6 Best Property Agents In Punggol For A Positive Experience

July 6, 2021
Best Property Agents Punggol

Most people in Singapore are keeping their eyes on the ability to one day being able to invest in their own homes, while others are on the doors of officially starting it! Whether you fit in the former or the latter, you need to look out for credible property and real estate agents in Punggol to help you get started!

Investing in your own property is a complicated endeavor that requires extensive knowledge of the various regulations of the current real estate market, and technical know-how on the multiple processes. So you wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the multiple learning curves of buying (or selling) a property, here are 6 of the best property agents in Punggol so you can start investing effectively!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Joel Choy

Best Property Agents Joel Choy

Source: Joel Choy

Joel Choy, a registered property agent with Propnex Realty, stands among Singapore’s top real estate agents, driven by his unwavering commitment to helping homeowners achieve their housing goals. He is more than just an agent; he is a property strategist who immerses himself in understanding each property he is tasked with. Joel’s dedication to his craft has earned him a consistent ranking among Propnex’s top 1% of agents, the Top HDB/Private Transactor Awards, and the honour of Propnex’s 10 Years Ambassador for his service excellence and stellar performance.

When it’s time to make your next move in property selling, Joel Choy is an ideal partner for the journey. His client-first approach and satisfaction from every successful sale signify his dedication to ensuring a positive experience for his clients. Whether it’s an HDB or private property, Joel’s expertise and passion ensure he remains at the forefront, helping his clients accomplish their housing goals. His distinctive approach and exceptional track record make Joel Choy an ideal choice for a stress-free, successful property transaction.

Customer Reviews

Fiona Tan

An expert in his field, dedicated and committed to deliver the best results to his clients. Very professional and gave good advice in buying/ selling properties. Choose him! You will not regret! Thank you Joel! 🙂

Ryan Lee

A very knowledgeable and sincere realtor in the industry. Looking forward to collaborate more with you in the near future.

Contact Number: +65 9170 5644
Address: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, HDB Hub East Wing, #10-01, Singapore 310480
Operating Hours: Always Open

2. Homy


Source: Homy

To be able to market properties effectively and fulfill your property goals, Homy came up with a marketing strategy that combines the digital nature of modern marketing and their human-touches! They have come to embrace today’s digitalized platforms by striving to incorporate digital advantages to your property and ensure that it gets maximum exposure, increasing its potential buyers or tenants. Homy understands that in today’s market, the ad strategies that worked in the past just would not cut it, that’s why they always strive to search for new and innovative ways to help you sell your property.

Homy also places your best interest on high priority, ensuring that every course of action is accomplished, and all possible areas of needs are met. Their team of marketers and property agents believe that your satisfaction comes when you reach your goals, that’s why they are motivated to work with you in the right way!

Customer Reviews

Ken Tan

I must say I am very impress with Jerry’s service. He is clear, professional and really know his work well. My house selling is totally smooth without problems and he sold it above my expectation. Thank you and for the great job done and will definitely recommend others to you.

Jessie Chan

I got to know jerry through a friend’s recommendation and I really thank my friend for it. Jerry is an exceptional agent, really impress with his enthusiasm and commitment. Very professional and responsive.

3 agent try to sell my house for 6 months with no offer at all. Jerry came in and sold it within 2 weeks. And within the another 2 weeks found a dream house for me. I really appreciate him as everything was smooth and pleasant. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a agent.

Thank you Bro, you are the Best. Homy all the way!!! 🙂

Contact Number: +65 8800 9441
Address: 272B Punggol Walk, Singapore 821272
Operating Hours: 24 Hours Daily

3. Selling Singapore

Source: Selling Singapore

Selling Singapore is dynamically comprised of only the most professional property agents and creative digital marketers in The Lion City! A perfect marriage of knowledge and craftsmanship, Selling Singapore aims to sell your property in a way that no other real-estate agency can. Their agents’ professionalism and efficiency are impeccably complemented by their marketing team’s creative drive; they produce professional photos and videos of your property that are planned specifically to garner more internet traffic and attract as much potential buyers as possible! This gives your potential buyers the ability to have a better look at your property, in turn increasing the chances of getting it sold in no time!

With the creative production and virtual tour from their marketing team, coupled with the extensive knowledge of their real-estate agents, you can be assured that you can sell your property at the highest value possible!

Customer Reviews

Jonathan Tay

I knew Selling Singapore through words of mouth. What I like about them is that their services are value-added and I absolutely love the quality of marketing done to sell off my unit! Would more likely to engage with them again!

Kelvin Lim

I knew Selling Singapore through Propertyguru. To me, their home tour video was the highlight. Nick was excellent in the follow up process. Responsiveness was the edge he provided.

Contact Number: +65 8157 4855
Address: 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 24 Hours | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Jay Kumar

Jay Kumar

Source: Jay Kumar

With a background on real-estate of over 10 years of experience, property agent Jay Kumar is very active in Singapore’s market, having processed and transacted with over 100 residential deals, ranging from HDB’s  all the way to private condominiums. Jay understands that real-estate is a big investment, that’s why he aims to help you make not only the right decision, but the best one! Jay Kumar is an agent who has the skills and experience to deliver the best exposure for your property that guarantees a quick sale with the best possible value!

If you’re not a seller and are trying to find the next place to live in, Jay will be more than happy to guide you all through out the process; from finding your prospect residential unit, to negotiating the best price and making an offer, all the way to closing the deal! Considering his experience and comprehensive knowledge in Singapore’s real-estate market, Jay guarantees a hassle-free transaction all through out the phases of you selling your property, or trying to find one!

Customer Reviews

Aru Chidambaram

This is from our heart and not just for making Jay Kumar happy. He is such a simple, honest and very helpful person. We engaged him to sell our woodlands unit after talking to many agents. Most of them were only concern about their commission and did not give us any hope for selling at good price. Jay kumar shown his expertise by bringing clients from first week of the posting and we closed the deal at the 3rd week at the expected price. We really appreciate his sincerity in his business and suggestions provided to sell our unit within a month. Everyone was wondered how this was possible and all the credits goes to Jay Kumar and his fellow network. We wish him all the very best and he is the man you can trust truly.

Palani Jayakumar

I know him since 2006, he is very dedicated, flexible and provide verity of all the help. I am highly recommended and willing to introduce to my friends.

Contact Number: +65 8180 7655
Address: Sengkang E Rd, Singapore 544829
Operating Hours: 24 Hours Daily

5. Josephine Sim

Josephine Sim

Source: Josephine Sim

To be able to effectively help those who are looking into buying or selling their real-estate property is the primary goal of Josephine Sim, an experienced property agent who just so happens to also be the associate director of Singapore Estate Agency (SEA)! With Josephine, not only are you guaranteed of services that are efficient, proactive and diligent, but also cost-efficient! She is motivated to help guide you through the intricacies of investing in the real-estate market by providing you with professional videos of your property to help it sell better and a comprehensive financial strategy, ensuring that both of your financial and residential goals are met.

What sets Josephine from the typical property and real-estate agent is her goal to establish a long-lasting relationship with you and the rest of her clients, and she believes that helping you achieve your financial and residential goal can help her achieve this. Whether you are a large investor, investing in another real-estate property, or a first timer without much finances, you can trust on Josephine to help you realize your goals!

Customer Reviews

Ng Ling

Agent was very efficient. Help us in getting our ideal home. Thumbs up.

James T

You have exceeded all my expectations! I appreciate all for all your efforts from shooting an impressive video to reflect on my flat for showcasing, to providing me prompt responses on Whatsapp & emails, granting me professional & timely advice, delivering documents for my endorsements. Your responsible and motivated sales/marketing services will be remembered, and I would definitely highly recommend you to all my friends and family.

Contact Number: +65 8797 9441
Address: 216B Compassvale Dr, Singapore 542216
Operating Hours: 24 Hours Daily

6. David Ang

David Ang

Source: David Ang

David Ang’s approach towards selling your property is driven by their belief that every property can be sold, regardless if they are furnished of only the finest china and other homey paraphernalia, or whether they are stripped down to just bare wall, windows and doors. David Ang and his partner Cheryl does not sell your property based on what it has or doesn’t have. Instead, they sell it through the use of appropriate strategies and various marketing tools to ensure that your property gets sold to the appropriate buyer at the right price! Their services are geared towards the guarantee of meeting your proper needs efficiently, and making sure that maximum internet traffic is given towards it to increase the chances of getting it sold.

David Ang and their efforts are dedicated towards finding you the right buyer and negotiating the highest price that they can offer for your property, all in the quickest way possible!

Customer Reviews

Jasbir Singh

He is more than an agent, he is a friend. David is well experienced, efficient and effective in his trade. He also helps with most of the processes and gives great advice. David listens to what is needed within your desired home.

Francis Teo

David is a fantastic agent who represented us to purchase our resale HDB. He is extremely knowledgable for units in the sengkang/punggol and buangkok areas. Highly recommended.

Contact Number: +65 8828 9441
Address: 326C Anchorvale Rd, Singapore 543326
Operating Hours: 24 Hours Daily


Investing in real estate is indeed a tedious and complicated undertaking, but it really doesn’t have to be! The property and real estate agents in this list are among the best ones in the Punggol area, and they should be more than capable to help you out!

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