3 Best Funeral Services in Ang Mo Kio For A Solemn Farewell

June 3, 2021
Best Funeral Service In Ang Mo Kio

Organizing a funeral is not easy, especially when you are in grief and at the same, under tremendous pressure to “get things right.” At times of sorrow, we especially need a quick and efficient service that is readily found around the neighborhood.  The staff is trained to be extra attentive and responsive to your each and every need, so you can rest easy knowing that the deceased will get the memorial they deserve!

We understand that this is such an important matter, so to save you the time from checking out the funeral services in your area, we came up with a list of the 4 best funeral services located in Ang Mo Kio!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Ang Brothers Funeral Services

Source: Ang Brothers Funeral Services

Ang Brothers Funeral Services has grown to become one of the leading funeral parlors in Singapore. They have served more than 8000 families up to date, and as your one-stop solution for all your funeral needs, the brothers are committed to providing services that give comfort to bereaved families, and a dignified and proper send-off for their departed loved ones. This funeral service believes that quality funeral service does not necessarily come with a hefty price tag, and everyone deserves a dignified tribute, so they made sure to keep their prices affordable to all.

Ang Brothers Funeral Services is a proud recipient of Singapore’s Premiere Choice Award and Asia’s Leading Brand for their Repatriation Services worldwide. If you trust their team’s support and guidance, check out this funeral service.

Customer Reviews 

Katherine Lecoq

Choosing a funeral service for your loved one is a difficult decision especially if it is your first time. Perhaps it is my dad’s will that I found Casper. he is a great guy and his team was there 24/24 to ensure that everything goes well. A sincere thanks to you and your team for sending off the 2 most important people in my life into paradise.

Chow Elton

Assuring.Efficient.Honest. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a funeral service to look for Ang Brothers Funeral Services. Their services put any grieving family members at ease. And I am sure they will warm your heart, just like it has warmed mine and everyone from my temple.

Contact Number: +65 8265 0301
Address: Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, Blk 4028, #01-219, Singapore 569639
Operating Hours: Daily 24 hours

2. Casket Fairprice

Source: Casket Fairprice

Casket Fairprice is a trusted funeral service in Singapore that has served thousands of families since 1993. It is a one-stop funeral service that operates its own in-house funeral parlors,  embalming facilities, hearses, and a dedicated team of full-time staff. The company employs modern service methods while adhering to local funeral tradition and customs, and prides itself as a caring service provider committed to personalized service that gives comfort to the bereaved, and a dignified tribute for their departed loved ones. Plus, the company has a transparent pricing policy and includes pricing of their funeral packages on their website for you to view before you visit.

Casket Fairprice is a member of the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore, which is officially recognized by the National Environment Agency and comprises companies with a reputable standing in the industry. They are bound by a strict code of conduct to uphold the highest professional standards and ethical principles in providing meaningful end-life services with utmost care and respect for the deceased and their families.

Customer Reviews 

Meow Leng Chia

Anyone who encounters such a sad circumstance will feel lost, esp. if it is a first-time encounter. Casket Fairprice provided a comprehensive package with real transparent pricing. Everything flows so systematically and take care of by Casket Fairprice that leaves us more time to settle other stuff. The service provided by Casket Fairprice is heartwarming. 

Jeff Phua

Friendly, patient, and knowledgeable staff who is always attentive to customers’ needs. The embalming and markup were really professionally and excellently done. Thank you very much.

Contact Number: +65 6455 9909
Address: 37 Sin Ming Drive, #01-571, Singapore 575711
Operating Hours: Daily 24 hours

3. Harmony Funeral Care Singapore

Source: Harmony Funeral Care Singapore

Harmony Funeral Care Singapore is helmed by the third generation of Hock Hin Undertaker, a renowned family brand name in the funeral industry for over 55 years. Harmony Funeral Care infuses contemporary ideas with age-old traditions in the planning of funerals to ensure that the funerals conducted would be palatable for families and friends of various generations. This funeral service believes in forging meaningful relationships with customers by presenting them with the best possible service at a reasonable price. Plus, they aim to be Singapore’s funeral care provider that people reach out to in times of need, providing harmonious funerals with care.

This funeral service started in 1963, where a respectable humble businessman Mr. Tee Hock Chwee saw a need that was not sufficiently met in Singapore, and that there was a lack of companies offering funeral services for Singaporeans.

Customer Reviews 

Geeta Krishnan

Excellent service and all nitty-gritty details were taken care of. Very accommodating as we had several changes made for the wake. Prompt and efficient service. I first called Harmony at 6:30 am and told her I did not know what to do for my mom’s funeral. Thank you Harmony and team for taking care of every little detail which made the whole process worry-free.

Gabriel Lee

Accommodating, meticulous, and professional in every aspect of their services. Harmony and her team are prompt in their communication and understanding of the concerns and needs for my father’s funeral, despite it occurring in Phase 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Contact Number: +65 9489 2424
Location: 38 Sin Ming Drive #01-523-525, Singapore 575712
Operating Hours: Daily 24 hours


When you lose someone you dearly love, there are a lot of emotions to deal with and necessary traditional rituals to manage.  Save yourself from the trouble of organizing a memorial and leave it to the professionals. The funeral service listed above can be found in your neighborhood and will help you lessen your worries by carrying out this part of your mourning period peacefully.

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