4 Best Yoga Classes In Yishun To Find Your Inner Peace

October 15, 2020
Best Yoga Class In Yishun

In modern times, it has become a norm to constantly run around with a busy schedule and live life at a hectic pace. Days will go by until we have some time for ourselves, or we might bear the brunt of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

It’s never too late to take some time for yourself and incorporate the practice of yoga in your busy days. Yoga keeps you more flexible – stretches and regular movements of the joints can keep back pains, sore necks and tight shoulders at bay. There are also various yoga breathing techniques you will get to learn, which can help to calm your mind and relax.

Yoga allows yourself to be more present and in tune with the state of your body, amongst its other numerous benefits. So if you’re looking to destress and improve your wellbeing, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best yoga classes in Yishun you can check out!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Yoga Will

Source: Yoga Will

Tucked in a neighbourhood in Yishun, Yoga Will is a family friendly yoga studio which provides classes for everyone, regardless of your age and level. If you’re a little shy to go alone for your first class, bring a friend along! Their studio is spacious enough to accommodate many students comfortably without being too squeezy.

Yoga Will also offers classes small in size, so they can cater to each individual. This allows their team of passionate and experienced teachers to spend more time assisting everyone with their alignment and postures. Mats will be provided – so all you have to do is come in your pretty yoga wear, towel and water bottle!

Customer Reviews

Goh Tiong Kien

Must say yoga will helps me on my physics. Used to have lower back and calf sore during my jog, with yoga will instructor patience guide i can go for better performance on my other sports. Also relief my tightness on full body 

Ck Loh

Nice place with very nice trainers. They are very encouraging to total novice like me, providing guidance along the way.

Would recommend Yoga Will to all, no matter experience or novice.

Contact Number: +65 8877 5348
Address: 513 Yishun Street 51, #01-05 Singapore, 760513
Operating Hours: Mon 8.30AM-9.30AM, 5.30PM-9PM | Tues, Thurs & Fri 5.30PM-9PM | Wed 9AM-10AM, 5:50PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 8.30AM-5PM

2. YogaKula

Source: YogaKula

YogaKula strives to form a closely knitted community. Designed for committed yoga students and aspiring instructors, the studio offers training with a solid foundation in the practices, methodologies, philosophical visions and history of yoga. The classes focus on synchronising breath with motions to aid in students achieving a state of moving meditation.

Their classes might be fast-paced and dynamic, but the teachers at YogaKula modifies each student’s poses, ensuring all students are challenged to maximise their potential. With the intention to create a warm and friendly community, YogaKula strongly believes that yoga is for everyone, welcoming all men and women, elderly and even children to their studio. At YogaKula, you can engage in a deeper relationship with yourself, your community and yoga.

Customer Reviews

Jocelyn Ng

Started my yoga journey with Faith and she is a passionate and dedicated instructor who caters to your needs during practice. She will never force you to get into a pose you cant do but instead she encourages you to listen to your body. She will guide us on a one to one basis and she welcomes any question after class! She is very approachable and will always do her best to answer any doubt or concerns you have during practice. So thankful to have Faith with me on my Yoga journey 

Sheryl Abagat

Yoga Kula as my second home… Super love the cozy studio… Superb yoga teachers esp Faith, Caroline, Phylis, Mariana and Joe! Down to earth and friendly yogis… One of the happiest place in Singapore!

Contact Number: +65 9710 2809
Address: 930 Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore, 769098
Operating Hours: Wed 7.30PM-8.30PM | Sun 10AM-12.30PM

3. Bhumi Lifestyle

Source: Bhumi Lifestyle

With the mission to help practitioners lead a healthier and happy lifestyle while staying fit and toned, Bhumi Lifestyle aims to make your yoga experience beneficial with their effective approach. Whether you’re interested to reduce any body aches and pain, slim down or positively improve your quality of life, this studio will formulate a programme that is specific to your needs and goals.

With a community of dedicated and experienced teachers, Bhumi Lifestyle offers group yoga classes which can be booked conveniently through the Mindbody app. They also provide private pilates for mommy care, from pre-pregnancy preparation to post-natal recovery, to improve pain problems, appearance, health and more. Through Bhumi Lifestyle, you will be inspired to be happy and healthy through their teaching, facilities and the environment they offer.

Customer Reviews

Cheng Y Ong

Well equipped facilities with experienced instructors and friendly staff delivering exercise programs and services that often exceed your expectations! Keep up all good work.

Jundy Chong

Have a good experience with Bhumi Lifestyle! Highly recommend!

Contact Number: +65 9666 7960
Address: Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, 30A Yishun Central 1, #01-05/06, Singapore 768796
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 6.30PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-2PM

4. Contours Express

Source: Contours Express

Designed exclusively for women, Contours Express genuinely understands that women have specific needs and aims to offer fitness programs to meet the needs and endeavours of women everywhere, regardless of background and age. This studio benefits women greatly, with women-centric equipment all tailored to the female body that will help you attain your dream physique effectively while targeting affected areas.

Contours Express provides 30-min gym and fitness classes with a welcoming and fun environment. Among group gym classes like Piloxing and Zumba, you can also find yoga classes here to help you improve respiration, increase flexibility and maintain a balanced metabolism. You can easily fit a yoga class into your busy day and destress in a positive, non-judgmental group setting with a supportive trainer!

Customer Reviews

Annie Du

A very nice place to work out for any fitness level. 

I’ve felt so much improvement after joining the gym for 1+ year, thanks to the workouts that are personalised. Group classes are fun and engaging. The environment is friendly and welcoming. The crowd is mostly alright, no need to wait for use of equipment. Most important of all, at least to me, the gym is very hygienic. 

I’m so glad to have found a gym close to home yet so good.

Contact Number: +65 6759 1318
Address: Blk 930, Yishun Central 1, #01-123A, Singapore 760930
Operating Hours: 6AM-11PM Daily


Whether you’re a newbie or one with many experiences, this list of best yoga studios will help you breathe easier amidst your hectic lifestyle in Singapore. So, if you’re in need of some me-time or even a brand-new fitness regime, kickstart your yoga journey with these yoga classes in Yishun for a good stretch!

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