Native Healing: 5 Best TCM In Clementi For Natural Remedies

June 14, 2021
Best TCM In Clementi

Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM is a time-honored practice that originated in ancient China. It incorporates a variety of methods believed to help improve the quality of life, such as cupping therapy, acupuncture, tui na or massage, the use of herbs for medicinal purposes, diets, to name a few. Its perspective and approach towards the treatment of various bodily conditions are reflective of its ancient origins. However, TCM’s antiquity does not mean it’s not less effective. As a matter of fact, most people owe the improvement of their condition and overall wellbeing to traditional Chinese medicine despite the modern times that we live in!

So if you’re looking into maybe trying out TCM and the many natural benefits that it has to offer, here are 5 of the best TCM clinics in Clementi, Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Si En TCM Medical Clinic

Si En TCM Medical Clinic

Source: Si En TCM Medical Clinic

If you’re dealing with chronic conditions but don’t want to go under the knife, Si En TCM Medical Clinic can provide a non-surgical solution for you! Established in 2007, they have helped improve the lives of more than 50,000 patients with their integrative approach to Chinese Medicine and Health Rehabilitation! Because of this, their patients just breeze through the healing process, whereas some people experience a significant amount of downtime between their surgery and full recovery. Added to that, the physicians in Si En TCM Medical Clinic are specialists in their respective fields, and are used to helping patients with a variety of complex issues (all of them have long recovered since!).

At Si En TCM Medical Clinic, you can be assured that their physicians will work hard to help you get past the stress, pain, and fatigue that comes with a chronic illness–they focus not on the condition that you are dealing with, but on you!

Customer Reviews

Aimee L
The service is good, the treatment is effective, and the insomnia is finally cured! Sleep well every night! Thank you guys 😉

Boon Huat Law
Thanks to Dr. Li Ying

Contact Number: +65 6774 7900
Address: 433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-264, Singapore 120433
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-1PM, 2PM-5.30PM, 6.30PM-8.30PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM

2. Zhongjing TCM Clinic

Zhongjing TCM Clinic

Source: Zhongjing TCM Clinic

Established in 2014, Zhongjing TCM Clinic takes pride in its ability to share the many benefits of traditional Chinese medicine through its Zhongjing TCM Institution and lifelong learning. With the aim to promote the knowledge and awareness of TCM in the midst of Singapore’s modernization through its services, Zhongjing TCM Clinic commits to helping individuals get past their physiological concerns with TCM modalities and a variety of medicinal herbs. Aside from that, Zhongjing TCM Clinic also boasts their state-of-the-art equipment, products that were manufactured meticulously, and went through series of quality checks to ensure its highest possible quality.

Zhongjing TCM Clinic‘s aim to increase TCM’s relevance in the age of technology is reflected in their choice of physicians–not only are they qualified to deliver the best and effective traditional practices, but they are also bi-lingual so that the scope of how much they can propagate TCM and its benefits is not limited to language barriers. TCM services can be found around the world, and Zhongjing TCM Clinic certainly adapts to that!

Customer Reviews

1AndOnly Inez
A bit pricey but not bad. It got rid of my skin problem after taking a course of their chinese medicine. They provide service to boil the Chinese herb for you and deliver to door step with additional cost. But so long it’s effective, price doesnt really matter.

Nice and clean clinic. Already booked a second app.

Contact Number: +65 6231 0280
Address: 354 Clementi Ave 2, #01-169, Singapore 120354
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

3. Ang Liang Medical Hall

Ang Liang Medical Hall

Source: Ang Liang Medical Hall

Ang Lian Medical Hall prides itself as “the modern traditional Chinese medicine”, bringing various insights and information regarding TCM to social media so that TCM does not get lost in the ever-growing modernization of the healthcare industry.  They offer a wide range of TCM services that aim to integrate Western medicine with TCM’s traditional nature.  Their TCM physician, Dr. Ang Liang is a high member of various organizations; she is the president for both Academy of Chinese Medicine-Singapore and the Alumni association of the University of Chinese Medicine, Singapore. How’s that for relevant affiliations?

Ang Lian Medical Hall provides quite a variety of services to cater to every TCM needs–general medicine, acupuncture, TCM for children, women, TCM geared towards treating multiple skin conditions, house-call acupuncture, and TCM to slim your body down. Whatever it is that you may need, Ang Liang is ready for you to book your consultation with them!

Customer Reviews

Harsha K
Lower back pain and was relieved in a few hours and within 3 days completely cured :-). Strongly recommended

DY Lim
My family visits this TCM as the doctor is also trained in pediatric TCM medicine. Highly recommended as the charges are also very reasonable (GP prices – but also relevant to how “much medicine” you are receiving) compared to other big-name TCM.

Contact Number: +65 6776 6793
Address: Clementi Ave 4, #01-21 Block 320, Singapore 120320
Operating Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM, 7–9PM | Tue, Thur 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-12.30PM

4. Ma Kuang Chinese Medical & Research Centre

Ma Kuang Chinese Medical & Research Centre

Source: Ma Kuang Chinese Medical & Research Centre

Ma Kuang Chinese Medical & Research Centre has over 20 locations spread all across Singapore, TCM clinics, and Tui Na centers alike. That should be enough for them to be recognized as one of Singapore’s best spots to get traditional Chinese medicine services, but we’re not settling just yet. They specialize in TCM treatments based on Chinese and Western medical science, complemented by the medical knowledge and intensive practice experience from their team of medical staff, physicians, and therapists.  Aside from the various treatments that they offer, they also have a wide selection of Chinese medicinal powders and proprietary medicine, all of which are guaranteed to be of the highest quality!

Ma Kuang Chinese Medical & Research Centre aims to promote TCM and its philosophy to the world by adapting it to contemporary norms and standards. They hope to help every individual with illnesses and physiological concerns get past them and improve their quality of life through the application of TCM’s principles in the midst of modern medical technology and practices.

Customer Reviews

Graceca Li
Great location with nice physician & therapist. Will recommend to my friends.

Kelly Goh
Friendly staff. I go there for acupuncture treatment for my shoulder pain. The physician on Wednesday and Saturday is my favorite. Professional and caring.

Contact Number: +65 6872 0320
Address: Blk 447 #01-205, Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120447
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM–1PM, 2–5PM, 6–9PM | Sat 10AM–1PM, 2–5PM, 6–8PM | Sun 10AM–1PM, 2–7PM

5. Tong Jum Chew Clinic

Tong Jum Chew Clinic

Source: Tong Jum Chew Clinic

Tong Jun Chew Clinic is a traditional Chinese medicine service provider that has seen the development of Singapore in a span of 50 years. From what started as a medical hall in 1965 ventured out to become a wholesaler and distributor of TCM products as well! In the ’80s, Tong Jun Chew started to put their hands into selling various TCM powders and medicines. But it was in 2004 that they were able to establish themselves as a manufacturer of TCM, making their own line of products under their own brand “Nature’s Green”.

Apart from providing high-quality products that are compliant with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, Tong Jum Chew retail outlets are also set up with its own accompanying clinic, combining medical products and services to give you the maximum benefits of TCM, and to satisfy multiple concerns from different customers.

Customer Reviews

Hieue Le
Good TCM brand, friendly staff

Irene Soon
Reliable TCM products. I want to thank the staff for being patient and clarifying my doubts. Many replicas out there, but am assured that Tong Jum Chew offers authentic TCM products.

Contact Number: +65 6774 4967
Address: 449 Clementi Ave 3, 01-235, Singapore 120449
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-9PM


Traditional Chinese medicine is thriving in the modern world despite its antiquated nature, and we’re not surprised why–Singapore is blessed with many good TCM clinics and physicians to choose from, but these 5 situated in Clementi are the best ones you can find!

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