5 Best Vet Clinics To Visit In Kovan For Professional Care

June 21, 2021
Best Vet Clinics Kovan

Keeping your pet healthy is a standard goal for pet owners and pet lovers alike. You feed them regularly and make sure that they get enough water and exercise to keep their body and muscles in tip-top condition. But just like humans, your pet may sometimes feel under the weather and would need assistance from a professional who knows how to treat various conditions that your pet could possibly feel.

If you want to know where to get your pet checked so that they can not only feel better but stay healthy as well, here are 5 of Singapore’s best vet clinics in Kovan for you to book your pet’s next appointment with!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Stars Veterinary Clinic

Stars Veterinary Clinic

Source: Stars Veterinary Clinic

Established in 2014, Stars Veterinary Clinic commits to attending to varying pet and animal needs to the best of their abilities, whether they are brought into their clinic needing immediate medical attention, or to just have their routine checkup for maintenance. This vet clinic understands how important your furry friend is, that is why they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that diagnoses of your pet’s condition are not only speedy but also accurate. They are driven by their intention to provide a safe and helpful environment for your four-legged companion to recover more comfortably.

While it is in their best interest to provide you and your pet with therapy and hospitalization should there need be, Stars Veterinary Clinic would never wish that you bring them in for anything more than a routine checkup, that’s why they also provide vaccination and other preventive care services so that you never have to worry about their wellbeing in the first place!

Customer Reviews

Jolene Tan

I would like to thank all the staffs who took care of Mimi , she was in good hands for 10 days . I was really unsure of medical boarding with them at first but they really put my heart at ease (totally) . The environment that she was at was always clean whenever I went down to visited her . They constantly updated me daily about her condition , they even took videos of her when I am unable to visit her . Really caught me by surprise . All of them are showering ever single furry with TLC !

Samantha Lee

Dr Chang and Dr Jean were both really friendly and professional, I’ve been bringing my pets there for many years. The receptionist team were very helpful with their tips and recommendations for pet equipment as well. Many thanks to the team!

Contact Number: +65 6280 9880
Address: 211 Hougang Street 21, #01-301, Singapore 530211
Operating Hours: 9.30AM-9.30PM Daily

2. Spring Veterinary Care

Spring Veterinary Care

Source: Spring Veterinary Care

To be Singapore’s most trusted and preferred veterinary care provider through best-in-class clinical practice and consistent education is the goal that drives Spring Veterinary Care in its approach towards providing you and your pet with veterinary services! This vet clinic sees and treats all pets brought to them under the same level of importance and aims to treat your fur baby as their own regardless of its breed, temperament, or its condition. So if you’re coming in for your ill-tempered Chihuahua or a calm-and-reserved German Shepherd, you can trust that Spring Veterinary Care can provide them with the care that you would personally give them.

Spring Veterinary Clinic provides the best possible care to your pet, which consequentially contributes to their overall health and well-being. But aside from the common veterinary medical science treatments that you can get from other clinics, Spring Veterinary Clinic incorporates traditional Chinese medicine or TCM as an available option–all at an affordable cost! So, if you’re looking for a place that provides comprehensive care to have your pet checked without too much implication to your personal finances, have a go with Spring Veterinary Care.

Customer Reviews

Donovan Teo

Dr Rachel is very professional, friendly and down to earth Vet Doc. The best Vet Doc i have so far I have met. I would strongly and highly recommended. I’m happy my cat, SNOWY is in good hand even when she was very sick. The nurses at SPRING VET are nice and friendly too. Thank you once again n HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021. Wishes everyone good health, stay safe and stay happy 😊

Joey Lim

Great service!! Dr Sara Bay and the nurses there are so friendly and patient! They did so well with my nervous and anxious dog when she was there for vaccination. By the end of the consult, my dog took treats from them. It was a joy being there! 😎👍🏼💕

Contact Number: +65 6286 3313
Address: 123 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1412, Singapore 530123
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 10.30AM–2.30PM, 3.30PM–8.30PM | Sun 10.30AM-5.30PM

3. Hillside Veterinary Surgery

Hillside Veterinary Surgery

Source: Hillside Veterinary Surgery

Taking pride in the quality of pet care that they can provide for you and your pet, Hillside Veterinary Surgery consists of a team of veterinarians who boasts of extensive experience in the field, some of whom possess more specialized interests and possess a post-graduate education in their respective fields. The team of veterinary technicians and nurses, receptionists, and laboratory technicians have worked together to ensure that the processes and procedures done inside their clinic are not only seamless but also cohesive. This helps them ensure that the delivery of your pet’s treatment is done efficiently so you don’t have to stress out on the procedures, on top of your pet’s existing condition.

Whether you are bringing your pets in for a routine checkup, for dermatological concerns, dental, diagnostic imaging, oncology, hospitalization, or more, you can be assured that Dr. Simon Quek and the rest of his team in HIllside Veterinary Surgery can help you ease your pet-worries away!

Customer Reviews

Tricia Leo

It’s great to see vets who are so excited, passionate and 100% concerned about your pet, as you are. I was recommended here by a fellow cat lover . We’d recently gone back because she had an abscess in her gum that we found on our kitties’ annual checkup. Dr D is the best! She is so understanding and gentle and definitely knows her cats. She made sure our baby girl’s care came first and kept us updated on her situation. Now our baby girl is recovered, super energetic and affectionate. ❤️

Venecia Ng

Dr Song is a rabbit savvy vet. Been there several times, service is good. Dr Song is patient and friendly. She takes her time to explain the care required to take care of a sick rabbit and what to expect. Will continue to visit the same vet. Seen many dogs and cats at this vet too, many of them are regulats. Recommended veterinary service.

Contact Number: +65 6909 5338
Address: 787A Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534655
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM–12.30PM, 2PM–4.30PM, 6PM–8.30PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM–12.30PM, 2PM–4.30PM

4. Furrytails Veterinary Clinic

Furrytails Veterinary Clinic

Source: Furrytails Veterinary Clinic

Committed to providing the best possible veterinary care for you and your pet, Furrytails Veterinary Clinic integrates Eastern medicine with Western medicine for holistic treatment services. Their services and facilities are geared towards providing preventive care for young and healthy fur babies. Furrytails Veterinary Clinic also provides early detection of negative conditions or diseases so that they can get treated before it progresses and complications arise. But should the unfortunate happen and complications start to manifest, Furrytails Veterinary Clinic offers a comprehensive range of medical and surgical services for dogs, cats, and other pocket pets.

If you’re coming in to have your pet checked for any suspected complications and preventive treatments or to have existing conditions treated by their team of veterinarians and specialists, you can be assured that you and your pet will exit their clinic with a “happily every after”–their name is a playful take on “fairy tales”, after all!

Customer Reviews

Marvina Tan

Dr Jimson Chan is a very attentive veterinarian who goes the extra mile for his patients. He will really answer any concerns and queries you have, and ensure that your pet receives the best care. The team at Furrytails is also very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Furrytails 😊

Christina Sow

Brought my pup here for her annual vaccination after reading all the good reviews of this vet. True enough! Dr Jimson Chan is a very gentle towards my pup and it was actually the first time that my pup didn’t cry during her injection. Not to mention, they have the friendliest staffs there! I’ll definitely come back! Highly recommend!

Contact Number: +65 6214 9092
Address: Kensington Square, 2 Jln Lokam, #01-13/14, Singapore 537846
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM–12.30PM, 2PM–5PM, 6PM–8PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM–12.30PM, 2PM–4.30PM

5. Mount Pleasant Veterinary Center

Mount Pleasant Veterinary Center

Source: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Center

Manned by veterinarians whose specialties and advanced training experiences lie within the fields of dermatology, feline medicine, soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, and dentistry, Mount Pleasant Veterinary Center was established to deliver veterinary care and services of the highest quality to the pets in the north-eastern parts of The Lion City. Since the year 2000,  Mount Pleasant Veterinary Center has continuously invested in educating its team to ensure that their knowledge, techniques, and skills are up to the latest standards, and that they always achieve excellent patient care.

The senior vets from Mount Pleasant Veterinary Center are certified in veterinary acupuncture and herbal therapies, so if you’re looking for the perfect marriage between TCM and nutritional therapies, look no further than Mount Pleasant Veterinary Center! With their background of great success in treating pets with joint diseases, nerve disorders, chronic skin and ear issues, complications with the urinary tract, to name a few, you can trust that your needs and concerns will be met when you book your pet’s next appointment with them!

Customer Reviews

Alyssa Tan

brought my furkid here for dental scaling and vaccination, and i am extremely pleased with how efficient and professional the doctors are. great animal clinic with exceptionally great service from the doctors, techs and front desk staff 🙂

Shamala Letchmanam

I have been bringing all my pets to Dr Pauline Fong at Mt Pleasant for years now. She is very dedicated & will take her time to exam & explain to you your pet’s condition & what needs to be done. In addition, she does acupuncture as well. When my dog, pepper’s back legs was unable to stand due to old age, she perform acupuncture to help strengthen his back legs. All my doggies love her.

Contact Number: +65 6287 1190
Address: 151 Serangoon North Ave 2, #01-59, Singapore 550151
Operating Hours: Mon-Wed, Fri 9.30AM–12.30PM, 2PM–4.30PM, 6PM–8PM | Thur 9.30AM–12PM, 2PM–4.30PM, 6PM–8PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM–12.30PM, 2PM–4.30PM


It’s understandable that you only want the best for your pet, especially when they need professional care. These vet clinics in Kovan can help make sure that your pet goes back to its energetic and lively self in no time!

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