Safe Drinking Water: 6 Best Water Purifiers In Paya Lebar

September 14, 2021
Best Water Purifier Paya Lebar

On average, doctors recommend at least 74 ounces or 9 cups of water for women and 101 ounces or 13 cups for men. To ensure that the water you are drinking is safe and healthy, it’s best to opt for purified water to ensure that the vital minerals your body needs are still present in the water. This is because purified water removes harmful bacteria that cause stomach upset, nausea, and other illnesses.

To have clean and healthy water at home, you should buy a water purifier dispenser. Below is a list of six of the best water purifier suppliers in Singapore, particularly in the Paya Lebar area.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Wells Singapore

Source: Wells Singapore

Wells Singapore is an award-winning company offering bespoke lifestyle solutions in the Paya Lebar area and the rest of the city-state. Their parent company has been in the business for 37 years and has decided to establish Wells Singapore after seeing a huge gap in the industry. The company was created to put more emphasis on balancing nature and technology with eco-friendly electrical appliances that provide pampering to all customers. Wells Singapore also aims to help create a healthy lifestyle for people, especially those in enclosed homes and workspaces.

Wells Singapore is also one of the best sources of water purifiers in Paya Lebar. Their water dispensers are lightweight and highly portable with an intelligent design, making them an excellent addition to any homes. Their water purifiers have won them four major design awards, including If Design Award 2019, Red Dot Design Award, 2019, Good Design Award 2019, and International Design Excellence Awards 2019.

Customer Reviews

Regine Sahetapy

Was researching for a water filter and dispenser for the new home and couldn’t take my eyes off The One once I spotted it. Too pretty to think that it’s a water dispenser. Sales Rep – Terence is super helpful and detailed in his explanation and helped figure out a suitable place to install this pretty one. Totally worth sacrificing 2 drawers space to have this beautiful piece installed at home. Saves us a lot of time and hassle as everyone in the family have a different preference to water temperature. If you are still researching for one for your family, you should never miss The One!

Joseph Lee

Chelsea was very patient and thorough in helping me and my friend to go through the features. There are so many designs and brands available in the market and she was able to share with us the pros and cons professionally. It’s her service that finally make us decide to start our water filter journey with Wells! Keep up the great work Chelsea!

Contact: +65 8828 8383
Location: AZ@Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Road #03-06, Singapore 409015
Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM

2. Hydroflux

Source: Hydroflux

Hydroflux was founded in 2012. They specialize in offering a wide range of top-quality water purifier dispensers with high-technology filtration systems, including counter top dispensers, standing dispensers, and undersink filtration system, for homes and offices. All their water dispensers are made by trusted Korean manufacturers and have been tested and certified by bizSafe3, SGS, ACM, and Korean testing bodies.

Hydroflux carries some of the best water purifiers in Paya Lebar and the rest of Singapore. They are the first and only company that carries a range of water purifiers with tankless system and with a stainless steel flowpath and faucet. Their water dispensers have five different water temperatures, six stages of filtration with 1 filter, smart sterilization feature, and smart water purifier with Bluetooth speaker. On top of that, their Wish series comes in a sleek and stylish design and has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to let you connect your device with your mobile phone so you can play your favorite soundtrack while cooking in the kitchen.

Customer Reviews

Kevin John

Bryan gave very detailed and useful information on the latest Hydroflux Wish, which we found helpful in our search for a water filter. The slim design allowed for optimal use if our kitchen counter top. The Wish also made us drink more water at home!

Joyce Lin

The lifetime site warranty gives you peace of mind plus it’s stainless steel for both interior & exterior that not many brand can offer. Installation was fast & simple,  cabling well hidden. Bryan was very patient & explained the pro & con. Very professional. Thanks Bryan!

Contact: +65 8668 3090 | +65 6547 4428
Location: T Space, 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #08-02, Singapore 528559
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat-Sun 24 Hours

3. Aqua Kent Singapore

Source: Aqua Kent Singapore

Aqua Kent Singapore is one of the best suppliers of top-quality water purifiers, dispensers, filters, and coolers in Paya Lebar and the rest of the country. They are committed to giving the best service with high-quality products at affordable prices. They carry RO water purifiers for clean and safe drinking water for homes, offices, warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, salons, and other establishments around the city-state. Their water dispensing machines are created to be compact, stylish, slim, and safe to provide a better life for you.

Aqua Kent Singapore is the name you can count on if you’re looking for some of the best water purifiers in Paya Lebar. Their water dispensing devices have a simple touch control LED display panel, are energy-saving, and can help you save water. They also come in two colors, black and white, to perfectly suit your home decoration and environment.

Customer Reviews

Ash Burn

Great service by Kriz. Affordable dispenser. Definitely recommend!

Wilson Sia

Reliable product – have been using for more than a year with no problem at all. Great Sales & Service Team as well.

Contact Number: +65 9737 7049
Address: 1015 Geylang East Industrial Estate, Geylang East Ave 3, #04-107, Singapore 389730
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM

4. StarWellness

Source: StarWellness

StarWellness is a dedicated company that provides a suite of top-quality products that help people improve their health every day. The company was established after their founder, Mr. Patrick Lim, saw the need to help people enjoy the benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water. This has paved the way for StarWater to be born and become one of the pioneer manufacturers of Alkaline Water Ionizers in the country. They are constantly seeking ways to develop functional product designs that can be integrated into home or workspace. The company was awarded the Singapore Good Design Award by Design Business Chamber Singapore in 2014.

StarWater was changed into Starwellness in 2015 to accommodate the business’ expansion, catering to consumers’ needs for a reliable and economical options. Today, the company is one of the most trusted providers of the best water purifiers in Paya Lebar dedicated to helping families live healthier and more meaningful lifestyles with the innovative solutions they offer for basic needs.

Customer Reviews

Ang Alvin

Very good after sales support.

Tony Ng

Bought StarWellness alkaline star 5 system, have been using it for 2 years. Good post sales support.

Contact Number: +65 6580 8358
Address: Enterprise One, 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #02-12, Singapore 415934
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM

5. Coral Pure Natural

Source: Coral Pure Natural

Coral Pure Natural is a local brand established in 2016, providing the highest quality purified alkaline hydrogen water in Paya Lebar and the rest of Singapore. The company is the only one that fully caters to the local market, providing premium water systems to help improve people’s health and wellbeing. Their alkaline water systems have been fully developed, assembled, and tested locally customized to suit the local’s taste. Their water systems have alkaline filters that have been imported according to the highest standards in countries like the USA, Taiwan, and Korea.

Coral Pure Natural is an excellent source of the best water purifiers in Paya Lebar. Their water systems have been assembled and tested by SGS, the world’s number one inspection, testing, verification, and certification authority. Their water purifiers are guaranteed to offer the highest specifications in filtrations with 0.0001 micron and has the most restructured natural alkaline hydrogen minerals in the city-state.

Customer Reviews

Ashlyn Soh

We have been with coral pure for more than a year. Honestly, we don’t really like to drink water but with carol pure we see ourselves carrying water out everyday. We just love the smooth and sweet taste of the water. We also notices that our kids seldom fall sick and our complexion also getting better. We are grateful that we found coral pure system that make us love drinking water.

Serene Loh

Thank you coral pure. After drinking for 1 year, hubby’s cholesterol level has decreased. Our immune system has improved as we don’t fall sick so easily. Skin complexion are smoother and less frequent in night toilet. Coral pure water taste great and smooth. Highly recommended to friends and family members.

Contact Number: +65 6239 5335 | +65 8685 1308 | +65 9101 4090
Address: Defu Lane 10, Block 37, #03-41, Singapore 539214
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-4PM

6. Livingcare


Image Credit: Livingcare

Homegrown and dependable, Livingcare is a Singaporean company focusing on its customer’s health and wellness. They act on this by delivering life-changing products that bring health into their household and transforming their lives for the better. Livingcare is constantly on the lookout for the new challenges and ever-changing demands of modern living with a lifelong commitment towards customer satisfaction.

One way in which they help enrich their customers’ lives is through their top-quality water purifiers and dispensers available in Paya Levar and the rest of the city-state. The best example is their premier Jewel Series product, the slimmest and tankless alkaline water dispenser in Singapore.

Apart from these notable features, it is also the first-ever motorless hot/cold dispenser that best fits Singaporean households.

Customer Reviews


Giving a thumbs up for Jack who helped to install the Jewel water dispenser. His worksmanship is top class and did not rush the installation, despite my place being the last assignment of the day. He carefully removed the cabinets and also helped to clean up the drill dust, including the bits left behind by my previous water dispenser’s technician.

After installation, he also didn’t hurry the demonstration and also shared his contact info for his help in future.

Thank you!

Gild Chong Ying

Thank you, Samantha, who explained on the dispenser and helped on our queries and requests! Also to our installer, Uncle Jack who was super professional, yet quick with his installation. Uncle Jack took time to explain all of the features and care for the dispenser, and even taught and helped install the shower filter for us! It has been a pleasant transation with livingcare with these great staffs!

Contact: +65 9155 2637 | +65 6272 8166
Location: Link@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-34, Singapore 569139
Opening Hours: 
 Daily 10:00AM-6:00PM


Drinking clean and safe water is important to keep your vital organs functioning and stay healthy. Since water pollution is prevalent around the world, you need to invest money in water purifier dispenses to ensure clean and safe drinking water for you and your family at all times. Also, you should make sure to buy from reliable companies, like the five best suppliers in Paya Lebar.

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