Fast Cash: 5 Best Loan Agencies in Geylang For Emergencies

June 14, 2021
Best Fash Cash Loan Agencies In Geylang

We save up for multiple reasons; maybe we’re saving because we’re hoping to cop the latest smartphone that is expected to drop sometime this year? Or maybe we’re saving up for practical reasons. We are all saving up for a rainy day (or at least trying to) because we never really know when we might stumble upon unavoidable setbacks. You know those financial horror stories–Greg works in Singapore and he is the breadwinner of his family. Then, boom! The cost of living in Singapore spikes overnight, from groceries all the way to their electricity bill, but his finances simply couldn’t keep up!

We don’t want to be like Greg, right? But if the unprecedented happens and we are drowning in expenses, or maybe just a quick fix, here are 4 of the best loan agencies in Geylang for all the Greg’s out there!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. EZ


Source: Ez Pte. Ltd.

EZ is definitely a name you can easily keep in the back of your mind. Not only because their business name is short, but also because they offer one of the best fast cash loan services in the Geylang area. They guarantee a convenient process, from application to disbursement, even all the way to your re-payment; a seamless experience is EZ‘s uncompromising philosophy that they take pride in.  They aim to maintain the highest level of integrity with regards to their operation to guarantee the most efficient & professional service that they can serve you with. You can also trust that the offerings from EZ are very adaptable! They are more than ready to structure their packages accordingly based on your needs, regardless of whether you are simply an individual or a business owner.

When the situation calls for it, EZ can definitely help you get past any financial struggles!

Customer Reviews

Helpful and friendly front desk service. It was my first time and they were very patience with explaining how it works and also gave advices to help me manage my finances. Grateful for that.

Mohd Hanifa
Good approach. No disappointment. Even they cannot approve well done approach. I think some money lenders write own comments. Because it’s not at all matching. I am a public customer. This is my genuine comment

Contact Number: +65 6440 0822
Address: 765 Geylang Road, Singapore 389663



Source: i-CREDIT

For a hassle-free fast cash loan experience, you can turn to i-CREDIT! Their dedication towards providing you with convenience in every way that they can is remarkable; from the application process to their interest rates, even going all the way down to their address (they made sure that they are very accessible!). i-CREDIT has proven itself worthy as one of Geylang, if not Singapore’s, most reputable loan agencies with over 18,000 processed and approved loans under their name. Their primary goal is to help you during your times of financial struggles by providing you with a variety of loan options to choose from so you can easily get past your troubles without the additional stress that the usual loaning experience comes with.

Yes, they still charge minimal interest rates for their loan options, but that’s not the only thing they take pride in–the stress & hassle-free experience that only they can provide is what makes i-CREDIT a competitive agency. Within walking distance from Aljunied MRT, you can ease your financial burdens with i-CREDIT!

Customer Reviews

Foo Yong
I applied for a loan at iCredit online and they answered in a few minutes, asked for a CBS credit report and when I provided it, I got approved for a loan – no need to go to the office – everything online!

What they advertise on the internet is what you get. Interest rate one of the best you can find. they advertise in the website at the interest rate is the same when you apply with them. No Gimmicks! Not like all other money lenders, they can say they are the best, interest rate low, All Bullshit!! Their interest can kill you!! For those really need money urgently, I will strongly recommend ICredit!! Friendly Staff, Friendly Boss!! Do not need to go another place,go straight there!! Approval less than 30 mins!!

Contact Number: +65 6222 5222
Address: 82 Lorong 23 Geylang, #05-02 Atrix Singapore, Singapore 388409
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat-Sun 11AM-4PM

3. Btb Creditz

Btb Creditz

Source: Btb Creditz Pte. Ltd.

Btb Creditz has been providing quality service for over 10 years, and it’s no surprise why their borrowers often go back to them when they want to apply for another loan instead of looking for other agencies. Their services range from personal loans all the way to debt consolidation loans. One of the many things that Btb Creditz boasts of is its high approval rate. Yes, whatever your reason may be for a fast cash loan, Btb Creditz will most likely approve and disburse your needed amount in the least amount of time! But the quality of their service extends even up to the re-payment process–they let you decide whether you want a repayment schedule on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. T

They understand your needs, and they aim to help alleviate your financial burdens. Btb Creditz understands. Btb Creditz delivers.

Customer Reviews

Rasnin Rasid
This is the best moneylender for sure. The staffs here are friendly and patience. They offer consolidate loan with long period payment, within our monthly income to pay. As for interest per month is only 3.9 very low compared to most of the companies. Highly recommend to whomever is looking at this post right. Thank you btb credit. Happy new year!

Kazali Ibrahim
The most professional moneylender in singapore. The staffs explain the contract in details to me unlike other lenders. They offered me consolidate loan plan. Flexible repayment plan. Kindly please all come to this lender if you need a loan. They will advise you on the loan plans

Contact Number: +65 6748 4874
Address: 810 Geylang Rd, CITY PLAZA, Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11.30AM-7.30PM | Closed on Sun

4. CashMax Credit

CashMax Credit

Source: CashMax Credit

CashMax Credit is a loan agency along Geylang Road that offers a variety of options for individuals and small business owners to choose from. Efficiency is one of CashMax Credit core principles–they strive to provide you with the assistance that you need to help you get past your financial concerns and needs. And since we’re talking about efficiency, CashMax Credit disburses your loan within minutes after all the necessary paperwork has been submitted and approval is obtained! Receiving your loan quickly is great news, but how about the re-payments? CashMax Credit actually adjusts your re-payment schemes accordingly to cater to what you are able to pay, so there’s no need for you to stress out how to pay back the money you owe them. Their approach towards their customers’ concerns is the reason why their services are still being patronized, despite being in business for over 10 years!

CashMax Credit has continuously delivered reliable services, and they don’t appear to stop anytime soon!

Customer Reviews

Eric Lim
Fast and simple loan process. Get cash within 10 mins!

Cashmax has beautiful ladies, very friendly customer service, professional, understanding, and helpful services… Especially from the collector Mike. Have been with them for years now and their service has never failed to impress me. Highly recommended

Contact: +65 6221 5480
Location: 810 Geylang Road, City Plaza, #01-56, Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm | Closed on Sunday

5. Orange Credit

Orange Credit

Source: Orange Credit

For a Singaporean loan agency that values not only efficiency but also transparency, let us introduce Orange Credit. Applying for fast cash loans from Orange Credit when you need immediate monetary assistance might be the best thing that you can do because Orange Credit understands the gravity of the situation and the stress you might be feeling. That’s why their professional consultants work very hard to provide you with the highest quality of service possible. But don’t let their professionalism fool you–they are still very much warm and welcoming, driven by their goal to get you past the financial pickle you found yourself in.  Their processes are seamless, from your application to the disbursement of your loaned amount, all the way to your re-payment!

Now, there’s no need to stress about the re-payment because Orange Credit is very much flexible about the payment terms, and is transparent with the charges! For a quick, easy, and flexible loaning experience, drop by Orange Credit today!

Customer Reviews

Niina Nashaiin
The staff is very friendly and helpful . Staff grace explain in complete full details and easy to understand the terms and condition . Do drop at the place for loan , fast and easy .

Yong Wee Necro Lee
Best money lender I ever had before. Grace is patient and friendly . I feel satisfied and glad with their professional service.

Contact Number: +65 6748 2320
Address: 810 Geylang Rd, #01-91 City Plaza, Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun


We all have probably been in Greg’s shoes where we need more than we can afford. Those moments can be overwhelming, but there’s really no need to worry because the fast cash loan agencies that we enlisted here are more than ready to help us get past our financial woes. Carry on, Greg!

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