Furry Business: 4 Best Pet Grooming Salons In Sembawang

March 11, 2021
Best Pet Grooming Sembawang

Pet ownership is a big responsibility! Way too often, people daydream about the idea of becoming a dog mom or dad, but also tend to look past the work that needs to be done when they actually become one. For starters, there’s the daily feeding and making sure that there’s enough dog food left in the cupboards. Then there’s cleaning up after their droppings, which is the farthest thing from being ‘cute’ about having a pet. We could go on and on about the laundry list of having a pet, so how about another list? Only this time, it’s of the 5 best pet grooming salons in Northern Singapore’s residential town, Sembawang (Hey, that’s one thing off of your work load).

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Pawfessional Pet Care

Pawfessional Pet Care

Source: Pawfessional Pet Care

We all love a good pun, but Pawfessional Pet Care means serious business. They are devoted to making sure your furry companion is comfortable and safe. They offer services from basic to full grooming. But if you love your four-legged-friend too much to just have them groomed, you can up your game a bit and have them experience the various spa services that Pawfessional Pet Care offers! Make your pet feel relaxed with the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Treatment, which infuses the effects of an active healing and soothing aromatic coat to both nourish and soften their fur. Or maybe you fancy their Ayu Herb Spa which is a skin treatment which focuses on treating common dog skin ailments, such as bald spots, flaking skin, among others. Our dogs deserve some pampering, too!

For grooming services with optional upgrades, Pawfessional Pet Care can definitely help make your pet feel all the love that you can give!

Customer Reviews

 Su Kie Wong
As the name suggest, Pawfessional is one of the most professional pet grooming places in Singapore with caring owners/groomers who are always generous with grooming tips! Most importantly, they truly care for your furbaby’s well being !

 Phua Jian Ming
My dogo went to Pawfessional for regular cleaning and came out a happy dogo. The environment is stress-free for dogs. Staffs were helpful and professional. I highly recommend their services. PS: Try their cheese sticks for dogs, my dogo loves it.

Contact Number: +65 6481 3168
Address: 1026 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758499
Operating Hours: Wed-Mon 11AM-8PM | Closed on Tue

2. Fur & Away

Fur & Away

Source: Fur & Away

Fur & Away is another pet salon that offers a plethora of grooming services. They understand that you see, treat, and love your pet as family, so you can be reassured that Fur & Away will treat your fur-baby with the highest level of care and respect that their staff can provide. If you feel like you pet doesn’t do quite well with people they don’t know, you can leave that worry behind and trust Fur & Away! Their resident groomers are very professional, and are accustomed to making all types of dogs feel safe & comfortable, regardless of the breed, size & temperament. The establishment boasts of a facility that offers a warm, welcoming and stress-free environment for your pet, because trust us–stressing out your pet should be the last thing on your mind.

Keeping your pet feeling relaxed, safe, and happy while being groomed is the goal, and you can trust that Fur & Away can help you out with that!

Customer Reviews

Jasmine Teo
Have bring all my dogs to groom there. Really like Xiao qin she is so good in handling my aggressive dogs.

Justin Choo
Sent my Shetland sheepdog for grooming 27th afternoon. The groomer is professional by sharing with me how she will groom and why is it in that way which in other groomer doesn’t share much. I am impressed. But what impressed me most was when I went back to fetch my dog after it’s grooming, the groomer offered to shelter me and my dog to my car as it was raining heavily that evening. I am wow by her extra mile service and attentiveness. Definitely a searvice by the heart. Kudos to the lady groomer. Thanks!

Contact Number: +65 6853 7549
Address: 445 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758403
Operating Hours: Wed-Mon 9AM-6PM | Closed on Tue

3. Surrpaws Pet Grooming Boutique

Surrpaws Pet Grooming Boutique

Source: Surrpaws Pet Grooming Boutique

Surrpaws is not only a pet grooming salon, but they are also a pet shop. They not only provide grooming services, but basic pet supplies, food, and accessories as well. Consistent with providing multiple types of services, you’ll be glad to know that they don’t limit their services to just dogs! Surrpaws is the first pet grooming salon in Singapore to multiple types of companions (think cats, rabbits, guinea pigs & even chinchillas). They offer services such as their signature dental cleaning for canine and feline alike, with results that can last for more than a year, and without the unnecessary sedatives & anesthesia. Now isn’t that quite a deal?

If you’re a parent to a pet that isn’t necessarily a dog, and are wondering which pet groomer can cater to your pet’s needs, you know where to go!

Customer Reviews

Ang V
Highly recommend. I have 3 poodle and a cat. It is so hard to find a pet groomer in SG that able to do a great job on both dogs and cat. They take great care of all my fur babies.

Xing Wu
I got recommended by my colleague to them for dog dental teeth cleaning. Thank to them my muffin now have clean teeth and nice breath!

Contact Number: +65 8845 7183
Address: 590 Montreal Link, #01-21 Singapore 750590
Operating Hours: Tue-Sun 10.30AM-8PM | Closed on Mon

4. Battlestar Boarding | Pet Grooming and Hotel

Battlestar Boarding Pet Grooming and Hotel

Source: Battlestar Boarding Pet Grooming and Hotel

Should you be going on a vacation or a business trip but can’t bring your pet with you, you can leave it to Battlestar Boarding to make sure that your pet feels all the love while you’re away! Who says your pets can’t have a vacation? Battlestar Boarding provides grooming & hotel services for your favorite furry companion. They can also be groomed during their stay, and pampered with only the best menu––thyme duck breast, oregano beef, rosemary lamb, and more! Now that’s one fancy dog (or cat). But if that’s not enough to amaze you, Battlestar Boarding also gives back to the community by donating food, providing assistance to rescuers, and even adopting & rescuing strays themselves!

Not only do they provide quality services, but they also help out in the community. Did we mention that they are also open during holidays? So, if your only availability falls on a holiday, Battlestar Boarding has its doors open for you and your pet.

Customer Reviews

 Sam Gui
Very professional with the grooming. Excellent service, love that they took the initiative to update us the details of our dog and what do they need. They even give freebies! Worth the money spend and keep up the good work!

 Toh Lai Huat
I have been sending my little prince Gui Gui to Battlestar boarding for grooming and boarding service since he was a puppy. I can see that the staff at Battlestar are genuinely caring towards him and our little prince has always look forward to his grooming/boarding session.

Contact Number: +65 8891 3518
Address: 56, #01-05 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 779086
Operating Hours: 11AM-7PM Daily


Chances of your pet’s needs differing from others are high, but the chances of finding a pet grooming salon in Sembawang that will cater to those needs are higher! Pet grooming salons in Sembawang are aplenty, with varying additional services. You best believe there’s a pet grooming salon for your pet’s particular need!

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