4 Best Yoga Studios In Ang Mo Kio To Enhance Your Well-Being

October 21, 2020
Best Yoga In Ang Mo Kio

One of the best feelings after a tiring day at work is to have some time to relax and get your mind off work. What if there was an exercise that helps you alleviate your daily stresses as well as provides you with multiple benefits from practising it? Would you take it up?

Well, look no further – the exercise that you need is yoga! The myriad of benefits yoga it brings to its practitioners is just one of the reasons for the rapidly growing number of yoga students.

If you live around Ang Mo Kio, then you’re in luck because of the wide range of yoga studios that are conveniently located around you. Keep reading to learn about the 4 yoga studios in Ang Mo Kio that you can join in kickstarting your yoga journey!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Platinum Yoga

Image Credit: Platinum Yoga

This yoga studio is the definition of hospitality – they welcome anyone interested in trying their hands at yoga! At Platinum Yoga, all that you need to be is a student with the desire to learn and improve yourself. Other elements like not being flexible enough to touch your toes or your fitness level is not a barrier that Platinum Yoga sets up. Regardless of your fitness level and experience in yoga, Platinum Yoga invites you with open arms and has classes that you would be able to keep up to.

Before your first session at Platinum Yoga, the friendly yoga advisors there will walk you through how their classes are held, the various types of classes they offer as well as the guidelines of their studio. After speaking to the yoga advisors, you would be equipped with all the information you need to pick the type of class that you think is the best fit for you.

Customer Reviews


“It was the best Hot Shape Yoga I’ve ever experienced, much better than Bikram.””


“The teachers are great and fun. Choices of classes suits me well too!”

Contact Number: +65 6259 5432
Address: 51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #02-01, Singapore 569922
Opening hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 8AM-10PM | Tues & Thurs 7AM-10PM | Sat &. Sun 8AM-8.30PM

2. Align studio

Image Credit: Align Studio

Align Studio understands that different people turn to yoga for different reasons and objectives. Hence, they offer private one on one lessons with the instructor. Whether you are suffering from a shoulder injury or simply want to improve your focus, you can have that addressed. Your yoga instructor will have a focused one on one session where your goals are discussed, and specific exercises that help your situation are taught to you. If you prefer having attention privately and addressing your concerns with undivided attention, then such a class would be apt for you.

On the other hand, the regular classes are also kept at small numbers, so you have full use of your session and leave knowing that it was productive. The instructors at Align Studio believe that this is one of the best ways for students to pick up new yoga knowledge and poses.

Customer Reviews

Shwetha V

“Took the Arm balance & inversions class! A real good class. The instructor, Apple efficiently guided us throught every posture and help us practice safely.”

Young Kim

“Have you tried trendy or fusion yoga, keeping genuine yoga spirit?

Align has taught or made me improved not only strength or flexibility but whole body and listening my body. Try Inversion or handstand classes which is my favorite which can feel new of your body upside down. Never feel get bored or sick of yoga with Align studio. everyday you will feel differences of your body and yoga. Enjoy your yoga with Align! Namaste!!”

Contact Number: +65 8363 6133
Address: Ang Mo Kio, Blk 342,  Avenue 1, #03-1561, Singapore 560342
Opening Hours: According to the class schedule

3. Bliss Shala

Image Credit: Bliss Shala

When attending a class at Bliss Shala, you will be able to flourish in a pleasant environment where people bond and practice yoga together as one family. This is evident in the Yoga for Parent and Child class that they offer. These classes are explicitly catered to families and give parents a perfect activity to bond with their children in a productive yet entertaining way amidst their busy schedules. Additionally, the poses introduced during the Yoga for Parent and Child classes are geared towards partner poses – this encourages both the parent and child to cooperate and work together to execute the poses successfully! With such classes, both parents and children are guaranteed to be all smiles the entire time.

If you are attending the classes alone, you can opt for the group yoga or the private yoga classes. The instructors at Bliss Shala frequently emphasise that not having any experience should not be a barrier halting you from taking up their classes. In fact, they encourage people to give yoga a shot and experience what it can do to their mind and body over time. So, get ready to sign up and channel your inner zen!

Customer Reviews

Kenny Punsu

“As a guy who never thought of doing yoga in any chance since I was comfortable enough doing gym workout, I should say that Krisa has changed my whole life through 6-month yoga journey! She is a very kind-hearted and understanding person, as well as a yoga teacher. Knowing her is a true serendipity, she guided me everything from yoga basics (how to deal with my stiff and tight muscles) to various meditations that I never knew I needed. The home studio is very nice, homey, and filled with two friendly cats. Having lots of specialties from Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Therapy to Prenatal and Postnatal, you can never go wrong with Bliss Shala!”

Isadora Zhong

“I love the feels of this home studio – it’s so relaxed and cosy, totally what I envision a yoga studio to be like. Krisa is very assuring and patient as she never rushes us and gives us our own time and pace with every pose. I am currently doing prenatal yoga with her and I always feel relaxed and stretched after a session. Never once did I feel forced as Krisa gently guides us and goes to us individually to correct our pose. I’ll look forward to more sessions with her, strongly recommend yoga at Bliss Shala!”

Contact Number: +65 9061 2229
Address: 648, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, Singapore 560648
Opening Hours: According to the class schedule

4. Yoga Seeds

Image credit: Yoga Seeds

Unlike other yoga studios, Yoga Seeds is unique in its own way. With a team of qualified yoga instructors that love both yoga and nature, their yoga sessions are typically outdoors and close to nature. This better helps you to embrace the true benefits of yoga as you connect yourself with nature, to give you a feeling of peace and serenity within. If you are someone who loves going out and about, you are assured to enjoy the outdoor classes by Yoga Seeds. You would no longer worry about being cooped up in a squeezy studio with no good view while stretching.

The team at Yoga Seeds believe in creating harmony between your mind and body and that being surrounded by luscious plants and trees further accentuates the feeling of serenity. It is without a doubt that you would leave the classes at Yoga Seeds feeling refreshed and revitalised, ready to take on any obstacles life throws at you.

Customer Reviews


“Enjoyed the Hatha Basics class led by Wendy in this peaceful space. The class was well paced, and the cues were helpful and encouraging. The beautiful view from the studio really adds to the experience, and I felt calm, well guided and at ease throughout. Glad to have come!”

Yen Ling Teo

“One of the most beautiful places to have yoga in Singapore. A very unique experience to practice here, peaceful, quiet and yet you get to see the locals exercising, enjoying Bishan Park through the windows. Not forgetting the dedicated, friendly and experienced yoga instructors from Yogaseeds’s team here. They deliver each lesson with hearts and love. Oh, the studio is very near to the McDonald’s cafe, as well as a very local hawker center!”

Contact Number: +65 8322 1251
Address: 1384 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569 932
Opening Hours: Mon & Wed 7.45AM–10.30AM, 3PM–9.30PM | Tue 7.45AM–10.30AM, 5.45PM–9.30PM |Thurs 7.45AM–10.30AM, 7.AM-9.30PM | Fri-Sun 7.45AM–10.30AM



If having the perfect balance between work and play is what you want in your life, then yoga is the ideal activity to take up in your free time.

While commonly known as an exercise which helps you to unwind – the health benefits involved are also another aspect that makes it such an exciting and worthwhile activity to partake in. Especially with various quality studios where you can practice yoga in Ang Mo Kio, there’s no reason not to sign up!

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