4 Best Agencies In Paya Lebar For Debt Consolidation Loan

June 18, 2021
Best Debt Consolidation Loan Agency In Paya Lebar

When your financial debts pile up one after the other and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon, you want to manage it effectively before it topples over with you on it. Sure, paying for them one at a time seems effective, but what if all of the clashes and your financial reserve are overwhelmed? What if the demand is way beyond what you can provide? Don’t let your unsettled and outstanding debts snowball the longer you set them aside in attempts to earn more finances–before you know it, you might be paying more for late fees and interest charges than what you originally borrowed!

To help you get past and settle your long list of debts, here are 4 of the best loan agencies in Paya Lebar, Singapore to help and ease your worries down!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Orange Credit

Orange Credit

Source: Orange Credit

One of Singapore’s most reputable money lending agencies, Orange Credit has been seasoned with more than 8 years of being in the industry. Since 2012, they have continuously grown in the public’s trust because of their wide financial services that are guaranteed to be reliable, quick, easy and flexible. Orange Credit‘s primary aim is to provide you with the most seamless loan procedure possible and focuses on your concerns to provide you with the best loan option to resolve your problems efficiently. If you find yourself worrying about under-the-table charges, you can be reassured that Orange Credit is very transparent with what they charge you so that you would not have anything to worry about other than the financial pickle you found yourself in–which they promise they will help you with!

But should you find yourself struggling to make yourself available during their opening hours, Orange Credit is simply a call away for you to arrange an appointment with their consultants who are more than ready to devote their free time for you! When we say Orange Credit wants to help you with your financial troubles, we really meant it!

Customer Reviews

Tan Gerald

Thanks Orange Credit and Grace for the responsiveness and professionalism. Given that i had multiple loans, Grace shared with me the perks of a debt consolidation loan which allowed me to resolve the other outstanding loans at a much more competitive rate. Highly recommended.

Ng Shu Xin

Service very good Very Flexible like got short term and long term loan than can help if got financial problems they will talk to you and understand why u need the money and help you with your problems. The interest is quite low also If I need financial help will find them again 😄

Contact Number: +65 6748 2320
Address: 810 Geylang Rd, #01-91 City Plaza, Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

2. Firststan Capital

Firststan Capital

Source: Firststan Capital

For a debt consolidation loan service that delivers more than what is expected, you can turn to Firststan Capital. This loan agency not only aims to provide you with the finances when you apply for one of their various loan options, but they will also provide you with a debt consultation session with their certified consultancy team! Their consultants have been seasoned through various training and prior experience of over 10 years in the financial industry, so you can be reassured that they can provide you with the best information possible and that they can help you put an end to your financial worries! With their expertise in the financial industry and technical know-how, you’ll be surprised to know that your consultation with them is completely free of charge!

Not only are you one step closer to settling your outstanding debts when you apply for a debt consolidation loan with Firststan Capital, but you also get to learn more about how to manage your existing debts and maneuver through them effectively. What a deal!

Customer Reviews


Great place for debt consolidation. They helped me to plan out my repayment amount without any difficulty with my monthly expenditure.


Excellent service. Willing to go extra mile to understand to help, wat more can i say? Steve never fail to assist me whenever im in need. More than a friend in need i should say, just reach out to them, they will try their level best. Been with them ever since 3 yrs back, appreciate their professionalism and their attitude. I would dare say to say they are honest & heart warming people you can count on. Good work guys, keep tat up!!

Contact Number: +65 6548 8303
Address: 65 Ubi Cres, #03-03 Hola Centre, Singapore 408559
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Closed on Sat & Sun



Source: i-CREDIT

For a loan process experience that is guaranteed to be convenient and at the same effective towards addressing your financial needs, i-CREDIT promises to deliver! Established in 2009, i-CREDIT has always been dedicated to helping its customers with their monetary needs struggles, be it for personal loans or business loans. Even though they’ve handled, approved, and processed approximately 18,000 loans in the 10+ years that they have been in the moneylending industry, they still take pride in their primary aim to provide you with the peace of mind that most loan agencies cannot guarantee! As if i-CREDIT settles with just customer satisfaction as their main selling point, their interest rates for all of their loan options are still competitively low. So, if you want a loan agency that values your needs, aims to deliver solutions that work, and at the same time at a reasonable price, give i-CREDIT a call!

Customer Reviews

Mohd Siddek

Convenient and fast loan process. Able to negotiate for consolidation. Flexible monthly. Discreet location.

Liu Chi Ju

Help me with debt consolidation. Accumulated a large number of loans due to COVID. Now I don need to pay many places. Only I-credit. Can finally sleep peacefully.

Contact Number: +65 6222 5222
Address: 82 Lorong 23 Geylang, #05-02 Atrix Singapore, Singapore 388409
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat-Sun 11AM-4PM

4. Capital Funds Investments

Capital Funds Investments

Source: Capital Funds Investments

Capital Funds Investments is a licensed moneylending agency that aims to provide you with the financial resource that you need to settle your financial worries and start building the life that you have always wanted. Their team believes that negative circumstances should not hinder you from the future that you deserve, and is equipped with a variety of loan options to help you get there! Because of their guaranteed customer satisfaction and pro-customer beliefs, they have established a good track record in their 7+ years of operation, and they don’t appear to stop anytime soon.

With their goal to provide you with an easy, flexible, and responsible solution to all of your financial worries, complemented by their wide array of options, it comes to no surprise that Capital Funds Investments has a large number of customers under their belt who are all testaments to their quality services!

Customer Reviews

Nur Rianah Saat

I came here a few times and am their regular customer. I am really satisfied with their prompt service. Their service level is beyond my expectations. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Hassle free application, the process is fast and smooth. Capital Funds INvestment is the best and always my first choice. Highly recommend!

Jean Lee

Recently just apply $50000 for debt consolidation loan. Thanks for their advise to consolidate all the moneylenders loan. I save quite a lot interest and save all the trouble to remember all the different due date. Really appreciate for their time to work out a monthly installments plan for me.

Contact Number: +(65) 6281 7736
 65 Ubi Crescent #06-07, Hola Centre, Singapore 408559
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Fri 12PM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun


Having multiple debts piling on top of each other is as stressful as it sounds. But it doesn’t have to be! With the number of loan agencies in the Paya Lebar area with offerings for debt consolidation, you can easily get past and settle your outstanding debts with multiple moneylenders at once.

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