5 Best Bishan Dentist To Visit For Healthy White Teeth

May 20, 2020
Best Dentist Bishan

Did you know that good oral health is a way to bring about confidence and positivity in oneself? In fact, our teeth has a lot to say about our health condition and personal hygiene. By keeping them fresh and clean, we can be sure to boost our state of health, confidence levels, and personal hygiene even more.

Here are 5 best Bishan dentist to visit to get your teeth looking white and healthy!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Pang & Ng Dental

Source: Pang & Ng Dental

First opened in 1986, Pang & Ng Dental has provided a safe and hospitable environment for their customers whenever they step into the clinic. With professional dentists that are patient-centred in their services, Pang & Ng Dental utilise the latest techniques and innovations to ensure that your treatment is quick and effective. As their services are centred around your oral health, Pang & Ng Dental is able to deliver on making your teeth white and healthy.

Some of their services you can find in their clinic include dental implants, teeth extractions, wisdom tooth surgery, and much more for the oral health you require. Dr Pang and Dr Ng, both clinical directors and official founders, have continued to treat patients closely with their fields in dentistry. Visit a Bishan dentist that takes their time in ensuring that you receive genuine care when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Visit Pang & Ng Dental.

Contact Number: +65 6353 5688
Address: Block 150A, Bishan Street 11, #01-177, Singapore 571150
Operating Hours: Mon, Thurs & Fri 9AM-4.30PM | Wed, Sat & Sun 9AM-12.30PM | Closed on Tues & PH

2. Royce Dental Surgery

Source: Royce Dental Surgery

Established to offer a comprehensive dental service, Royce Dental Surgery ensures that their specialist treatments and essential dentistry services are available to all of their patients. Their full suite of extensive dental services are set to meet their goal to be the premier one-stop dental centre in Singapore.

Providing both basic dental service and advanced treatments, some of their services include teeth whitening, dental veneers, wisdom teeth surgery, dentures and more. Experienced in Invisalign, Royce Dental Surgery also provides orthodontic treatment as a ‘Diamond Provider of Invisalign’. With 5 professional orthodontists ready to serve your health needs, you can receive the right specialist treatment possible. Thanks to their experienced doctors, Royce Dental Surgery believes that excellent and friendly service is a priority, and it is their mission to provide the best dental service. Make the right oral health choice with Royce Dental Surgery today and ensure that you can achieve healthy white teeth.

Contact Number: +65 6721 9606
Address: Block 501, Bishan Street 11, #01-372, Singapore 570501
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Q&M Dental Group

Source: Q&M Dental Group

Q&M Dental Group First opened their doors back in November 1996 with their first clinic in Bukit Batok. Since then, Q&M Dental Group has opened over 70 clinics island-wide, making them the largest private dental healthcare group that you can seek for in Singapore. They have over 200 experienced and qualified dentists, with 40 over specialists undertaking their post-graduate training from established institutions overseas.

Offering a suite of comprehensive dental healthcare services, Q&M Dental Group uses the latest and best dental facilities possible so that you can receive the best dental and specialist service. By providing safety first for each and every patient, Q&M Dental Group understands the importance when it comes to keeping the clinic safe and clean. By conducting extensive operating procedures, Q&M Dental Group assures that they adhere to public health and safety regulations by putting their patients first. From Invisalign clear aligners to tooth whitening, Q&M Dental Group is your number one dental choice.

Contact Number: +65 6255 5228
Address: Block 502, Bishan Street 11, #01-350, Singapore 570502
Operating Hours: Sun-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sun 9AM-6PM

4. The Dental Studio

Source: The Dental Studio

Putting a smile on your face is The Dental Studio’s job, and they ensure that you will receive a seamless experience from the moment you walk into their clinic. Thanks to their team of specialists that are experienced in the complexities of dental work, The Dental Studio is ready to help you regain your dream smile.

Located in OUE Downtown Gallery, Paragon and Bishan, The Dental Studio cares about your oral health and making you feel and look great. Using world-class technology and by bringing together experienced minds, The Dental Studio is able to craft fillings, restore smiles, and grant you a new set of white and healthy teeth. Since their founding in 2007, The Dental Studio has a multi-talented team ready to take on any oral health issues you might have. When it comes to acquiring or reacquiring your dream smile, The Dental Studio ensures that it is all possible.

Contact Number: +65 6262 0936
Address: Block 116, Bishan Street 12, #02-28, Singapore 570116
Operating Hours: Tue 10AM-1PM, 2PM-7PM | Wed & Thu 9AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM | Fri & Sat 9AM- 1PM, 2PM-6.30PM | Closed on Mon & Sun

5. Unity Denticare

Source: Unity Denticare

When it comes to making the right dental care choice, Unity Denticare is one of the best clinics in Singapore. With over 18 clinics island-wide, Unity Denticare’s mission is to provide the premier dental care choice for every individual. They seek to care for your oral health and wellness, ensuring that you are able to regain your beautiful and healthy smile in no time.

First opening their doors in August 1971, Unity Denticare has provided only the best dental care service for their customers and patients. In order to bring back your healthy white teeth, Unity Denticare goes the extra mile in understanding your health conditions, requirements, as well as your needs. Their team of experienced dentists and specialists are able to offer a wide range of preventive and aesthetic dental services that are sure to meet your oral health needs. Offering essential comfort and safety, let Unity Denticare reach their goal in restoring your healthy white teeth.

Contact Number: +65 6590 4396
Address: Block 510 Bishan Street 13, #01-08, Singapore 570510
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

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