5 Best Math Tuition In Clementi To Prepare For The Big Test

July 22, 2021
Best Math Tuition Clementi

Singapore’s competitive nature of education makes it exceptionally difficult for many students to cope with and let alone excel in all subjects. As a result, several parents are sending their children to tuition centers so their children can keep up with the rest of the pack. There are many tuition centers in the field, and you may struggle in picking out suitable tuition that teaches high-quality math education.

If you are looking for a place to enroll to improve your kid’s math skills, we got you covered! To get you started, we came up with a list of the best math tuition centers in Clementi!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Tim Gan Math

Source: Tim Gan Math

Tim Gan Math is an H2 Math, O Level & IP Math Tuition that is built on trust and quality, and is considered as one of the most trusted Maths Tuition Brand in the country! This tuition believes that learning mathematics at a higher level, especially A-Level H2 math requires educators who are passionate about the subjects and familiar with the current MOE syllabus. So, the educators are well-prepared for every lesson and equip themselves with different tools and teaching pedagogies to help students learn better.

Tim Gan Math consists of math tutors that are equipped with years of teaching experience in both public and private education sectors and constantly meet up to share and improve their teaching pedagogies and best practices. Students pick this tuition due to its small group sizes class, conducive learning environment provides resources and online courses, and free consultation after class.

Customer Reviews

Megan Yeoh

Before joining the tuition, I was struggling a lot with math and was constantly failing in every test I had, scoring many F9s. However, after joining the tuition, I had a deeper understanding of the topics that I was tested on and passed my math paper for my end-of-year examinations, scoring a C5!

Fiona Li

Mr. Gan is a really engaging and patient teacher. Even during the pandemic, his online classes were still as clear and understandable. He goes the extra mile to stay back and give consults to his students. There are also vast resources on his online portal which I can always have access to when I need more revision. I really enjoyed his lessons and I’m thankful to have such a passionate and dedicated teacher to help me overcome math in JC!

Contact Number: +65 8748 8161
Address: Clementi Ave 4, Block 320, #01-33, Singapore 120320
Operating Hours: Mon, Tue, Fri, & Sun 9AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-12PM | Wed 4.30PM-9.30PM

2. Achevas

Source: Achevas

Achevas was founded by Jack Ng, a National University of Singapore graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  His story began three years prior, where his academic performance told a different story: his results were mediocre at best and his test scores were constantly fluctuating. In his second year of junior college, Jack began to focus on understanding, making sure he got the basics down, and taking the time to build a firm foundation. He applied the same methodology to his JC subjects, in the process of developing rudimentary prototypes of the Achevas Outlines.

Since 2002, Jack has been actively involved in volunteer work with underprivileged kids and teens. His past experience led him to realize the impact that education can have on the path we all take in life and created a desire to help the world learn better.

Customer Reviews

Chua Wen Bin

I started math tuition with jack when it was nearing prelims and through his guidance and encouragement. I was able to discover math in a different light and able to fully comprehend what was required of the demanding A-Level syllabus. My experience with Jack within a short period of 3 months was exceedingly fruitful and definitely boosted me in my pursuit of mathematics excellence.

Lee Shiyun

Jack’s passion for math is evident in his teaching. I never fail to be inspired by his stories and experiences that have molded him and how he apply and relate them to math, providing food for thought after every lesson. Besides his interesting way of teaching, he provides additional help after class or even through dedication that fuels this drive in me to achieve better grades.

Contact Number: +65 6266 0803
Address: 3151 Commonwealth Avenue West Grantal, #03-02/03, Singapore 129581
Operating Hours: Tue 3PM-7PM | Wed-Fri 3PM-9PM | Sat 10A<-6PM | Sun 1PM-6PM | Closed on Mon

3. AGrader Learning Centre

Source: AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader Learning Centre was founded by Kevan and Ruiyan, which started in a basement unit in Jurong West in August 2013, and has now grown from a single location to multiple locations islandwide serving thousands of parents and students. This tuition center consists of a strong team of educators that aims to help their students improve, become more confident week after week, and inculcate the values of grit, resilience, and a growth mindset in the years they spend in the tuition.

During their years of operating a tuition agency matching teachers to tuition centers that they realized that many tuition providers in the early 2010s had no structured curriculum or worksheets. Today, AGrader Learning Centre has outlets all over the island and their mission has never changed – help their students improve and love their lessons.

Customer Reviews

Joyce Chua

My boy shows improvements in his grades after attending AGrader. The teachers are great and the bonus point system makes the kids enthusiastic in learning and able to change into little presents for themselves based on their hard work.

Geraldine Wong

AGrader is value for money with an excellent curriculum and worksheets. The center also uses advanced teaching tools such as smartboards to deliver lessons which is a plus.

Contact Number: +65 9824 1042
Address: 431 Clementi Ave 3, #01-344, Singapore 120431
Operating Hours: Tue-Fri 4PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9.30AM-6PM | Closed on Mon

4. Ace Academia Education Centre

Source: Ace Academia Education Centre

Ace Academia Education Centre consists of dedicated tutors who are led by a MOE-trained teacher who specializes in the subjects they teach, so they are more than capable of guiding the students to achieve their academic goals. Plus, they use proven strategies to help their students solve ever-challenging problems which are known to be more effective for their small-sized classes compared to MOE-school classes with larger sizes.

Ace Academic Education Centre provides lessons that are designed for students to show consistent improvements by solving challenging questions with the guidance of their experienced former MOE teacher. This will allow students to develop the necessary analytical and quick-thinking skills to stand firm when facing their examinations. They firmly believe that by establishing a cohesive relationship with parents and students, they can work together to better understand how the student is fairing.

Customer Reviews

Benjamin Tham

Came across Ace Academia on Facebook and decided to get my son down for a complimentary math trial. Decided to give it a try since the new sign-up promotion is attractive. My son has shown improvement and did well in his exam. 

Aiwah Lee

With the guidance of Ace Academia, my daughter was able to boost her grades. They went through my daughter’s previous exam paper before she went in. There are many fascinating and supportive teachers to be found there. My daughter’s grades began to improve after she arrived. The teacher’s teaching methods are amazing. I strongly recommend this center to everyone.

Contact Number: +65 9698 2248
Address: Clementi Ave 3, #01-266 Blk 433, Singapore 120433
Operating Hours:  Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri 1PM-8.30PM | Thu 1PM-7PM | Sat 10AM-8.30PM | Sun 10AM-8PM

5. Alpha Omega Learning Hub

Source: Alpha Omega Learning Hub

Alpha Omega Learning Hub provides top-notch Math tuition which has produced consistently good results for over 10,000 students in the past decade. Their team consists of math tutors who are experienced teachers with a strong passion for teaching, guiding, and helping students to grasp important mathematical concepts. Plus, they provide parent-teacher timely updates on child’s progress, and offers motivation and encouragement from caring tutors.

Alpha Omega Learning Hub never compromises the quality of their teaching, since they understand the educational needs of their clients by providing the highest standards of math tuition at affordable fees. Their team of experienced and qualified tutors which include NIE professors and school teachers provides comprehensive and useful notes done by their curriculum specialist.

Customer Reviews

Kagen Chua

Definitely recommended for secondary school students: teacher, Mr. Yeo is passionate about teaching, lifting up the overall atmosphere in class. Improved in second semester after joining this tuition last year.

Breanna Tong

I have always struggled in math since primary school, and although I have been taught by 2 tutors previously. I struggled in Math. After joining AO, I got a A1 in Sec 1 Math EOY. Lessons are enjoyable and easy to understand.

Contact Number: +65 9727 7142
Address: 433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-262, Singapore 120433
Operating Hours:  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM | Sun 1PM-4PM


If the exam is coming up and you’re struggling to learn and understanding the course, get a rock-solid foundation immediately! Whether you need a refresher of the basics or get advanced lessons for complicated topics, get help before the final exams in one of the math tuition centers in Clementi!

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