2 Best Chiropractors in Paya Lebar to Treat Your Body Aches

June 16, 2020
Best Chiropractor Paya Lebar

Seeking for the most natural solution to treat your body soreness? Chiropractors are here to save your day! Besides relieving your body from most problems through their pure methods, it also helps with your mental health. With their low force and precise nature, this makes it absolutely safe for patients of all ages and conditions.

Since you’re already suffering from so much pain, travelling far out of your convenience for treatment should not be an option. So, be sure to ease the sore points and aches fast at any of these 2 chiropractors located close to your home in Paya Lebar!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Vidajoie Chiropractic Centre

Image Credit: Vidajoie Chiropractic Centre

Succouring to ensure you get back up to do what you want and love, VidaJoie Chiropractic Centre is prepared to help you create, restore and maintain good health. Not only tackling your body to be rid of illness, disease, injury or pain; their practices will also maximise the functioning of your mind, body and spirit. Be sure to be reconnected with your body through their chiropractic techniques and walk out feeling renewed! 

Using their treatments that would be suitable for your needs, Chiropractic, Holographic Health and BrainCore as well as other procedures; they help to identify the obstruction that’s holding your health back. By using their treatment to overcome your problems, in time, it will successfully remove them, hence leaving you feeling fully relieved! 

More than just pain relief, VidaJoie Chiropractic Centre monitors your health improvement as well. Allow them to set in the right natural remedy through chiropractic adjustments and energy harmonisation that will help you obtain optimal health results. With no packages to sign as payments are done per session, rekindle and maintain the joy of life by keeping your good health in check with VidaJoie’s chiropractic care!

Contact: +65 6440 0441
Location: 60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #02-12, Singapore 409051
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-1pm & 3-8pm | Fri 9am-1pm | Sat 2pm-6pm | Sun 2pm-7pm

2. Lion City Chiropractic

Image Credit: Lion City Chiropractic

Exceptionally effective in providing pain relief and wellness since 2017, Lion City Chiropractic invites clients from all walks of life, be it the young, active seniors or office workers. The go-to solution clinic for those suffering from chronic pain and restriction, their doctors will do their best to regain your health and help you carry on living your best life! Intensely devoted to lending their helping hands in optimising your health, the doctors here yearn for you to experience a phenomenal life. They bring you outstanding technological advancement and research-based health solutions in a nurturing environment.

Their methodology instils a high standard of structural, corrective care that focuses on creating a strong, stable foundation for you. Ready to reach your goal through a unique approach, they specialise in treatments like manual traction devices, Arthostim technology and specialised treatment tables.

This infrequent solution to health enhancement focuses on creating an accurate outline of your current health while providing care that is structural and corrective. All in all, this would deliver faster pain relief and the opportunity for a long-lasting sense of wellbeing. Additionally, as they understand that some of you might have preferences, they are home to both male and female chiropractors.

Contact: +65 6909 1011
Location: 60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #B1-49, Singapore 409051
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm | Sat 10am-6pm | Closed on Friday & Sunday



Head to any of these 2 chiropractors near you to treat your body soreness naturally. Just near your home, these pain or body ache relievers are here to the rescue! Great for patients of any age and conditions, all you need to do is simply consult in them and the rest is magical – all your sores or back aches will be gone! Besides getting rid of your body pain, kill two birds with their treatments as it also aids in your mental health!

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