5 Best Clinics in Tanjong Pagar With Weight Loss Treatment

June 30, 2021
Best Weight Loss Treatment Tanjong Pagar

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to lose weight, there are clinics out there that offer different programs which can definitely help you! There are various ways and programs for losing weight that has its different set of advantages and benefits. However, finding the right one that you need for your body can be made easier with the help of professionals! These clinics can help you understand your body, its needs, and come up with a program to start your weight loss treatment journey.

If you are determined to start your weight loss plans, seek help from the experts for an organized and successful plan! To help you get started, check out our list of the 5 best clinics in Tanjong Pagar that offer weight-loss treatment programs!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Slim Couture

Source: Slim Couture

Slim Couture is a homegrown company in Singapore that has dedicated itself to helping people to lose weight safely by following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The clinic’s signature weight loss program – Divine SlimTM, has established itself since 2010 by providing successful weight loss programs and slimming solutions to their clients with weight issues.  This clinic has been recognized by the public and has won various awards such as Promising SME 500, Top 100 Singapore Excellence Awards, and Singapore Quality Brands, which prove that this clinic is a reputable brand that can help you look your best!

Slim Couture promises you to reach your desired weight loss results and even offers a money-back guarantee! Their signature slimming treatment incorporates the natural qualities found in TCM in order to give you the best and immediate results.

Customer Reviews

Maureen Chua

Came back after two years to reboot my system. Lost 3.4kgs in 5 sessions. Fats level dropped 1.4% which is very important. Diet is also an important factor whereby the food is not too strict. Pretty wide range to choose from. Can feel my clothes are loose & my main problem “the barrel tummy” has reduced in inches significantly. Overall very happy to come back to Slim Couture!

Kimmy Cheong

Started my sessions at Slim Couture weighing 72.5kg and I’m at 53.8kg now after merely 4 months! My friends and relatives were amazed at how fantastic I look now as I’m always known as the Big one since young! 

Contact Number:
+65 6536 8586
Address: 12 Gopen St, Icon Village, #01-68/69, Singapore 078877
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | CLosed on Sun

2. The Nutrition Clinic

Source: The Nutrition Clinic

If you want to experience what it feels like to spring out of bed, have the motivation to exercise, travel, and live a life filled with experiences supported by your body, The Nutrition Clinic is the best partner! This clinic introduces intelligent nutrition, their method integrating the latest science with practical real-world suggestions, in taking you directly to your goal, as quickly and sensibly as possible. They are here to take the guesswork out of making sure you thrive from here on out!

With The Nutrition Clinic, you won’t have to accept feeling exhausted, irritable, foggy, and in pain! Their professional staff will listen to what your body is telling you and come up with solutions. The clinic’s focus is to get you directly to your goals by listening to your history, make connections between the events in your life and your current state of health since they believe that everything you experience in your life has a chain effect!

Customer Reviews

Kavitha Menon

I have had an amazing experience with Pooja, Bonnie, and Fong so far! I met Pooja for my first consultation in January – after a complete check on my habits, daily life rituals, work habits, symptoms, and personal background – she gave pointers and suggestions on my diet for the first month. I started feeling a difference immediately. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to understand food!

Anne Lise

I have completed the eight-month program and I’ve seen really positive effects. I have understood how to eat better and change the amount of food I was eating. Bloating, skin, and overall energy level got better. In short, I feel much better and happier – it is worth the investment!

Contact Number:
+65 6735 2350
Address: 45 Craig Rd, Singapore 089683
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Esthe Clinic

Source: Esthe Clinic

Esthe Clinic is a multi-award-winning aesthetic clinic that was founded 20 years ago. The founding doctors’ passion for beauty pushed them to develop technological aesthetic treatments for the face, body, and hair removal as an alternative to surgery. As Singapore’s top aesthetic clinic, they also offer other treatments such as IPL Permanent Hair Removal, and innovative medi-facials to advanced body shaping treatments. All the treatments are exclusive since they incorporate the most advanced medical and aesthetic equipment developed by the clinic’s founders and distributed doctors.

If you are tired of spending thousands of dollars on non-efficient over-the-counter products but not willing to undergo painful surgery, Esthe Clinic is the best alternative! Their treatments are safe, painless, and non-invasive with immediate and lasting results with visible results from the first session!

Customer Reviews

Danielle Loh

I came across Esthe Clinic through research and reading reviews. They have a very good and friendly service. The therapists are professional, gentle, and assuring. The treatments are effective. I would recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you!

James Francis

Excellent service! The results are fantastic and the treatment? Pain-free. The place itself is modern, clean, comfortable and the ladies working here are extremely friendly and helpful.

Contact Number:
+65 6221 4797
Address: 72 Tras St, Singapore 079011
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

4. Wellaholic

Source: Wellaholic

If you are searching for a clinic that stands by its vision and brand promise, Wellaholic is their perfect place to go! The clinic’s vision is to help its customers look their best with the best rates in town! Plus, they offer a wide range of aesthetic services, such as skin boosters, technology facials, micro-needling, permanent hair removal, fat freeze, hair regrowth, and teeth whitening. They also have multiple outlets island-wide, which are conveniently located near MRT stations, so you can visit them easily right after work! Plus, you can be assured that there will be no hard-selling since they believe in offering quality services to their customers.

Wellaholic is constantly reviewing their brand promise to provide affordable treatments for their customers, help their customers see results with treatments that are backed by science and research, ensure availability of capacity so their customers can make bookings easily online, and deliver exceptional customer service and listen to their clients.

Customer Reviews

Bei Qing Cham

Went to Wellaholic for the first time today. The atmosphere was warm, inviting, and comfortable, and my therapist, Suzanne, was extremely helpful. She explained the details of the package carefully and made sure to check that I was comfortable during the session.

Michelle Lim

The staff is really patient and friendly to explain the service and what to expect. The place is also clean and cozy with a good ambiance. Surprisingly the service Fatfreeze was not painful or discomfort. Will recommend this place!

Contact Number:
+65 8499 8984
Address: 210 Telok Ayer St, Level 2, Singapore 068643
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-10PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-8PM

5. Sin Kang Clinic

Source: Sin Kang Clinic

Sin Kang Clinic has been providing a comprehensive and holistic range of treatments for their patients to improve their quality of life through affordable healthcare, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom and modern medical advances. The team consists of more than 20 TCM Practitioners Board certified and highly qualified physicians and therapists, and their wealth of clinical and practical experience has seen them through many successful cases of treatments for migraine, obesity, sleeping disorders, sports injury, sprains, and many more.

Sin Kang Clinic is Singapore’s award-winning traditional therapy. Their treatments include Tui Na, Cupping, Gua Sha, and their signature NO-PAIN Acupuncture. Plus, their achievements and efforts were recognized in 2014, as they clinched the Top 25 Prestige Award.

Customer Reviews

Low Shook Yee

Unexpected and very impressed in terms of professionalism, service, and skill. I am happy with Kelly the therapist, Stephanie the doctor, and Yuki the esthetic. I will definitely visit and recommend it to friends.


Had a great time here as all staff is friendly and attentive! Had my session with Steeve, he does give me aftercare advice and was very professional as he can tell where are the areas that need extra care.

Contact Number:
+65 6444 4909
Address: 100 Tras Street, #04-08B, Singapore 079027
Operating Hours: 10AM-9PM Daily


Various diet methods and plans flood the Internet daily, but how do you know what’s good for your body? The best thing to know about this would be to consult a professional and follow a program personalized for your body. The 5 clinics listed above are located just around your area, so you can start your weight loss treatment without having to travel to the next city!

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