4 Best Foreigner Loan Agencies In Geylang For Emergencies

March 16, 2021
Best Foreign Loan In Geylang

Being a foreign worker in Singapore has its perks. Aside from waking up and ending your day in the Lion City, you get the added benefits of working in a highly developed country. Working in Singapore is a major boost for people trying to climb the corporate ladder, and those who are simply looking for better opportunities. But pennies get heavier when they multiply; Singapore’s cost of living can prove to be a financial challenge for foreigners who don’t have friends and relatives that they can run to when the going gets tough.

So to help alleviate your troubles, here are 4 of the best loan agencies in Geylang that welcomes foreign customers for when an unprecedented financial demand arises.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Orange Credit Pte Ltd

Orange Credit

Source: Orange Credit Pte Ltd

If you happen to find yourself in a financial pickle, you might want to head on to City Square and visit Orange Credit Pte Ltd. Orange Credit Pte Ltd is a legal and licensed money lender that aims to help pacify your financial woes. Their services revolve around various loan options, one of which is foreign loans. Upon application, you can expect their consultants to be very professional and dedicated towards providing you service that will help you with your struggles. While their teams’s dedication remains to be their asset, one of the reasons why Orange Credit Pte Ltd is patronized by Singaporeans is because of their hassle-free processes and flexible payment terms. Yes, you no longer have to stress about fully paying your loaned amount + interest 30 days after it was disbursed because Orange Credit Pte Ltd has a ton of loan options and flexible re-payment plans to choose from.

Financial demand is enough of a problem in itself, so don’t add the stress of paying your loans all in a short amount of time. Give Orange Credit a call and book your appointment with their consultants today!

Customer Reviews

DaVenus Davrin
First of all I would like to Thanks my best friend for introducing me to this company. Orange Credit, i highly recommended to everyone especially to my co-froeign workers here in SG. Please do visit this company for a help that you require. The pleace is very convenient to visit. The credit officer Ms. Grace is very helpful and also given you advise before she proceed with the loan. Especially advising me from not getting any loan from loan shark etc. Thanks Ms. Grace and Thanks Orange Credit

Raymond Ng
A pleasant experience with this team of professional consultants. Mr. McCoy Goh was very understanding and patient to know my needs for my business expansion, and has provided sound advise on repayment scheme offered. A trust worthy credit company that is strongly recommended.

Contact Number: +65 6748 2320
Address: 810 Geylang Rd, #01-91 City Plaza, Singapore 409286
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun

2. Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd

Elite Investment & Credit

Source: Elite Investment & Credit

Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd is a loan agency that aims to assist people with financial needs, regardless of whether or not they are a local citizen or not. With their drive to put their customers first above all else, you can expect nothing but their highest caliber of service and financial strategies from their professional team of consultants to help you with whatever your needs might be. Need an immediate cash loan to pay for your apartment?  Or maybe to send money back home, or even to get the latest smartphone? you can count that Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd will work to get your needs catered and attended to as efficiently as possible.

Considering the number of loan agencies that are notorious for hidden charges,  Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd‘s approach towards transparency is also something that makes them worthy for your loan consideration. Did we mention that you need not to be 21 years old to qualify for a loan application? If you happen to be an employed 18 year old, you can qualify for a loan (provided of course you have the necessary documentation).

Customer Reviews

Fair interest rates

They seem to be the best one. They give considerations and very friendly. Even the accounts dept very accommodating when I ask for extension. 5 STARS!!

Contact Number: +65 6744 4466
Address: 799 Geylang Rd, #01-01, Singapore 389680
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat 12PM-4PM | Closed on Sun

3. Credit Matters Pte Ltd

Credit Matters

Source: Credit Matters Pte Ltd

For a seamless, hassle-free, and quick application for foreign loans, Credit Matters Pte Ltd has got you covered! The application forms for all of their loan options can be found in their website which you can fill in with all necessary details so that one of Credit Matters Pte Ltd’s loan officers can give you a call and schedule a meeting with you to discuss the best loan option and re-payment schemes. Isn’t that convenient? You no longer have to step out of the comforts of your home, only to arrive in a loan agency office and realize that it is jam packed with borrowers. And because Credit Matters Pte Ltd understands how stressful the need for financial assistance can be, you can be assured that their team works hard to attend to all form submissions as soon as possible.

Appease your troubles in all-things-money and fill in Credit Matters’ application form! They’re waiting to give you a call.

Customer Reviews

Effendi Nazreen
Always my go to whenever i need fast cash loan. Good customer service from all the ladies working there.

Sharon Lee
Thumbs up for the loan officer there, well explanation and loan term is very flexible. Highly recommended !

Contact Number: +65 6636 3233
Address: 801 Geylang Rd, #02-01, Singapore 389681
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Closed on Sun

4. Minterest Money Pte Ltd

Minterest Money

Source: Minterest Money Pte Ltd

This loan agency is quite big with frequent borrowers, local or not. They’re big because their offerings are what most people would consider a gold standard–a high loan amount with low interest. Yes, you read that right–you can loan as much as 6 times what you earn in a month! But breathe easy because you can be reassured that with Minterest Money Pte Ltd, you won’t have to cut off your arms and legs because the accompanying interest rate will be kept at a minimum. That’s not all, though; their re-payment schemes for loans without collaterals can go up to 36 months, even higher for secured loans. This is all thanks to their unique and proprietary credit-scoring algorithm that they have developed to help determine the kind of service and loan options that they can provide you with.

You’ll be pressed trying to find another loan agency with the kind of service that only Minterest Money Pte Ltd can provide!

Customer Reviews

John Lum
The loan officer was professional and friendly, good value as well interest rates are lower than normal moneylenders.

Darren G
Their interest is much lower than others and the Staff is professional to go through the terms and conditions. Signed the agreement and the money is transferred on the same day to your account. Do check them out if in need of loans.

Contact Number:  +65 6387 8623
Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road, #07-32, 1 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-8PM | Sat 8.30AM-1PM | Closed on Sun


There are various loan agencies scattered across Singapore, most of which generally offer the same types of services, but with varying standards and approaches. The ones listed in this write up should narrow down the loan agencies for you to choose from.

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