5 Best Gyms In Tampines To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

September 30, 2020
Best Gym In Tampines

It can be a daunting task choosing a gym that is the perfect fit for you. After all, you’ll have to consider your work or personal lifestyle to ensure your choice of gym fits perfectly into your schedule. What’s more, with many factors to consider like convenience, equipment, and the quality of service – it is typical to be stuck between several gyms.

Well, worry no more! These five gyms are not only budget-friendly but also have a myriad of equipment catered to both your needs and goals. Step into any of the gyms and you’ll even meet new peers who are embarking on a fitness journey like you. That said, if you are looking for a gym in Tampines, this list will help you easily!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Fitness First

Source: Fitness First

Located in the heart of Tampines, this two-story gym provides over 60 pieces of cardio equipment, two free-weight areas, dedicated freestyle areas and three studios including a Group Exercise studio, cycling studio and a beautiful zen-inspired Mind and Body studio. Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, this gym has the equipment for you! But the equipment range isn’t the only thing to look forward to – in fact, what’s really unique about this gym is the range of classes offered to members. Members of this Fitness First branch enjoy the privilege of unlimited access to classes like cycling, Zumba and even hot yoga.

To further ensure that you hit your goals, all classes will be handled by highly-qualified trainers. So, you are guaranteed to leave the gym feeling accomplished after every session. Moreover, not only is the gym convenient, but you are also able to meet like-minded individuals and feel a part of this community working together to achieve your fitness goals.

Customer Reviews

Angela Ng

Love the class here, instructors are very professional (:

Val Alsim

It’s where I work out and the best gym so far.

Contact Number:+65 6438 5998
Address: CPF BUILDING, 1 Tampines Central, #04-01 & #05-01, Singapore 529508
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 6AM-10PM | Sat 7AM-7PM | Sun & PH 8AM-6PM



GYMMBOXX started as a single gym occupying the top of a multi-storey car park in Bedok Reservoir. But over the years, GYMMBOXX has grown and officially made its mark as Singapore’s affordable premium gym brand, with its aim of serving the residential neighbourhoods and heartlands. Since it was established in October 2010, GYMMBOXX has grown its operation to 6 gyms (and counting) island-wide. As such, GYMMBOXX’s rapid growth is the result of the success of their 5 PRINCIPLES OF GYMMBOXX – variable membership plans, open to public, safety first, transparent fixed rates, and inclusive gym packages.

Zeroing in on these five principles, they are able to offer long and short term membership plans which give customers the freedom to decide the best plan that suits their fitness needs. Meanwhile, GYMMBOXX also offers a pay-per-entry model so that you would not feel tied down to an extended membership plan. And they even offer preferential rates for youths (ages 21 and below) & senior citizens (ages 55 and above), with full transparency of the membership prices! Last but not least, GYMMBOXX is the only constantly manned gym in Singapore that provides 24-hour access – giving you the security you need whenever at the gym.

Customer Reviews

Luqman Hakim

This would always be my favourite private gym. The people that come here are all pretty fit, so it spurs you to work hard too, and it has lots of free racks. Basically, this gym caters to those who loves carrying weights. Hope I can go back there again once the covid situation gets better.

Khaizal Md

Great place to workout, many choices of equipment! The membership is very affordable, and it’s 24hrs!!

Address: Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, #03-14, Singapore 529509
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 6AM-12AM | Sat & Sun 8AM-12AM

3. True Fitness

Source: True Fitness

This gym boasts a range of classes you can take no matter what fitness level you are at currently – removing the fear of many who are not being able to keep up with the class. Moreover, the reason why many patronise True Fitness is because of how there are always classes to attend, no matter how busy your schedule is. With over 100 classes a week, you would easily be able to squeeze in a class in your free time. Furthermore, with 25 different types of classes, you can switch your classes up occasionally to keep working out, fun!

A nice touch True Fitness added was a dedicated steam room to their locker rooms. As after all, nothing beats the feeling of relaxing in the steam room after a thorough workout! Known to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure – it’s an excellent space to unwind after a sweaty work out. Now, see how True Fitness may be a perfect fit for your business needs?

Customer Reviews

Jaslyn Lau

I have only been to this outlet once a few years ago to exercise with my friend as I live very far away. Had a good workout experience here. The facilities are good and classes too. A conducive environment to work out. I current visit their other outlets located in central areas.

Mark Seidenfeld

Lots of equipment, friendly staff.

Contact Number: +65 6788 9555
Address: NTUC Income, 300 Tampines Avenue 5, #08-01/04, Singapore 529653
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 6AM-10PM | Sat 6AM-9PM | Sun 8AM-8PM

4. Anytime Fitness

Source: Anytime Fitness

What’s unique about Anytime Fitness is that they have more than 4,000 gyms globally. If you like one of their gyms, you are set to crush your fitness goals no matter which outlet you’re at. On the flip side, if you are someone who needs guidance or coaching in the gym, Anytime Fitness offers fitness assessments, personal training, small group training and even specialized classes catered to your fitness needs and goals.

Anytime Fitness also goes the extra mile to offer their members free classes and even discounts on health plans that are specially catered to each individual and their fitness goal. Their experienced trainers, who are available 24/7, are also a reason why many customers stick with Anytime Fitness over the years. These trainers focus on building bonds and getting to know their customers before working towards their fitness goals. This way, customers feel like they’re in a community and are working towards their goals with a friend.

Customer Reviews

Young Gunnar

It has been my go-to place for exercising for the past 3 years since it’s a stone’s throw away from my estate. I have witnessed three management changes and this third one might be the best one yet. The management staffs and personal trainers are absolutely friendly and helpful. The personal trainers there do not hesitate to demonstrate to users the proper way of doing an exercise if one’s doing it incorrectly. They hired a full time cleaner who’s constantly cleaning from morning till night so cleanliness and hygiene is top notch. Overall, this is a top notch gym with a highly competent management.

Mahima Rai

One of the best Anytime fitness gym. It’s really clean and neat. The equipments are really good condition as compared to other gyms. They’ve provided vending machines, charging, deodorants and wet wipes which you prolly won’t find at other gyms.

Contact Number: +65 9017 3533
Address: Tampines Mart, South East, 9 Tampines Street 32, #02-01, Singapore 529286
Operating Hours: 24 Hours

5. F45

Source: F45

F45, short for Functional 45, is unlike your regular gyms. F45 focuses on functional training through high-intensity group workouts that are efficient, enjoyable and results-driven. When walking into an F45 gym, you would not be greeted by the usual rows of weights and machines, but rather, you’ll be able to experience their F45 workouts that are geared towards everyday movements – combined with a mix of circuit and high-intensity interval training (HIIT)! Just like its name suggests, each session lasts 45 minutes – making it ideal if you have a busy schedule and only have an hour to spare to get a workout in.

Besides their consideration for the time you have on hand, F45 knows exactly how to give motivation and encouragement by creating an exciting, upbeat environment to help meet or even exceed your goals. Moreover, since all training is in groups, once you meet and get to know like-minded individuals during your sessions, a strong community is built, and you would eagerly look forward to every session.

Customer Reviews

Daphne Ng

Best F45 gym to work out in and the owners have maintained a high level of sanitation even during the covid-19 period. The space area is big and there are also shower facilities around. It’s also conveniently located next to SAFRA Tampines.

Laura Chan

Best F45 outlet! First impression: wow! Huge, new, clean stacked with showering facilities, free loan of clean gym & bath towels.

Fun and motivational coaches who correct your posture well. All the coaches I’ve met are amazing! Shoutout to Amrita, John, Van for being super awesome!

Ashley the marketing manager and her male colleague are super friendly, helpful and approachable. This place feels like a family, I can’t wait to be back

Contact Number: +65 8113 8136
Address: 6 Tampines Street 92, #01-05, Singapore 528893
Operating Hours: Mon-Thu 5.45AM–10AM, 6.15PM-9.15PM | Fri 5.45AM-10AM, 6.30PM-8.15PM | Sat 6.30AM-12PM | Sun 7.45AM-11PM


If you are ready to start your fitness journey and hit your targets, these 5 gyms in Tampines should be at the top of your list. You are guaranteed to have a community pushing you on. Now get out there and start working out!

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