4 Best Pilates Studio in Tanjong Pagar For Workout Sessions

May 28, 2021

If you plan on developing proper postural alignment, enhancing your flexibility, or toning up your muscles, Pilates is the best exercise that you can try! This workout method consists of programs that are designed to tone your frame and stretch every inch of your body. So whether you are seeking a session designed to improve your practice or a special private class customized for newbies, there is a perfect studio in Tanjong Pagar for you!

If you are unsure where to find the best Pilates studio that suits your needs and goals, don’t worry! We came up with a list of the best Pilates studios around Tanjong Pagar, so check it out!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Off Duty Pilates

Source: Off Duty Pilates

Off Duty Pilates is the first Pilates-focused studio in Singapore that offers hybrid classes featuring the Reformer and TRX suspension trainers! In this studio, the people believe that working out shouldn’t actually feel like work, so they’ve changed things up and added a punch to classical Reformer Pilates. The studio’s routines are customized so it no longer feels like an exercise for rehabilitative purposes, but their fitness-oriented programs will get your heart pumping and muscles burning with the upbeat and energetic classes. Plus, the studio’s instructors have undergone hours of training in various areas of Pilates study, and have studied not just techniques, but how the body, spine, and muscles work.

If you want to try something new and be taught by professionals in a fun way,  you should check out off Duty Pilates!

Customer Reviews

Shirley Lim

A very cozy studio with warm colors. The music goes along well with the workout! The private session was very personalized and after some sessions, I know my own body so much better!

Yuqi Lim

Lovely new studio located near Tanjong Pagar MRT! Love how the class size is kept small

Contact Number: +65 6479 0070
Address: 5A, 6A, Craig Rd, Level 2, Singapore, 089666
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-9PM

2. UMove Pilates Plus

Source: UMove Pilates Plus

UMove Pilates Plus started out as a Pilates studio and has evolved through time as they educate themselves further. Their instructors believe that Pilates will give you a good sense of body awareness and develop better control with your body, making it one of the best approaches to building a foundation for any fitness goals or athletic endeavors you have. The studio offers a variety of fitness classes for you to choose from such as Pilates Mat Plus, Strength Pilates Mat, ReformerStrength, and Reformer Allegro.  Just be sure to register an account after you have purchased the package so the instructors can update your class credits accordingly.

If you aim to become stronger, more flexible, and learn cool skills that you’d never have imagined you’d be doing in your lifetime, you should visit Umove Pilates Plus!

Customer Reviews

Aira Aspera

UMove is a hidden gem! Very spacious and well-equipped. But it is the instructors that make all the difference. They have a very good understanding of body mechanics and they encourage exploring your own body and mind connections through different movements. The entire place seems to be about learning and growing, getting a deeper understanding of what fitness is, but with a lot of fun along the way and this is what I really love the most!

Angie A

Small group classes are very fun! Teachers are friendly. Students come from all ages and quite an even proportion of guys and girls. Have classes suitable for everyone.

Contact Number: +65 6221 1845
International Plaza, 10 Anson Rd, #17-13, Singapore, 079903
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 9AM-4PM | Closed on Sun & Public Holidays

3. Pilates Smith Singapore

Source: Pilates Smith Singapore

Pilates Smith Singapore believes that age, body type, and fitness level are not barriers to discovering the wonders of Pilates. So even if you are a first-timer to this kind of exercise who is making that switch to an active lifestyle, or an experienced athlete looking for new ways to stay in top form, you can ensure a fulfilling workout and friendly service from the instructors.  Their classes are designed just for you by using Reformer, Mat or Chair, and incorporating various Pilates tools in every repertoire. The studio only allows a maximum of two people in one class, so instructors can fully focus on your individual needs and capabilities.

Customer Reviews

Glenn Watts

Really enjoying my classes with Regine, she takes the time to explain the exercise and makes the connection as to which muscle group we are aiming to work on – after only a few lessons I am noticing a considerable difference in my distance walking and having fewer pains and strains that I felt previously afterward.

Mandy Tang

My friend and I went for Pilates as we wanted to correct our posture as well as our old injuries. Both Regine and Lyn are amazing instructors who are dedicated and precise in their instructions and corrections of alignment during the class. Lyn’s class also includes stretches which we really like!

Contact Number: +65 8892 2600
70A Smith St, level 1, Singapore, 058968
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-9PM | Sat 7AM-4PM | Closed on Sun

4. FlyWith Fitness

Source: FlyWith Fitness

FlyWith Fitness is firm believers in wholesome living as being the driving force to successful living. The studio aims to combine wellness, mindfulness, and nutrition, education to help each individual achieve their ‘wholistic best, so they make the fitness space a place where one can come not only to move but also thrive in a community of like-minded people. Each of their classes is uniquely tailored to help you achieve great movement sense while attaining better body awareness. So you can choose classes from low to high sweat based on how your body feels at that point in time.

If you aim to achieve great movement sense while attaining better body awareness, you should enroll in FlyWith Classes!

Customer Reviews

Grace Tan

Really love all the different types of classes at FlyWith Classes. Suitable for all levels! Instructors are helpful, knowledgeable, and fun-loving. Woodleigh outlet has free parking too!

Musical Houses

I’ve been coming to FlyWith Fitness for about 6 months now, usually for the MOTR and Pilates classes at their Ann Siang location, and really love it! Studio is small and cozy, instructors have been great!

Contact Number: +65 8878 9871
Address: 14 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore, 069694
Operating Hours:  Mon-Fri 7AM-9PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


There are various things to consider when choosing a Pilates studio such as the expertise of instructors, quality of the gym, and equipment that fits your individual needs. These pilates studios are some of the top-rated in the Tanjong Pagar area, so check them out and choose the perfect studio for you to do Pilates workout sessions!

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