance of love, with their delectable chicken thighs easily being a crowd-pleaser. The beef slices are taken from superior cuts of the cow to ensure they sear well on your grill. Add that on with their all-time-favourite pork carvings and your taste buds should certainly be buzzing!

Roast their enticing pork collar gently on the grill to achieve that sensational melting luscious texture. Last but not least, Mookata’s scrumptious pork belly is definitely a must-try with its fall-off-the-fork-tender goodness!

Contact: +65 6837 0171
Location: 200 Victoria Street, #02-53, Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-10pm

3. Seoul Garden Singapore

Image Credit: Seoul Garden Singapore

Hope to indulge in the sumptuous hot pot experience with your Muslim friends? Seoul Garden Singapore checks that box of yours with their Halal-certified status. Having whipped up yummy food for the past 37 years, they feature an innovative 2-in-1 smokeless grill system and proprietary Korean-Asian marinades.

Celebrations at Seoul Garden Singapore is guaranteed to be memorable and fulfilling. So what’s stopping you now? Come together with your family and friends to have a blast stuffing your belly with their delicious dishes!

Contact: +65 6334 3339
Location: 200 Victoria Street, #02-52, Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-10.30pm

4. Chong Qing Grilled Fish

Image Credit: Chong Qing Grilled Fish

Bringing the multiplicity and vibrancy of Chongqing cuisine to our local shores, Chong Qing Grilled Fish is brimming with the rich heritage of Sichuan’s food cuisine! Fun fact: Their star dish Grilled Fish is marinated with more than 20 spices and herbs, and charcoal-grilled to perfection. It elegantly showcases a harmonious fusion between grilled fish and the classic Sichuan hotpot.

With their first restaurant set up back in 2010, they strive to take you on a gastronomic journey immersed with a full sensory cultural experience. Chong Qing Grilled Fish is, after all, a brand celebrating authentic Chinese cuisine with innovative modern creation!

Contact: +65 6333 9148
Location: 1 Liang Seah Street, #01-03/04/05/06, Singapore 189022
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-1am

5. Xun Wei Hotpot

Image Credit: Xun Wei Hotpot

Taking pride in offering diners authentic Sichuan Cuisine, the talented chefs at Xun Wei Hotpot understand all of the delicate flavours that go into traditional Chinese hot pot. You can be given the full assurance that their must-have dishes are always prepared and cooked to absolute perfection.

As they are located at the popular Liang Seah Street, their venue makes it an ideal and convenient dining spot for you to chill at with your loved ones and buddies. Opened until the wee hours of the morning, head over to Xun Wei Hotpot for a delightful and flavoursome supper to re-energise yourself!

Contact: +65 9716 6661
Location: 28 Liang Seah Street, Singapore 189049
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-1am

6. Bugis BBQ and Hotpot

Image Credit: Bugis BBQ and Hotpot

Bugis BBQ and Hotpot is where you can indulge in a feast of marinated meats alongside a lean selection of seafood! Look forward to their one-of-a-kind way of plating each dish that will surely charm the chopsticks off customers.

With over 20 types of condiments to choose from, what awaits you is an eclectic mix of food options spread across their buffet table. Don’t just blindly marvel at the mouth-watering food. Pick up your thongs and cutleries to devour and destroy all the gratifying goodness that Bugis BBQ and Hotpot’s divine dishes have to offer!

Location: 470 North Bridge Road, #01-01, Singapore 188735
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-3pm & 3.30pm-2am

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