4 Best Dental Clinics In Pasir Ris For A Confident Smile

June 16, 2021
Best Dental Clinics In Pasir Ris

Most people dread having to book an appointment with their dentist not only because they are experiencing some pain or inconvenience due to various dental problems, but also because they want to find time to visit their dentist! Some may feel intimidated by dental procedures because of their invasive nature, and no one desires that loopy feeling you get when anesthetics are being injected into your oral region. But when toothaches or other dental concerns happen, they have to be addressed so that you can carry on with your life without you having to deal with pain!

If you are experiencing tooth pain or just having a regular dentist visit, worry not! Lucky for you, we compiled the 4 best dental clinics in Pasir Ris to make sure that your dental experience is going to be a breeze!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Excel Dental

Excel Dental

Source: Excel Dental

We’re kicking off our list with a dental clinic that is fairly young but guarantees to deliver services that are just as good as the ones that have been established in Singapore for a long time–Excel Dental. This dental clinic was founded just in 2018 and has been making smiles happen ever since. Started out in the heart of Pasir Ris, Excel Dental aims to provide you dental services with uncompromising quality so that you can have a smile that you’ll take pride in! Such services range from general dentistry like fillings and extraction to rid yourself of that irritating toothache, scaling and polishing to get rid of that plaque buildup,  all the way to various prosthodontic solutions to help people who need to have some of their teeth removed such as teeth implants, dentures, and dental bridges.

Whatever the reason for your appointment may be, be it for pain management or for aesthetic purposes, you can be assured that Excel Dental will deliver high-quality services while maintaining an affordable price point!

Customer Reviews

Anthony Woon
Brought my 7 years old son to the clinic to have his toothache checked. Dr Ariel Guo attended to us. She showed great patience while attending to my son. Knowing the nervousness of him, she dealt with him very delicately and made the whole experience very comfortable for my son. She also took time to teach him the proper way of brushing. We will definitely be coming to see her again.

Hollyhock Chan
Nice and clean clinic with very reasonable price. Reception is very professional and goes beyond in customer service. When she realize the dentist previous appointment overruns and I have been waiting for some time, she went on to check with the other dentist and swapped my appointment. Definitely a very nice visit and will go back again for regular check ups.

Contact Number: +65 6284 2518
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-309,  Singapore 519599
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM

2. Q & M Dental

Source: Q & M Dental

One of Singapore’s leading premier dental health groups, Q & M Dental Surgery deserves a spot on our list of the best dental clinics in Pasir Ris with multiple clinics all over the island–you’ve probably stumbled upon at least one of their clinics in the past. They have well over 200 professional and experienced dental surgeons and practitioners who specialize in a wide variety of services that are guaranteed to not only be accessible, but also ethical, sustainable, and of the highest quality!

Taking your needs and welfare rather seriously, Q & M Dental Surgery sees to it that all of their dental tools and equipment are approved by the “Health Sciences Authority” or HSA, their X-Ray machines comply with the “Radiation Protection Act” so you would not get unnecessary exposure, and that their clinics are thoroughly sanitized all across their 70 locations!

Customer Reviews

Philip Philip
I visited Dr. Sean Lim (at WhiteSands) for tooth filling and wisdom tooth extraction. He was very pleasant and honest about my gum and tooth issues/conditions during the examination. During the procedures, he constantly asked if I had discomfort which made the whole process very smooth. I had no swelling and pain after my wisdom tooth extraction. He’s a highly skilled dentist who puts very detailed attention to his work and patient care. It’s quite rare to find a dentist of his calibre and thus I highly recommend him.

Sarah Bandiola
Dr Monique Goh was fantastic!!!! she really made me feel at ease during the procedure. It was a great experience, from the start until the end. Thanks

Contact Number: +65 6583 0298
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #05 – 08 / 09, Singapore 518457
Operating Hours: 9AM-9PM Daily

3. Advanced Dental

Advanced Dental

Source: Advanced Dental

Advanced Dental is another dental clinic that has multiple locations spread across The Lion City. Complemented by their 30 years of being in the dental care industry, Advanced Dental is easily one of Singapore’s best, having delivered a comprehensive range of treatments and services through their team of well-knowledged and experienced dental professionals and staff. They believe that no two persons are the same, and that applies to their teeth–no two sets of teeth are identical, that’s why they make it a point to understand your needs and concerns to the best of their abilities. This allows them to provide you with the best treatment plan and option!

Understanding that a dentist appointment is sometimes a stress-inducing endeavor, the people that makeup Advanced Dental aim to not only cater to your needs but also ensure that you are comfortable all throughout the process of getting that smile that you want–they don’t call their services “dental care with a heart” for no reason!

Customer Reviews

Melody Tan
930am! She definitely has brighten up my day. And she has been a very great comfort for my fear of doing a root canal injection etc.
☺️🙏🏽 And also, Dr Karen has very patiently explained to me what has happened with my affected root nerve tgt with X Ray scans. The procedure was painless🤗

Nur Safarina
It was a pleasant experience at Advanced Dental Clinic. The clinic is very clean. The receptionist and dental assistant are friendly. Dr Jared Lim was clear in his explanation about my oral health and what to be done during the session. He was very gentle during the procedure (scaling, polishing and filling). Keep up the good work team!

Contact Number: +65 6384 3384
Address: 259 Pasir Ris Street 21, #02-32 Loyang Point, Singapore 510259
Operating Hours: Mon-Thur 9AM-9PM | Fri 9AM-5PM | Sat 9AM-4PM | Sun 9AM-5PM

4. dePacific Dental Group

Source: dePacific Dental Group

Reliable, gentle, and caring.  That is dePacific Dental Group‘s secret as to why their patients keep coming back to them for their regular checkup and all their dental needs! With a team of dentists and staff who are dedicated to making your appointment as comfortable and stress-free as possible, they provide personalized dental services to their patients in a variety of age groups–for teething toddlers, students, young professionals, business owners, all the way to seniors. dePacific Dental Group boasts of state-of-the-art techniques and equipment performed only by their best dentists and staff.

With dePacific Dental Group, not only are you assured of effective dental services, but also cost-efficiency. Yes, dePacific Dental Group sees to it that despite the high caliber that their 17 dentists and services possess, their prices remain affordable so you wouldn’t have to worry about spending too much for the smile that you want!

Customer Reviews

Vincent Tan
Brought my son for his first dental experience today. Dr Kenneth was very knowledgeable, very professional and very kids friendly. Now my son is free of his “on -off” toothache. 😉 Thank you Dr Kenneth! Appreciate much! God bless!!

Paul Chin
Excellent service by Dr Alex. Having pain and discomfort of the gum. Dr Alex attended to me 20 minutes ago and I am happily having my beer
🍻 with no discomfort at all. Feeling great! You can only enjoy life with great Dentist like Dr Alex.

Contact Number: +65 6585 0030
Address: Pasir Ris Drive 6, #01-124 Block 446, Singapore 510446
Operating Hours: Mon-Tue 9AM-9PM | Thur-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM | Closed on Wed


Breathe easy, and smile confidently after your dentist visit! Gone are the pre-dentist appointment jitters you would usually feel because these clinics in Pasir Ris are not only efficient, but they are also warm and welcoming! So whatever your reason may be for visiting the dentist, check out our list of dental clinics located in your area!

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