4 Best Funeral Parlours In Tampines For A Dignified Farewell

April 23, 2020
Best Funeral Parlour Tampines

At times of grief, we especially need quick and efficient services that are readily found in our neighbourhood. Regardless of our race and religion, our list compiles all the funeral parlours that cater to your every need. The staff are trained to be extra attentive and responsive to your each and every need. They have a peace of mind knowing that you have done your utmost to give your loved one a memorable and meaningful final farewell.

From experienced undertakers to specialised religious services we understand that giving a proper burial to your loved ones is something you desire. These funeral parlours are dedicated to be at your service at any time providing quick and readily available support to your every need. Without further ado, here are the best 4 funeral parlours located in Tampines.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Singapore Funeral Parlour

Source: Singapore Funeral Parlour

For those looking for a spacious and quaint compound, the Singapore Funeral Parlour in Tampines may just be your best option. The modern architecture of the building is private and allows families to say their final goodbyes without disturbance. It is also conveniently located at 91 Tampines Link, Exit 4B of Tampines Expressway (TPE) and minutes away from IKEA which is a few bus stops away from Tampines Bus Interchange and Tampines MRT station.

This place is an excellent choice for people who do not appreciate HDB venues. Singapore Funeral Parlour caters to all religious ceremonies making it applicable to all races. Facilities include a landscape and rooftop garden which will provide a safe oasis to your time of grief.

Contact Number: +65 6322 6322
Address: 91, Tampines Link, Singapore 528746
Operating Hours: 24 Hours

2. An Fu Funeral Services

Source: An Fu Funeral Services

An Fu Funeral Services believes that funeral parlours should not cost a bomb. The company prides itself in its transparent prices so that people of all financial backgrounds can be able to afford during this time of grief. With top service at your disposal, the team from An Fu Funeral Services is willing to go the extra mile in order to match up if not better your expectations. As they provide 24 hour services you will never have to worry about them not being there for you. This funeral parlour extends their helping hand at any time of the day and can provide an elaborate or simple service.

They have in-house specialists who are well trained in Buddhist, Taoist, Christian and Catholic processions allowing you to be at ease. With a wide variety of services at your fingertips, An Fu Funeral Services is truly the best at what they do.

Contact Number: +65 8606 7573
Address: Blk 469, Tampines Street 44, Singapore 520469
Operating Hours: 24 Hours

3. Promiseland Casket, Funerals & Parlour Services Pte. Ltd

Source: Promiseland Casket, Funerals & Parlour Services Pte. Ltd

If you are looking for a traditional Taoist ceremony, Promiseland Casket, Funerals & Parlour Services Pte. Ltd is the place to go. As a strictly Taoist funeral parlour they are equipped with the necessary skills to ensure that you will have no issues with regards to the planning and carrying out of the funeral. With the best service provided at your convenience located in Tampines, this company excels in serving you in this difficult time.

Promiseland Casket, Funerals & Parlour Services Pte. Ltd is also involved in a secondary business specialising in crafting the materials used in the service. Decide on their three service packages priced to fit your budget, they include basic, premium and superior. Note that the company has additional costs if you wish to include  3 Day Tents, 25 tables, 150 chairs, 8 fans and a portable toilet. Further top ups for refreshments and tidbits can be added to your desired packages. Note that additional packages can only be applied to the premium and superior funeral packages.

Contact Number: +65 8127 5655
Address: 217 Tampines Street  23, #08-03, Singapore 520217
Operating Hours:  24 Hours

4. Church of the Holy Trinity

Source: Church of the Holy Trinity

For Catholics who know a relative who is close to death, the Church of the Holy Trinity in Tampines caters to both the before and after effects of an oncoming death. Contact them immediately if you suspect that your relative is at a sickly stage so that he or she may have their last rites at any location they are situated in. Acting as both a church and offering a funeral parlour service they are flexible in terms of their timings whilst having the comprehensive knowledge to carry out a catholic procession.

With a loving and welcoming catholic community allow them to ease your burden with the best service through their years of expertise. As the only funeral parlour who specialises in Catholic processions they make an excellent choice for those who are not familiar with the procedure. Do keep in mind that they do not publish their prices, so make sure to give them a ring if you have enquiries.

Contact Number: +65 6784 2332
Address: 20 Tampines Street 11, Singapore 529455
Operating Hours: Mon- Fri 9AM- 6PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-1PM

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