5 Best H2 Math Tuition In Bukit Timah To Get Perfect Score

July 28, 2021
Best H2 Math Tuition Bukit Timah

Enrolling in an after-class lesson can be a great solution to improve your knowledge of the course and be 100% prepared for that upcoming exam! The tutors here can help you understand the lessons – from the basics to the complicated ones – by engaging in one-on-one tutor sessions to answer all your questions and clear your doubts about certain topics.

There are several tuition centres in the country, but it would be best to enrol in a centre located near you. To give you an idea, we compiled a list of the best H2 Maths Tuitions in Bukit Timah where you can enrol and get a perfect score in your exam!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Tim Gan Math

Source: Tim Gan Math

Tim Gan Math is an H2 Math, IP & O-Level Math Tuition that consists of math tutors who are equipped with years of teaching experience in both public and private education sectors. This tuition is built on trust and quality, which is why it is considered as one of the most trusted Maths Tuition Brand in the country! Tim Gan Math’s team of tutors are well-prepared for every lesson and equip themselves with different tools and teaching techniques to help students learn better.

Tim Gan Math tutors believe that learning mathematics at a higher level, especially A-Level H2 math requires educators who are passionate and familiar with the current MOE syllabus. Plus, these experts constantly meet up to share and improve their teaching styles and best practices.

Customer Reviews

Gabriel Ong

At TGM, Mr. Gan tailors his lessons such that everyone understands the fundamental concepts behind each topic, which is often neglected in school lectures. Besides, closer to exams, he adequately prepares us by exposing us to various question types and teaching us how to approach them. His notes are clearly structured, which helped me to compartmentalize my learning.

Cheryl Crew

Mr. Gan helped me improve my h2 math from a U to an A in A levels! I was able to grasp concepts and clarify any doubts more easily and was exposed to various question types through Mr. Gan’s dedicated teaching and extensive teaching. I would not have been able to achieve such results without Mr. Gan’s help.

Contact Number: +65 8748 8161
Address: Clementi Ave 4, Block 320, #01-33, Singapore 120320
Operating Hours: Mon, Tue, Fri, & Sun 9AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-12PM | Wed 4.30PM-9.30PM

2. The Math Lab

Source: The Math Lab

The Math Lab was started in 2002 by two aspiring Math teachers and is now Singapore’s leading Math Tuition Centre.  They offer three types of classes: Centre classes, Home Tuition classes, and Online classes. Unlike other tuition centers, they have chosen to focus only on Mathematics, and their tutors are carefully selected and go to extensive efforts to make academic resources readily available to the students, so when the students go for the Math exams, they have quite confident in their ability to outperform their classmates.

The Math Lab offers Math lectures for Primary, Secondary, and JC levels. For Home Tuition classes, the topics are taught by the same teacher at centers, who are highly experienced and are first-class honor themselves. Lastly, the online classes allow students to have lessons right from their home computers.

Customer Reviews

Justin Chia

Good content and tutors are available here. Saw significant improvement in my results which I’m really happy with. Definitely will continue with this agency and others should come too.

Sylvester Goh

The classes were engaging and enriching. Teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced, and it shows clearly. The agency was also fast to reply to my tuition inquiries.

Contact Number:
+65 6475 0624
Address: 4 Queen’s Road, #02-121, Singapore 260004
Operating Hours: 10AM-9.30PM Daily

3. Benjamin Maths

Source: Benjamin Maths

Benjamin Maths was founded by Benjamin and his previous experience when he was a kid led him to establish this tuition center, and since 2003, thousands of students have benefited from Benjamin’s teachings and have wide improvements to show. . He started out as an underachiever, scoring D’s and E’s for Mathematics while in the Normal Academic stream. After adopting effective learning strategies, his teacher saw a drastic improvement in his results and offered him Additional Mathematics. He became top of the school in both subjects, scoring 8 points for his ‘O’ levels, and represented his school at the Mathematics Olympiad.

This tuition center believes that students get poor grades not because they are stupid or slow, but they just lack an effective strategy, clear goals, and role models. So at Benjamin Maths, they provide you with the role model and effective strategies you need to excel in class.

Customer Reviews

Jodie Soh

I was in Benjamin Maths from Primary 3 until my O’levels and through Benjamin Maths, I was able to attain distinctions for both A and E maths. The teachers are very kind and are thorough with their lessons to make sure everyone in the class understands the concepts. My time in Benjamin Maths was very memorable. I definitely do not regret joining ◡̈

Kesin Khaw

I joined Benjamin Maths when I was in secondary school and was able to attain an A during my o level. As I continue my study in junior college, Benjamin math has helped me in my H2 Math by teaching me the important skills to tackle math questions in JC. Unlike secondary school math, H2 math in JC is much more challenging and Benjamin math has taught me not to just memories formulas and apply but to understand how each formula comes about.

Contact Number: +65 6465 2422
Address: 55 Chun Tin Road, Mandarin Park, #01-100, Singapore 599629
Operating Hours: Mon 2PM-6PM | Wed-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-6PM | Closed on Tue

4. Aspire Hub

Source: Aspire Hub

Aspire Hub was established in 2001 and is presently at the forefront of the industry for delivering life-transforming learning programs, courses, and workshops to youths and adults. This organization provides holistic academic and life skill programs that transform ordinary individuals into achievers who are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Plus, their team of dedicated coaches is trained to provide high-quality, focused sessions to help their students gain confidence, improve self-esteem, and be ready to meet the academic challenges ahead.

Aspire Hub academic center focuses primarily on assisting students to achieve their academic goals. This tuition center strongly believes in the comprehensive approach – becoming a key partner of their students’ success and providing them with effective learning solutions when they are faced with challenges.

Customer Reviews

Qahir Rosli

Classes are small and hence learning is much more efficient. Teachers are very engaging and outgoing and forge great bonds with the students.

Weimay Chen

More than just a tuition center, this is a place where tutors coach students to reach their full potential through genuine care and commitment to create a pleasant and very effective learning experience for students. Highly, highly recommended.

Contact Number: +65 6462 4240
Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-06A, Singapore 588177
Operating Hours: Mon-Thu 3PM-10PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-8PM | Closed on Fri

5. Miracle Learning Centre

Source: Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Center was set up to help students learn better and faster by providing an easy-to-understand explanation of concepts with good application techniques. This tuition center was founded by Dr. Lew and Mrs. Lew in 2008. Mrs. Lew was an ex-school teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience and has taught many students who only have amazing things to say about her teaching methods. Meanwhile, Dr. Lew attended medical school, and his vast knowledge and insight have helped bring Miracle to a new level.

Miracle Learning Centre aims to help academically weak and strong students excel in school. They believe that every child and everyone is a miracle, so each of their teachers and students is able to go on and create more miracles in their lives and other people’s lives.

Customer Reviews

Clara Lee

the teachers are all very patient and easy to talk to. they are willing to explain until you understand and provide very helpful notes and exercises💯👍🏼

Valeria Valencia

I am so pleased with how my child has progressed since he started Maths tuition. Very professionals, tutors really put an effort to ensure the children are learning, thank you!
Contact Number: +65 6463 8756
Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre Singapore, #03-01, Singapore 588977
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 3PM-10PM | Sat & Sun 9.30AM-7PM


As you enter a new school year, the lessons are getting more and more challenging! This is the reason why some parents enroll their child in a tuition center – to get one-on-one lessons so they can be taught the topic properly and have their questions answered. The list above contains the 5 best H2 math tuition centers in Bukit Timah, so check them out, and don’t forget to book a session!

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