4 Of Singapore’s Best Watch Shops In Chinatown

May 10, 2021
Best Watch Shops In Chinatown

We all wear watches or have worn one at some point. You probably have one or two hidden in the drawer inside your bedroom as we speak, and we won’t bother to ask why; watches are functional and help us be more organized with our routines and schedules by giving us the ability to keep track of the time just by raising our wrist and taking one quick glance. Some watches are even modernized enough to go as far as helping you keep track of your steps, your pulse rate, even send texts and take pictures!

While some folks on the other hand have a wide collection of watches so it can complement multiple outfits for different occasions. Whatever your reason might be for owning watches, you can’t deny that watches serve both boxes for function and form, and if you’re in the market to get yourself a new watch or have on repaired, or maybe even get one that has its own stories to tell, you’ve come to the right place because we have gathered 4 of the best watch shops that Singapore has to offer in Chinatown!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Skywatches


Source: Skywatches

Established in 2000, Skywatches owes its growth as a business to the one-of-a-kind partnership it has built all over the world in its operation of more than 20 years. This partnership allowed Skywatches to continuously provide its customers with premium quality authentic watches at prices that are competitively low, ensuring you the highest satisfaction you can get! From watches that go with dresses or suits, leather to heavy-duty, mechanical to quartz, even smartwatches–you name it, Skywatches has it in stock just for you! But if you’re not looking to buy a new timepiece, they have watch repair services so you can use your old wristwatch that has been collecting dust for who knows how long. And if you have an antique watch, you best believe Skywatches has a restoration service just for it–not only will your grandfather’s watch look the way it did in its heydays, but will also function like it was made just yesterday!

Whatever your watch-related needs might be, Skywatches is definitely worth checking out!

Customer Reviews

Marcelino Sta Ana
If you are looking for an authentic wristwatches this is the place to be. They have a wide selection of Seiko, Orient, Citizen, Casio and other brands. They also have branded wall clocks, alarm clocks, and table clocks. Their staff are so accommodating and they even gave me discount! 🙂 I am secured that they only sell genuine products because Singapore is strict in selling counterfeit items. You will also get a warranty when you buy from their shop. I will definitely buy again here. Thank you!

Cathyrine Portem
Been a fan of watches and found Skywatches, I did some browsing and they have a huge collection of latest Seiko and Orient. At first I only went there to check a few models for comparison but end up buying, they assisted me patiently and the Boss was kind enough to give me a good price. I was worrying at first for its authenticity but with my own checking on the watches, my worries are gone. It is worth visiting their physical store with their kind staff. Looking forward to visit them again. Thank You Skywatches!!!

Contact Number: +65 6535 1377
Address: 1 Park Rd, #03-62/63 People’s Park Complex, Singapore 059108
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM | Closed on Sun

2. Bronze Age

Bronze Age

Source: Bronze Age

There’s a certain appeal that trinkets with previous owners have that brand new watches don’t. How many up’s and down’s has this necklace seen? What are the struggles it had to go through? The successes? Aside from budget constraints, those intriguing questions are sometimes what drives people towards patronizing secondhand items such as watches. This is where Bronze Age comes in–a dealer of pre-owned luxury watches and various timepieces that has been in business since 1995.  They started out in a small 250 sq ft shop selling a range of watches from Omega, Rolex, and a bunch of vintage and dress watches. Flash forward to today, Bronze Age is driven by their belief to prioritize your personal interest to help themselves serve you better by providing not only trade-in services but also restoration for quartz and mechanical fine timepieces, as well as battery and leather strap replacement.

If breathing a new life to an old watch entices you, you can trust the family that runs Bronze Age!

Customer Reviews

Tan Tyle
These blokes are very honest and highly reliable. My Rolex vintage Datejust had a rattling noise despite keeping good time. I came here to get it checked out and they honestly told me it was just the automatic shaft that was a little loose; but it was otherwise useable and no service was actually needed. They care about your watches and the quality of their service which why I decided to service my watch anyway. Highly recommended.

Ther Quinn
Lots of brands to choose from. Prices varies and depends on the brand. What I like most is their men’s watch collection from kids to professional. I am happy that I bought mu husband’s watch here as a birthday gift. They also have this personalized box if you wish to have one.

Contact Number: +65 6536 2416
Address: #02-66 Hong Lim Complex, 531 Upper Cross St, Singapore 050531
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-6PM | Sat 11AM-5PM | Closed on Sun

3. Chrono Exchange Watches & Jewellery

Chrono Exchange Watches & Jewellery

Source: Chrono Exchange Watches & Jewellery

Also a watch shop that specializes in retailing secondhand watches, Chrono Exchange Watches & Jewellery aims to build a strong and unwavering relationship with you by applying trust, honesty, integrity, and unyielding excellence in all of their products and services. This watch shop prides itself in being one of Singapore’s premier trusted watch specialists and retailers, having seen more than 25 years of experience. They maintain the highest level of particularity when it comes to accepting watches from various dealers and customers to guarantee that whatever it is that you purchase from them is 100% authentic! No need to worry about replicas or counterfeit items because Chrono Exchange Watches & Jewellery only accepts selective buy-ins from trusted watch dealers and customers. On top of that, every purchase made from them comes with a 12-month in-house warranty.

With Chrono Exhange Watches & Jewellery, authentic premium secondhand watches with uncompromising quality are guaranteed for your satisfaction!

Customer Reviews

Foo Cesheng
Excellent service! Trusted dealer for authentication and regular servicing of my vintage Rolex.

Benjamin Tan
Very good service & honest man! Bravo!!!

Contact Number: +65 6733 4509
Address: No.1 Park Rd, #02-14 People’s Park Complex, Singapore 059108
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 11AM-7PM

4. Aptimos


Source: Aptimos

A boutique that was inaugurated in 2007, Aptimos is geared for fashion-forward people who consider watches not just as time-reading tools but also as statement pieces. This watch shop and boutique carry a wide range collection of modern watches from over 30 established international brands, such as Calvin Klein, Casio, Fossil, Daniel Wellington, Adidas, to name a few. The Aptimos guarantee is that all of the watches you see on display in their boutique are made of the most premium and high-quality standards, as well as fashionable! So whether you lie towards the more casual and laid back fashion-sense or the athletic sporty type, maybe even classic formal & straitlaced, there’s a watch for everyone in all of Aptimos‘ 4 locations, one being in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

If the perfect marriage between form and function is your preferred street style, Aptimos and its 37 years of experience got you covered!

Customer Reviews

Pat Carney
Myself and my wife cannot recommend the 2 staff (John & Eugene) highly enough for their honesty, assistance, knowledge and service. 11 out of 10.

David Yang
the guy there was awesome, very helpful. Great selection.

Contact Number: +65 6636 3361
Address: 133 New Bridge Rd, #01-22 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-9.30PM


A wristwatch is a versatile timepiece that can help you in both function and fashion aspects, and these 4 watch shops and boutiques enlisted here are the best ones in Chinatown, Singapore!

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