5 Best English Language Enrichment Centres To Partner With Around Novena

January 30, 2023
Best English Language Enrichment Centre

English is among the essential languages every child should learn and master. As one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, English can help children excel in their academic endeavors and succeed later on in life. Aside from this, being fluent in English is also crucial for socializing and entertainment. By knowing how to speak in English, one can find it easier to communicate with a variety of people on various topics.

If you want your child to become a fluent English speaker, it is highly advisable to sign them up for an English language enrichment class early on. This is because research has shown that children tend to master languages better than adults do. Fortunately, several schools or learning centers in Singapore offer reliable English enrichment classes. This article, we list down 5 of the best English enrichment programs your child can learn a lot from.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Brain Academia

Image Credit: The Brain Academia

When it comes to enrichment classes in English and Math, The Brain Academia is one of the most reliable learning centres you can trust in Singapore. The Brain Academia is known in the country for being a brain power escalation expert and a seasoned learning enrichment centre that offers a comprehensive suite of cognitive training programmes and enrichment classes for children with different learning needs.

At the heart of The Brain Academia is the belief that the brain is a person’s most valuable resource. As such, they aim to help children develop their abilities by empowering them to take action toward success in life, business, and play. If you specifically want your child to develop their English skills, their English language enrichment programme is something you can consider for your kid. This programme uses evidence-based techniques to assist children in building imagery-language foundation necessary for reading, comprehension, and even Math.

Customer Reviews

Diana Lee

My daughter went from C’s & D’s on her spelling tests to A’s && Bs on almost every single test. Also, she reads much quicker and understands more of what she reads. Angelas confidence level has gone up a lot. All my daughters grades have gone up. Also, it does not take her as long to do her homework. I would recommend this program to anyone whose child is struggling.

Liew Yih Huey

Ever since Rianne started the training sessions, I see marked improvement in her reading skills. From barely managing a-few-word sentences half a year ago, she can now read story books of 20-30 pages at one go. In addition to her improved reading skills, she is now much more confident and more assertive. Therefore, the result is that she is more vocal now and willing to voice out her opinion. I am glad that I made the decision to join SBDC.

Contact Number: +65 6303 0505
Address: Goldhill Shopping Centre, 189A Thomson Road, Singapore 307631
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-6PM

2. Erudition Learning Hub

Image Credit: Erudition Learning Hub

Erudition Learning Hub aims to nurture a love of learning by motivating and nurturing students to do their best to succeed and build the right attitudes. Their teachers are passionate and care for their students well and guide them to achieve their desired results. This center is headed by Austin Toh, a professional teacher of Mathematics, Science & Chemistry who graduated from the National University of Singapore with honors. He has been teaching for seven years and has taught over 100 satisfied students.

Why choose Edition Learning Hub? This center boasts four main reasons why you should choose them. Prove results – their students achieve at least 90% distinction rates and continuously improves in every session. Small class sizes – the center has set a maximum of 7 students to ensure that the teachers can cater to every student. Passionate teacher – this enrichment center consists of highly skilled professionals who are employed in formal teaching positions at local schools. Feedback culture – one of their goals is to motive students and help them achieve their goals by encouraging feedback.

Looking for a place to study and learn? Visit Erudition Learning Hub now!

Customer Reviews

Lee Jianhong

After trying different learning centres in the past years, Erudition Learning Hub is one that I found most suitable for my kids. The teachers are able to come up with different ways to provide the right learning experience for the students. My kids have been enjoying the style of teaching and from the progress of my kids grade, I would strongly suggest everyone to send their kids for tuition at ERUDITION LEARNING HUB.

Fang Soon Shyuan

Knowledgeable teachers with all their passion, they will really focus of my child weakest area. I have found the right place for my son, cause I really run out of time for my son PSLE. THank you ERUDITION learning hub for making the price so affordable to me.

Contact Number: +65 8788 5296
Address: 165B Goldhill Shopping Centre
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 2PM-9.30PM | Sat&Sun 9AM-6PM

3. iSUN World

Image Credit: iSUN World

Established in 207 by WaiSun and Lisu, iSUN wants to bring brightness and positivity into the classroom to help students unleash their full potential. This enrichment center focuses on the student-first approach. It starts the “FAST Drilling Programme,” where the coaches equip students with problem-solving techniques and secret scoring sheets to effectively approach examinations. They also offer PSLE Power Revision Programme, where they coach students on methods to tackle PSLE papers and achieve academic excellence through impactful and memorable experiences.

Why choose iSUN World? This center tells the three secret recipes of their program. First, ISUN Success Journey – their journey is designed to teach students beyond academics and uses unconventional learning such as games, role-playing, and outdoor amazing races with real-life strategies. Second, ISUN Learning System – their system clearly clarifies the topics and strategies required for examinations through their power checklist. Lastly, expect an extraordinary classroom delivery with their young and dynamic coaches that instills motivation and powerful learning.

Customer Reviews

Milo Dino

Lisu was nurturing, firm, patient, and overall just an excellent teacher for my child’s PSLE year. Than you very much!

Soh Zhi Yi

I am an iSUN alumnus and I highly recommend iSUN for enrichment classes for your child 🙂 The coaches are very dedicated to helping and empowering the students to do their best and ace academics. iSUN also holds events such as experiential camps which are extremely fun and exciting.

Contact Number: +65 8816 9595
Address: 1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-09, Singapore 308899
Operating Hours: Tue-Fri 1PM-7PM | Sat&Sun 10AM-5PM | Closed on Mon and PH

4. illum.e Tuition

Image Credit: illum.e Tuition

illum.e Tuition offers high-quality and proven results in English and IP Languages Arts Tuition, GP Tuition for Junior College, and Humanities Tuition for Primary and Secondary Schools in online and physical lesson modes. The centre understands how learners learn with their decades of experience their strong and award-winning team of tutors and their unique curriculum approaches backed by top educational researchers around the world to guide your child to attain subject mastery. Their team of passionate and driven teachers ensures your child will achieve multiple moments of illumination in every lesson to reach their fullest potential.

As one of the most sought-after enrichment center in Singapore, illum.e Tuition centre is loved for a reason. The coaches are big believers in a growth mindset, and their lesson designs and materials are built to ensure that your child can learn regardless of their foundations. Their experienced, passionate, and driven coaches ensure lessons of the highest quality and developed unique lessons for deeper effective learning and proven exceptional results.

Customer Reviews

Mable Tang

I truly benefited greatly from the lessons here. Their General Paper notes tutorials, and lectures are the best! Very well-organized, thought out, and super useful. My entire class in school actually comes here at different time slots and we all enjoy the lessons which teach us more than both our school and our previous centre combined. Best GP tuition in Singapore!

Grace Moh

Lessons at illume are very well balanced in tackling both paper 1 and paper 2 skills and concepts with a step-by-step approach for all techniques. The good teaching, teachers, and materials help me to become very prepared for my papers. Teachers help me quickly identify and correct mistakes and lessons are always fun. If you are looking for the best GP tuition in Singapore, join illume.

Contact Number: +65 8889 8705
Address: Novena Square 2, #04-52/54, 10 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307506
Operating Hours: Tue-Fri 10AM-9.30PM | Sat&Sun 10AM-6PM | Closed on Mon

5. My English School

Image Credit: My English School

Since its establishment in 2012, My English School has continuously strived to provide quality on all aspects of the students’ and parents’ journey. With over 13 centres in Singapore, this enrichment centre aims to instill strong foundations in English Literacy in young children and nurture curious and creative learners and critical thinkers. Their programme addresses the need for a systematic, structured reading programme, and the primary-level English programme takes the learning needs of students seriously.

To ensure sufficient attention to every student, My English School allocates only a small number of students per class to each teacher. The small class size learning encourages comfortable sharing of ideas between the students and teacher. Their curriculum is constantly upgraded based on the evolving MOE requirements and has considered the PSLE requirement changes and the exam formats.

Customer Reviews

Jowyn Tay

Great experience at My English School. The well-mannered and hardworking front desk staff, making sure of the children’s safety, especially during the class dismissal. Children enjoy their classes too. All staff deserves a pat on their shoulder.

Lawrence Lee

It’s a school that enriches kids’ learning journey. Greatly recommended!

Contact Number: +65 6353 5396
Address: Goldhill Plaza, #01-31/33, Singapore 308899
Operating Hours: Wed-Fri 2PM-9PM | Sat&Sun 9AM-6PM | Closed on Mon&Tue


Being proficient in English is a tool that can help your child excel in their academic and future endeavors. And the best way to ensure that your child develops the necessary proficiency in the English language is to sign them up for an extensive English language enrichment class from a reliable learning enrichment center like the ones mentioned in this article.

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