5 Best Lenders for Short-Term Loans in Paya Lebar

July 20, 2023
Best Short Term Loans Paya Lebar

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best sources for short-term loans in Paya Lebar. A short-term loan can be a lifesaver if you’re facing an unexpected expense or need a cash flow boost. We aim to make your search for reliable lenders simpler and more efficient. We’ve handpicked some of the most trusted providers in Paya Lebar, known for their competitive rates and flexible repayment terms. Join us as we explore these invaluable financial resources designed to help you navigate your short-term monetary needs quickly and confidently.

Note: This list is not in order.

1. Orange Credit

Orange Credit

Image Credit: Orange Credit

Orange Credit is a trusted money lender in Singapore. They help people manage their financial worries by providing quick and reliable cash loans. They’re fully licensed and follow all the laws set by Singapore’s regulatory bodies, making them a reliable option for your financial needs.

They offer various services, including loans like debt consolidation, bridging, business, payday, personal, and loans for foreigners. First-time customers can enjoy a unique benefit – no interest for the first 14 days. Their team of experts is also available for free consultations to help you understand their services and find the best financial solution. Orange Credit is not just about lending money; they’re about giving you peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

Nur Hafizah

When we first called Orange Credit, he answered the phone with a friendly voice.. He gave us they best service. Fast and efficient too.. highly recommended.👍🏼

Jagatheesh Kumar

Very professionally handled, and they made a genuine effort to understand my needs and limitations and worked to give me a great outcome. 10/10 would recommend!

Contact: 1800 188 1111
Location: City Plaza, #01-91, 810 Geylang Road, Singapore 409286
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun & PH

2. 96bm Credit

96bm Credit

Image Credit: 96bm Credit

96bm Credit is one of Singapore’s leading online money lenders, offering a straightforward service. Their friendly consultants, fluent in English, Chinese, and Hokkien, are always ready to provide information on instant cash loans. They offer more than just personal and business loans. They also specialize in weekly, monthly, and debt consolidation loans with various payment methods such as Cash, PayNow, or Bank Transfer.

96bm Credit welcomes everyone, whether you’re a Singaporean, Permanent Resident, or a foreigner, offering PayDay loans to all. They stand out for their fast loan approval process, often completing approvals in 30 minutes. This speed sets 96bm Credit apart from other companies.

Customer Reviews

Helen Marilyn

I was attended by Mr Sim, greatly appreciated his efforts and works, very impressive by his patience and professionalism and not to mention he is super efficient and polite towards his clients. I would like to give him 10 stars if possible. The company is lucky to have a staff like him. Thank you!

Soso Me

Highly Recommended!With good and sincere attitude, explained every details throughly!Spoke to Sim over the phone and was served by Wei Ting there.That explained why their good reviews were so high.

Contact: +65 6292 2629
Location: Blk 302, Ubi Ave 1, #01-31, Singapore 400302
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30AM-7:30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

3. Magnus Credit

Magnus Credit

Image Credit: Magnus Credit

Magnus Credit, a licensed money lending company in Singapore, has been trusted and growing since its establishment in 2009. Known for their friendly and professional staff, they are committed to addressing your queries and providing same-day loan approval with highly competitive rates.

Your privacy is a top priority at Magnus Credit. They ensure that all personal information is kept confidential and permanently secured. With confidence, they are ready to assist you through any financial challenges you face.

Customer Reviews

Nur Sharifah

Staff were friendly , deal were fast made and explain. Would like to thank Ms Michelle for the good service!

Guan Toh

Andrew and Michelle are professional and helpful to client. I appreciate and greatful to their services.

Contact: +65 6338 9891
Location: 301 Ubi Ave 1, #01-279, Singapore 400301
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat 11AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

4. Elite Investment & Credit

Elite Investment & Credit

Image Credit: Elite Investment & Credit

Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd, a licensed money lending company established in Singapore in 2010, is your reliable loan source. Their specialist team is trained to assess your financial situation and recommend the most suitable loan tailored to your needs.

Offering flexible monthly loan schemes and low-interest rates, Elite Investment & Credit makes acquiring financial assistance more effortless and accessible than banks. They understand that taking out a loan can be daunting, but with their experienced consultants, you’re guided through the entire process, ensuring a smooth experience. Contact Elite Investment & Credit today and take your first step towards greater financial freedom.

Customer Reviews


Gary has a Very friendly and pleasant persona. She has good customer service skill because of her tactful way of handling her customers.

Amy Tan

Best I have been.

Contact: +65 6970 7161
Location: 799 Geylang Road, #01-01 Singapore 389680
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat 11AM-6PM | Closed on Sun & PH

5. Friday Finance

Friday Finance

Image Credit: Friday Finance

Friday Finance, the trading name for IFS Consumer Services Private Limited, is a licensed moneylender regulated by the Registrar of Moneylenders of the Ministry of Law in Singapore. Established in 2018, they are committed to offering stress-free personal loans at competitive rates, focusing on facilitating your journey towards financial wellness.

To create tailored loan solutions, Friday Finance harnesses alternative credit scoring. This innovative approach allows them to accurately evaluate your credit score and repayment capacity, ensuring they provide a personal loan that meets your affordable requirements—Trust Friday Finance is your reliable partner in achieving financial stability.

Customer Reviews

Nurul Kamilah Jalil

This is my 3rd time engaging Friday Finance. I appreciate every officer we encounter. This time round, It was Cindy Lim, she has such a welcoming and pleasant attitude and I love how thorough she explains the procedure. Friday Finance has such a good policy which creates a good experience for both parties.

Alycia Tan

Fuss free and easy to work with! Cindy and Lynn were very helpful and accommodating. Thank you for the great service!

Contact: +65 6513 0326 | +65 8774 9906
Location: Singapore Post Centre, 10 Eunos Rd 8, #09-04, Singapore 408600
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Closed on Sat, Sun & PH


Obtaining a short-term loan in Paya Lebar is an accessible and effective way to manage temporary financial needs. Numerous trusted lenders are available, each providing a unique blend of competitive rates, various loan types, and flexible repayment terms. Remember, the key to successful borrowing lies in understanding your requirements and exploring all your options. So, whether you’re dealing with an unexpected bill or seeking a financial boost, rest assured that the perfect short-term loan solution awaits you in Paya Lebar.

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