5 Best Property Agents In Bukit Timah To Sell Condo Fast

July 12, 2021
Best Property Agent Bukit Timah

There are various reasons why people would want to sell their unit and whatever the purpose is, you will need the help of a professional property agent! Selling a condo unit may seem like an easy job until it’s been available on the listing site for months and not getting attention from people. This is exactly the reason why a lot of people prefer working with the experts throughout the whole process – from putting it on a listing site to negotiating with prospects.

If you are interested in seeking help from a real estate expert but not sure where to find one, don’t worry! To help you, we came up with a list of the best property agents in Bukit Timah that can help you sell your condo unit fast!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Selling Singapore

Source: Selling Singapore

Selling Singapore’s mission is to sell your property in a way that no other real estate agency can with their agents’ professionalism and efficiency. Their team consists of only the most professional property agents and creative digital marketers in the country, so they can definitely produce professional photos and videos of your property. Their technique is planned specifically to attract more internet traffic and gain as many potential buyers as possible!

Selling Singapore’s creative production, virtual tour from their marketing team, combined with their extensive knowledge of their agents, rest assured that you will get the best unit or sell your unit at the highest value possible!

Customer Reviews

Jonathan Tay

I knew Selling Singapore through words of mouth. What I like about them is that their services are value-added and I absolutely love the quality of marketing done to sell off my unit! Would more likely to engage with them again!

Kelvin Lim

I knew Selling Singapore through PropertyGuru. To me, their home tour video was the highlight. Nick was excellent in the follow-up process. Responsiveness was the edge he provided.

Contact Number: +65 8157 4855
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 24 hrs | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Mr. Bukit Timah

Source: Mr. Bukit Timah

Since moving to their present agency at OrangeTee & Tie, Mr. Bukit Timah has moved from their primary role as property agents in Singapore to professional real estate consultants. They believe that in today’s market, it no longer just about buying and selling of properties, so as property agents, they aim to provide their clients with an accurate and detailed analysis of the property market, and these analyses are proven hard facts and data that they have accumulated over the years for both home buyers and investors.

Mr. Bukit Timah focuses specifically on Bukit Timah since they believe that this place is one of the most liveable and sought-after districts in the country, both for the locals and ex-pats. The company consists of three experts; Danny Han, who has been in the real estate industry since 2005 and focuses on districts 10, 11, and 21; Don Chiam who also started in 2005 and focuses on central districts of Singapore; and Farrand Hey who focuses in districts 10 and 21. The company’s goal is when you think of buying a property in Bukit Timah, you will think of Mr. Bukit Timah!

Customer Reviews

Patrick Lang

We believe a good property agent needs to be a professional that understands and attends to our situation and needs. Danny fulfilled all these qualities we were looking for while we were selling our apartment from 20,000 km away from Singapore. Thanks a lot, Danny for all you have done!

Juno Pereira

Danny has been outstanding at managing our apartment and we have had a worry and hassle-free time since. He handles all aspects of our apartment with a personal touch which is more than we can say for other agents we have dealt with. We would highly recommend Danny to anyone!

Contact Number: +65 9856 7025
Address: 16 Goldhill View, Singapore 308837
Operating Hours: 9AM-11PM Daily

3. Homeseller

Source: Homeseller

Homeseller’s number one priority is helping their clients buy or sell without all the headaches, frustrations, hassles, and by saving money so their clients can make more money with their sales. The company consists of industry experts who not only outperform the competition but also offer more value for less money, which means that the agency offers you no hidden fees, no complicated contracts, and no upfront payments.

Homeseller has a 6-step process to provide you with excellent services! First, you can choose from one of their packages and instruct them to buy or sell a property online. Next, one of their best agents will visit you to provide clear instructions and do a resale checklist before they market your unit to millions. When you accept the viewing request, they will gather feedback and their agents will negotiate on your behalf. Lastly, their agents will be with you every step of the way.

Customer Reviews

Marie Loh

We have not met property agents like Patrick from Homeseller before. He is not only a game-changer but an agent who is as capable and professional as agents who may have been successful and even popular in the usual property agent cycle. We are grateful and would definitely recommend Homeseller as the best property agent we can find.

Andrea De Lai

I am so right engaged Homeseller! Friendly, polite, and helpful. Patrick and Roy answered my questions. Plenty full of platforms that Homeseller had and I needed it from them. I recommend my neighbor to use HomeSeller too! I will use them in the future. Thumbs up!

Contact Number: +65 9221 2291
Address: Jalan Bukit Merah, #04-08, Singapore 159471
Operating Hours: 10AM-8PM Daily

4. Ohmyhome

Source: Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome is known for being the only company in the market that can amass over 100,000 buyers for you because they believe that having the most buyers can bring you the best prices. This real estate company has built proprietary technology that has automated 90% of a traditional agent’s work, which allows their agents to focus on achieving their goal: sell your home at the highest price possible.

This technology enables them to aggregate all the buyers on their platform and match them to your property! Plus, their team consists of full-time licensed professionals that are highly trained, reliable, and experienced, so if you need services such as mortgage, legal, maintenance, or renovation, Ohmyhome is your one-stop shop in making your journey smooth and amazing.

Customer Reviews

Queena Koh

Thank you Ohmyhome for recommending Adeline for her excellent services. She is the person whom we definitely go to and be one-stop-provider to fulfill our million requirements and needs. The whole experience is smooth and she is able to find tenants within a short period of time.

Serene Seah

Richmond is a professional and responsive person. He accommodates and cooperated with our request patiently. He’s very positive and never gives up. Today, finally he found us a buyer. I will highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Contact Number: +65 6886 9009
Address: 11 Lorong 3 Toa Payoh, Jackson Square Proptech Innovation Centre Block B, #04-17, Singapore 319579
Operating Hours: 24 Hrs Daily

5. Propseller

Source: Propseller

Propseller is Singapore’s No.1 tech-powered real estate agency that offers the most reliable way to successfully and efficiently buy, sell, or rent a property. They aim to deliver and help you experience the best service, so their agents work with a team of specialists such as professional photographers, copywriters, marketers, and analysts to make the agent more efficient, which allows them to charge the client less.

Propseller relies on three things: Data, Quality, and Transparency, and they believe that property transaction is often the most important financial decision in your life. Plus, this real estate company analyzes 20+ data points to rank and recommend the right agent for their clients; and during the process, they will share the pricing upfront with no hidden fees or obligations to hire an agent.

Customer Reviews

Sunita Mohandas 

Dave is a professional yet friendly agent. He gives you a very realistic overview of what is to be expected when buying a property. An agent who is sensitive to clients’ needs. Very fuss and easy to communicate with. We had a pleasant housing experience with Dave. 

Kerui Lee

A pleasant first-time buyer experience with the help of Aileen and Dave. They reply my questions promptly and provided me with genuine feedback based on their experiences. Propseller also provides virtual tours which are of great help especially during this pandemic. Thanks to both of them!

Contact Number: +65 6797 8808
Address: 380 Jln Besar, #05-09, Singapore 209000
Operating Hours: Mon-Thu 9Am-9PM | Fri-Sun 9AM-7PM


One of the best ways to sell your condo unit quickly and as hassle-free as possible is to hire a property agent. These professionals know exactly how to attract and negotiate with prospective buyers, making the process easy and stress-free! So, if you are itching to sell your unit fast, check out our list of the best property agents in Bukit Timah!

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