5 Best Spots In Bugis To Get A Relaxing Massage

June 1, 2021
Best Massage Spots In Bugis

Congratulations! You powered your way through a grueling work week, and you deserve to unwind at the end of it. A night out with friends over a couple of drinks is the ideal Friday night for most people. But you probably prefer a quiet relaxing one because you’re looking up on Google where you can get a massage. We can’t blame you–after a hectic week, you crave some peace and tranquility for your mind and relaxation for your body. Lucky for you, we did our research on the various massage spots in Singapore and we have found 5 of the best ones located in Bukit for you to visit and get that much-needed relaxation because who knows what stress next week holds, right? You better relax while you can.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Wan Lin Healthcare Centre

Wan Lin Healthcare Centre

Source: Wan Lin Healthcare Centre

Established in 2001, Wan Lin Healthcare Centre was founded by Rwo Shur Health Method certified instructor and Rwo Shur International School alumni, Mr. Andrew Lim. He was driven to achieve his goal of bringing quality massages to the locals of Singapore that are influenced by a culture that provides genuine care and a clean environment so that you can have the best massage experience, and that’s how Wan Lin Healthcare Centre was realized!

Using the time-honoured expertise that they have obtained from their 20 years of experience in the massage industry, Wan Lin Healthcare Centre makes sure that you get nothing but the therapist with the highest level of skill to ensure that they can provide you with the personalized massage treatment that is geared to enhance your senses, ease up the bodily tensions you might have, and promote the overall improvement of your wellbeing.

Customer Reviews

Joycelene Ying
Went for a 40min foot and 20min shoulder massage, like the ambience there, quite calm and clean. The strength was okay and they managed to hit the sore knots, staff were quite friendly! Affordable and would come again!:)

Celene Wong
really pleasant experience at wan lin. went for the full body 45 minutes massage and the lady really hit the sore knots and really made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. she used just the right amount of strength to make me feel both more relieved but at the same time not too painful as well. i almost fell asleep towards the end as it was so comfortable. 10/10 would recommend the oil massage for ppl looking to get relieved and relax.

Contact Number: +65 6338 1355
Address: 149 Rochor Road #02-07/13/14/15 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 10.30AM-9PM

2. Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa

Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa

Source: Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa

Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa allows you to break free from both figurative and literal stress that you get from everyday life and to experience luxury that you can only get from Oriental boutique spas! Founded in 2011, this massage spa sees to it that their massage therapy rooms are fitted with soft padded beds and a private shower cubicle for maximum comfort. Manned by certified therapists, Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa delivers expert-level Oriental massages that are customized to deliver optimum relief from pain and stress by skillfully kneading the knots and tensions away from your body. But if you’re not necessarily looking for a full-body massage and can just settle with a simple foot massage, Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa‘s foot reflexology specialists are waiting for you to visit them for a bit of pamper-session while you enjoy their complimentary wifi and multimedia system!

With an establishment that promotes the highest level of relaxation, complemented by their team of skilled and experienced therapists who are all warm and caring, you can definitely find the unwinding that you need with Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa!

Customer Reviews

Minjoo Lee
I had 90 min full body massage as I had super stiff neck and shoulders for weeks, and Sophia was amazing. She is strong (but not painful) and has good skills. Definitely would recommend.

Teo Jordan
Amazing service, amazing staff that were concerned for our well being, ensuring they’re massaging us at with comfortable strength. Extremely comfortable. I’m not one who likes massages but this one was good bruh

Contact Number: +65 6686 6466
Address: 790 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198758
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-6PM

3. Spacio


Source: Spacio

A massage spa infused with the wellness of TCM, Spacio was established in 2007 and has since provided its customers with services that are guaranteed to be very effective in alleviating various pains in the body. Their CEO was awarded the “Entrepreneurship Award” just 3 years after they founded Spacio, and with 8 locations in Singapore, Spacio is committed to providing you with high-quality non-surgical beauty treatments in all of its outlets for both men and women! While they offer quite a variety of services, Spacio‘s massage therapists specialize in acupressure, gua sha, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue, Swedish, and lymphatic massage.

Staffed by certified and highly-trained therapists, Spacio takes pride in the fact that their treatments are guaranteed to be safe and use only state-of-the-art equipment & technology to ensure that you can get the most out of every session you have with them!

Customer Reviews

Christopher Seet
The frontline is very professional in handling enquires. The therapist had the knowledge to do the treatment. Is a place that u can visit for your treatment.

Ava Lim
Comfortable surroundings and staffs are very experienced. Reasonable prices.

Contact Number: +65 6238 0386
Address: Bugis Junction, #02-26 (Opposite, 200 Victoria St, Watsons, Singapore 188021
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat 10AM-8PM | Sun 10AM-6PM

4. Timespa


Source: Timespa

You want to get a massage this Friday evening but can’t seem to find one that stays open long enough for you? Timespa does not want you to just grin and bear it, that’s why they have their doors open 24 hours for you! Despite being located in an urbanized neighborhood, Timespa is a quiet, casual but sophisticated spa in the city’s heart, so if convenience and accessibility are a concern, Timespa‘s got you covered. But you’re not really looking for massage spa’s for these things, you’re looking for the ability to help rid your body of various muscle pains and sores. That’s why Timespa guarantees massage therapy that guaranteed to be result-driven and effective–from deep tissue massages all the way to reflexology, Timespa assures you that you will step out of their spa feeling refreshed and ready to take on another week’s worth of workload!

Customer Reviews

Brian Neo
Timespa have a great atmosphere and a relaxing place. Was served by a professional name Ms Gina. Skillful hand which makes me so relax and almost fallen asleep. 60mins of recharge before heading to a business meeting. A place which I will visit again sometime soon. Great place with great people. Cheers and thank you.

Henry Tao
The environment is very good. The service is super enthusiasm. The beauty technician is very good, the acupoint and strength are very professional, and I feel very good experience and enjoyment. Continue to visit next time

Contact Number: +65 6988 3114
Address: 101 Beach Rd, #01-02, Singapore 189703
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun Open 24 Hours

5. An Qi Spa

An Qi Spa

Source: An Qi Spa

An Qi Spa is an authentic relaxation and massage spa that is staffed by professional and certified massage therapists. They aim to provide you with the relaxation that you deserve after a long stressful week. With their selection of services such as foot reflexology to help soothe your tired feet and promote blood circulation, Gua Sha for the body and face, Ba Guan or cupping, and more. But their signature service is ear candling coupled with a head and body massage, which promises to help improve the overall wellbeing and general health of the body and promote relaxation, wellness, and general pain management.

Wherever your muscle pain may be, no matter how stressful your week has been, or whether you are a male or female, An Qi Spa aims to relieve you from the stresses wrought by the modern lifestyle!

Customer Reviews

Shayantan Debbarman
Good massages. Clean place. Prices are competitive and they are open throughout the night. Legitimate massage place which will help to reduce your physical fatigue.

Vaughan Brown
Friendly staff. I thought the place was professional and clean. My foot and Cupping experience was really good. Feel great. Would call in again.

Contact Number: +65 6292 3433
Address: 135 Middle Rd, #01-10/11 Bylands Building, Singapore 188975
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun Open 24 Hours


You deserve to chill, relax and wind down after successfully dealing with a hectic workload this week, and one of these 5 massage spas in Bugis can get you that much-needed relaxation because they are among the best ones that Singapore has to offer!

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