6 Best Tuition In Bukit Timah For Your O-Level Physics Exam

May 28, 2021

When it comes to science courses like Physics, it can be tough to fully understand it in school. Every student has their own pace of learning, while some are quick learners, there are students who struggle and have trouble understanding the concepts of Physics in class. Getting an experienced and qualified tutor for the subject is a great help and can be the best investment for your education!

With one-on-one guidance from certified tutors, you can ensure to understand the areas you find confusing and gain improvement in your progress. Do better in your Physics exam by enrolling in one of the best Physics Tuition in Bukit Timah!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Tuition Physics

Source: Tuition Physics

Tuition Physics is headed by Mr. Tony Chee, and he definitely knows more than a thing or two about the Physics syllabus, especially in Singapore’s education system. He was a former JC lecturer and curriculum researcher for Singapore’s Integrated Programme scheme and boasts a stellar track record as a Physics tutor. Since 2015, Mr. Chee began as a full-time tutor and has contributed to many Physics guidebooks and Ten Year Series for GCE A-Level Physics. Plus, he has also given lectures at the National Institute of Education to train a new generation of Physics teachers.

With his deep passion for Physics, Mr. Chee decided to channel his knowledge and enthusiasm for Physics to students looking to improve in their Physics studies. So, if you are looking forward to being taught by him, head down to Tuition Physics and improve your knowledge of the subject!

Customer Reviews

Gareth Yeo

Mr. Chee has taught me Physics since I was in Sec 3, his teaching style is efficient, memorable, and enjoyable. With flair and wit, he effortlessly conveys information and shows us how the interconnected topics of Physics work together!

Wei Jin Eng

Mr. Chee is a very patient teacher. His explanations are very clear and very understandable, and he conducts in-class experiments that make his lessons very enjoyable. He also provides notes that are very easy to understand. Through his lessons, I was able to improve significantly in Physics. Highly Recommended.

Contact Number:
+65 8700 9189
Address: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-32, Singapore 588179
Operating Hours:
Daily 9AM-10PM

2. Physics Tuition

Source: Physics Tuition

Mr. Phang Yu Hon is one of the top private tutors in Singapore and established his own tuition center, Physics Tuition, in which he is the sole tutor.  He was the first physics tutor to have an internet domain, when he registered it on March 8, 1999. There’s a reason why Mr. Hon is an excellent and trusted tutor: In 2003, he was the first physics tutor to have ever written a worked solutions book for the Physics Special Papers ten-year series; In 2005, when the Ministry of Education first announced the revamp in education track and introduced the Integrated Programme, Mr. Phang was one of the first Physics tutors to offer such Accelerated Tuition to advanced learners who want to complete the originally six-year ‘A’ level Physics course.

Mr. Phang was also featured on the newspaper cover article: Five most sought-after Super Tutors! So, if you want to improve your Physics knowledge with this super tutor, visit Physics Tuition now and book a class!

Customer Reviews

Valerian Hall

I was Mr. Phang’s student from 2007-2009, and I still remember him and his lessons fondly. I have since studied physics at Cambridge and Oxford, and I would argue that my time here remains one of the highlights of my physics education.

Sarava Ravindran

I also enjoy going to Mr., Phang’s classes because he himself is a humorous person and ensures that all his classes are fun and enjoyable.

Contact: +65 6275 6800
Location:  507 Bishan Street 11, #01-398, Singapore 570507
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7PM-9PM | Sat 2PM-11:30PM | Sun 2PM-9PM

3. Physics & Chemistry Studio

Source: Physics & Chemistry Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Tong is a duo tutor that strives to help as many students as possible in their physics and chemistry studies. They both came from an NUS background and have experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and are able to showcase numerous real-life applications of physics concepts. All of their classes are kept small for maximum engagement so that they can monitor each student one by one and provide feedback attentively. This tuition center is proud to deliver excellent results, with 95% of their students have been proven to achieve at least 3-grade improvements. Plus, they also provide an accessible resources page that shares articles, mini-lessons, and examples to help you along in your studies.

If you plan on learning more Physics with fellow students or private tutoring sessions to fully grasp the subject and focus on your progress, enroll in Physics & Chemistry Studio now!

Customer Reviews

Jefri Tan

My experience here was a pleasant one. Tutors here are dedicated and helped me answer any questions that I had. They were very patient and provided lots of materials for me to practice for levels and gave analogies to help me understand better. This gave me a good foundation for the university as well.

Power Yo

Have been under Mr. Tong for Physics lesson since Secondary 4 and although my concepts were still very weak then, I saw very quick improvements in my physics grade in about 2 months time and got A1 eventually for O levels! Thank you for making physics an enjoyable subject!

Contact Number: +65 9680 9522
Address: Coronation Shopping Plaza, 587 Bukit Timah Rd, #02-36, Singapore 269707
Operating Hours: Wed-Fri 3PM-8PM | Sat & Sun 9.30AM-6PM | Closed on Mon & Tue

4. The Physics Cafe

Source: The Physics Cafe

The Physics Cafe was established in 2009 and boasts itself for its high ratings as a tuition center in Singapore. They offer Physics tuition in Bukit Timah and 3 other branches – all using the same curriculum and teaching styles across the tutors. Mr. Dave Sim, the founder and principal tutor of the tuition has 6 years of teaching experience at Raffles Institution and offers engaging and concise techniques on Physics.  Besides group tuition, they also provide other programs such as one-on-one private lessons and digital memberships!

If you want to enroll intuition that focuses 20% of the concept is spend on concepts while 80% focuses on the problem-solving skillset of students which can help you gain an edge over your peers and take exam questions effectively, check out The Physics Cafe!

Customer Reviews

Lim Yu Yun

I truly enjoy the lessons at PMC, they make lessons really interesting and at the same time, enriching. At The Physics Cafe, I learned how to analyze questions from different perspectives.

Claira Chiw

I decided to try PMC, which was recommended by 2 of my friends as I needed help with Physics at the start of J2. I think that the class environment is very conducive for studying and the teacher’s methods are clear and concise.

Contact: +65 9100 1235
Location: SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Rd 8, #01-207, Singapore, 408600
Opening Hours: Wed 10AM-9PM | Fri 2PM-8PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-7PM | Closed on Mon, Tue & Thu

5. Miracle Learning Centre

Source: Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre started in 2008 and was built with the aim to help their students achieve better and faster learning. With the tuition’s easy-to-understand explanation of concepts and application techniques, the students are able to boost the performance in their studies and score well. This Physics tuition is a specialist in Math and Science, so they can help you excel in school across primary, secondary, and JC levels. The instructors are a team of former NIE-trained school teachers that adopt a small class group tuition setting that spends less time on learning but focuses on grasping salient points.

If you plan on enrolling in tuition that believes in 3 parts to learning Physics: understanding concepts, remembering the facts, and doing sufficient practice, give Miracle Learning Centre a try!

Customer Reviews

Valeria Valencia

I am so pleased with how my child has progressed since he started in this tuition! Very professional tutors – really put an effort to ensure the children are learning. Thank you!

Lau Deon

The teachers at MLC are experienced in teaching and will ensure that they make the content taught in class relevant to our learning. After registering at MLC, my Physics improved from C6 to B3 while my Chemistry improved from F9 to C5 within just a few months! The teachers here ensure that the students understand the concepts of the subject!

Contact: +65 8128 6089
Location: Beauty World centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-01, Singapore 588177
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 3PM-10PM | Sat & Sun 9.30AM-7PM

6. Kung Fu Physics

Image Credit: KungFu Physics

Mr. Gabriel Tan understands the concern of students struggling while learning whenever they think about the results after a major exam, so he set up KungFu Physics to go about his teaching style in an entirely different yet unique manner – real-life applications. He emphasizes how concepts can be used in real-case scenarios, tapping on the curious minds of students. His extensive experience as a former Physics teacher at Raffles Institution has even allowed him to develop a detailed program that focuses on the different stages of learning Physics.

If you want to be taught by an instructor that aims to help students grow socially, mentally, and emotionally while learning and loving Physics more, drop by this tuition centre for a comprehensive Physics lesson!

Customer Reviews

Matthias Lee

Mr Tan has been nothing but great help since enrolling in his class at the start of JC2. He has been very dedicated to helping us bridge gaps and solves any problems which arise when it comes to Physics concepts and find ways to explain them!

Oreo Gun

Mr. Tan’s lessons captured my attention and his style of teaching focuses on revising and applying the key points of the concept. He is engaging and his lessons have helped me improve a lot in Physics!

Contact: +65 9653 3573
Location: Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-25, Singapore 588179
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM-10.30PM


Physics is certainly one of the subjects in school that leave many students perplexed! Thankfully, you can extend your classes beyond the four corners of the classroom by engaging in private tutors! So if you feel that you need help to ace the subject, visit one of these tuition centers around Bukit Timah!

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