5 Best Physics Tuition Centres in Bishan to Ace Your Exams

May 8, 2020
Physics Tuition in Bishan

Brush up on your physics during your school holidays and start a brand new semester with improved goals and results. Why sit around and wait for the exam season to begin when tuition centres exist to help you prepare well and in time?

With any of these 5 physics tuition centres situated right in the heartland of Bishan, you wouldn’t have to travel far out for classes. Convenient and efficient, these tuition centres have it all!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.


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Led by Mr Phang Yu Hon, classes at this tuition aims and has proven to help students maintain their excellent results in class or provide the needed assistance to attain an A grade.  Compared to other physics tutors in Singapore, Mr Phan focuses on encouraging his students to achieve the best results and is not satisfied with slight improvements in student’s grades; He has helped many secondary schools, JC and IB students achieve their desired results and exceed expectations of both students and their parents throughout his years as a physics tutor. tuition believes that by having the knowledge gained by studying physics, one can have a proper understanding of the macroscopic and sub-microscopic aspects of nature and that physics is a fundamental part of science that should be studied by all students at least once. Mr Phang has received numerous commendations from the press and is known as one of the best physics tutors in Singapore, so if you would like to join his lessons, feel free to contact him!

Student Reviews

Chen Hongjie, The Lee Kuan Yew Mathematics & Science Award Winner 2010

Surely, there is no better place to learn Physics than in Mr Phang’s class, where questions are challenging and his explanations of them are even more enlightening.

Fiona Foo

Mr Phang communicates the physics concepts in an interesting fashion… In his lesson, physics is not boring.

Contact: +65 6275 6800
Location: Block 507, Bishan Street 11, #01-398, Singapore 570507
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7PM-9PM | Sat&Sun 2PM-9PM

2. KungFu Physics

Image Credit: KungFu Physics

KungFu Physics, known for offering IP Physics tuition, O Level Physics Tuition and JC Physics Tuition, has designed their unique curriculum and programmes by integrating proven methods and ‘secrets’ used by top-scoring O Level/IP/JCs students. Aiming to show students how they can apply Physics in their lives, this centre goes beyond textbooks and studying.

With classes from this tuition centre, it’ll help students see how physics can be applied to many fields of work – sports, engineering, economics, medical equipment and even in leadership, management and cooking.  Here, they’ll equip their students with strong conceptual foundation, knowledge and skillsets required to attain stellar results and view the world with new perspectives and understanding.

Student Reviews

Lim Kerjun, Google Reviews

Mr Tan’s Physics Tuition is able to help my physics improve in a short time. He provides detailed and easy to understand explanations for physics problems, which is helpful in answering common exam questions.

Li Zhicheng, Google Reviews

Very good tuition, my interest and results in physics increased tremendously from e8 to a1

Contact: +65 9653 3573
Location: 503 Bishan Street 11, #01-456, Singapore 570503
Opening Hours: Sun-Fri 9am-10.30pm | Sat 8.30am-10.30pm

3. Raymond’s Math & Science Studio

Image Credit: Raymond’s Math Studio

Founder and principal of Raymond’s Math & Science Studio (RMSS), Raymond Loh firmly believes that the teaching method is as important as knowledge of the subject, if not more. He then went on to develop an effective approach which is now the hallmark of RMSS. Similar to a metamorphosis, this centre views the students’ learning in the form of a growth process. Not only do these students learn from the teachings at the centre, but they also are capable of transforming as individuals.

Raymond’s Math & Science Studio is all about taking their students through a transformative learning journey. Ignited by their passion to teach, they aspire to instil the love of learning in every student where they will not only inspire them to achieve their best but also groom them to become grounded, perceptive individuals.

Student Reviews

Sherri Lim, Google Reviews

Daughter’s results showed improvement after just 4 months. So far so good

Teng Mama, Google Reviews

Teachers are caring and responsible. My boys’ math grades improved leaps & bounds. Teachers give extra lessons to ensure child catchup with the syllabus. Helpful staff.

Contact: +65 6333 8222
Location: 280 Bishan Street 24, Singapore 570280
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm | Sat 8.30am-6.30pm | Sun 8.30am-10pm

4. Aspire Thinking

Image Credit: Aspire Thinking

Aspire Thinking believes that students are able to ace in anything so long as they discover the value of education in their own view, learn in a way that fits them the best and optimise their learning performance. The group of trainers at this centre ensures that you get to experience an enriching and satisfying learning journey so that in time, you will be able to change the world in your own ways. Working on understanding their students first, Aspire Thinking works around their needs to deliver lessons in a way that they learn best.

Using questions modelled from top school papers, the trainers will break down and analyse them with you which would guide you to the solution so that you can arrive at the final answer on your own. This independent way of learning would allow you to train your brain instead of just copying blindly from a projector screen.

Student Reviews

Huiqi, Website’s Testimonials

Mr Terence is a patient tutor who took time and effort to correct all my misconceptions. Through his lessons, I have gained better insights into the world of Physics. 

Joel, Website’s Testimonials

Teacher Terence made science interesting for me through the experiments he conducted in class. Also, he taught me how to answer open-ended questions with right keywords and structure. He has a very interesting way to teach me that. That was very useful to me in the exam hall.

Contact: +65 8749 8157
Location: 120 Bishan Street 12, #01-69, Singapore 570120

5. My Masterclass Education

Image Credit: My Masterclass

Taught by expert tutors from PhD holders who have published papers, former subject heads in local schools to full-time tutors with years of experience, My Masterclass ensures to provide first-class tuition services for you. Aiming to help their students develop an interest and understanding of the subjects via the proven methodology of applying ‘Critical Thinking, Critical Learning’, this centre ensures you are in great hands as all lessons are structured according to their methodology.

These skilful and highly adaptable tutors seek to instil a long-lasting passion for Physics in their students and would ensure that you receive the most effective course of learning.

Student Reviews

Ivan Zheng, Google Reviews

A fantastic tuition centre who puts the interest of students ahead of everything else. Number 1 in Singapore.

Janice Chua, Google Reviews

Critical thinking critical learning to develop higher order thinking in students

Contact: +65 8820 7415
Location: 222A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574354
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9pm


Achieve better grades with any of these 5 best physics tuition centres! Here, you’ll be all set for a brand new semester. Laziness will not be an excuse as these tuition centres are conveniently located in your neighbourhood. So, get an early head start by preparing yourself before your school begins!

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