5 Best Yoga Studios In Tanjong Pagar For A Relaxing Exercise

October 2, 2020
Best Yoga Studio Tanjong Pagar Singapore

An ancient practice that brings the mind and body together, yoga incorporates meditation, breathing exercises and poses catered to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Providing you with a holistic way to overall happiness and health, practising yoga does not only include improved mental health, but also physical health.

Whether you wish to get started in yoga or look for classes in a more convenient location, check out these 5 best yoga studios in Tanjong Pagar to help you find your zen amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Yoga Movement

Source: Yoga Movement

Passionate about delivery with consistency, Yoga Movement hosts classes that are multi-levelled, ranging from the basics to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Each class focuses on different aspects, including the pace and sweat levels so take your pick! Take an approachable feel to yoga with Yoga Movement, where you can ground yourself with glorious food, music and art.

If you’re entirely new to yoga, you may download their application to book your first class with a breeze. For those who’ve practised yoga for a while now, and looking to improve, you may consider the Yoga Movement Academy, where more intensive and structured learning takes place. Throughout this course, you will be taught the wide range of modules by specific professional instructors, who are both experienced and dedicated in all areas.

Customer Reviews

Chelsea Kaitlyn

The aesthetic of this place is beautiful and everything about it serves a rather relaxing atmosphere. The studios are really spacious and I enjoyed my time here. Would definitely come back again!

Leon Chan

Thoroughly enjoyed my session over at YM a couple of weeks ago, I liked the patio and just really the ambience of the place. Definitely one of the better studios in Singapore as compared to their competitors!

Contact Number: +65 8139 9296
Address: 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, #02-01, Singapore 088444
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 8.30AM-2PM

2. Yoga +

Source: Yoga+

At Yoga+, regardless of what practice you’re currently at in your yoga journey, there will always be that ideal class bundle that suits your needs. The classes they offer are all designed to tackle different aspects which include stretching, cardio flow and power. Each class has a different level of difficulty with specific prerequisites, so you may take control of your yoga lesson.

If you’re looking at this long-term, consider the wide variety of class bundles available at Yoga+. You can try out their studio with a single drop-in, or dedicate a consistent practice of 25 classes. To go even further, commit a period of personal transformation with their unlimited class bundles! You’ll undoubtedly find a class bundle tailored to you individually, with the specific consistency of practice you need.

Customer Reviews

April Hoon

Lovely and clean studio. It’s easy to get to as well. The classes are balanced out well, easy to book too. I love that they prepare tea after classes which is a nice touch. I enjoy their revitalize classes the most, especially with Joyce. 10/10 would recommend!

Samuel Swee

Very nice and clean facilities here. I was very impressed on my climb up to unit 89B because of the tiling. The studio was well organised and has a minimalist decor to it. The keylock lockers are outside. There’s only one toilet though. So if you’re in urgent need and someone is showering inside…good luck. There is a jug of tea provided, and also a water dispenser for both hot and cold water. In the ‘Revitalise’ class I attended, the instructor drips essential oil into your palm, which really invigorates your senses. Would certainly be back for more yoga.

Contact Number: +65 9114 1639
Address: 89B Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088510
Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs 10.30AM-9PM | Fri 10.30AM-1.30PM | Sat & Sun 9.30AM-6PM

3. Ziva Yoga

Source: Ziva Yoga

Ziva Yoga believes in rooting down before rising up, and focuses on providing you with strong and stable foundations before deepening your yoga practices effectively yet safely. At Ziva Yoga, they prioritise practising with a mind towards internal bliss, and never for the sake of physical practice alone.

At Ziva Yoga, a wide range of classes are offered to suit your practice – from ‘Hatha’, which focuses on alignment, to ‘Yin’, which focuses on stretching deep connective tissue in the body. Most classes are beginner-friendly, but if you’re looking for something more strenuous and intense, they have it too! Surrounded by lush green, the studios in Ziva Yoga were selected to imbue you with as much fresh air as possible. Ziva Yoga represents a safe and non-competitive environment for yogis to learn and grow strong together.

Customer Reviews

Sui Min Wong

My favourite yoga studio. It is conveniently located at Tiong Bahru and there are many food places you can go to after class. The studio is very zen like and I enjoy going for San’s hot yoga. They also have a very cute cat!

It is well facilitated with multiple shower rooms and a toilet. The changing area is big and gives ample space for all the students to do their thing.

It is a very humble and comfortable place.

Annabelle Wong

Lovely rustic studio with very nurturing and personable teachers, as well as an adorable resident cat named Maggie. Classes conducted by Faiz and Yihan are fantastic because they’re always well thought out, and contain grounding yet challenging sequences that emphasize good alignment and other fundamental yoga principles.

Contact Number: +65 8615 1280
Address: Tanjong Pagar Road, 84a/86a, Singapore 088507
Operating Hours: Mon 12.30PM-1.30PM, 6PM-9.30PM | Tue & Thu 7.15AM-8.15AM, 12.30PM-1.30PM, 6PM-9.30PM | Wed 6PM-9.30PM | Fri 12.30PM-1.30PM, 6PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-4.30PM

4. Hale Yoga

Source: Hale Yoga

Offering professional guidance to those seeking a balance of mind and body, Hale Yoga is a place to nurture minds, bodies and spirits. As a socially active yoga studio, Hale Yoga encourages individual transformations. The types of yoga classes offered include Aerial Yoga, Iron Flow and Core, each class designed specially with different difficulty and intensity levels to focus on different areas.

Hale Yoga is also the only exclusive yoga studio in Singapore which works with two types of fabrics – stretchy silk and parachute trapeze. The different fabrics cater to different kinds of poses. Set in a 1110 sqft space with natural light shining in and city view with 4.8m high ceiling height in the central business district, Hale Yoga offers the perfect location to find inner peace and relaxation.

Customer Reviews

Elise Lee

Love this chic studio. Lessons are great and instructors are very professional and experienced in their classes.

Gisele Ong

Cosy studio in the heart of CBD. Super love the Aerial classes by Geraldine here, I get to overcome my fear of heights, at the same time, learn and discover my body’s ability to break perceived limits.

Contact Number: +65 6581 3200
Address: Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road, #19-02, Singapore 068908
Operating Hours: Mon & Thurs 11.30AM-8.30PM | Tue & Wed 7AM-8.30PM | Fri 9.30AM-8:30PM | Sat 11AM-4.30PM | Sun 12PM-3.30PM

5. The Yoga Mandala

Source: The Yoga Mandala

At The Yoga Mandala, this studio offers a wide selection of yoga classes which ranges from beginner flow, pre- or post-natal to acrovinyasa and arm inversion. The Yoga Mandala provides a comprehensive list of group classes that transform your mind, body and soul through the practice of asana, pranayama, dhyana and dharana, which cater to a vast and diverse group. Classes are also conducted in both English and Mandarin.

Along with the soft parquet that lines the studio’s floors and a large panel of mirrors, the studio is bright and airy. And thanks to its stunning large French windows that are equally Instagram-worthy, this interior feature gives the studio a sense of spaciousness. You’ll find your zen in no time under the guidance of the experienced teachers at The Yoga Mandala.

Customer Reviews

Cindy Lim

A very cosy and relaxing Yoga studio near Telok Ayer! Got an experienced teacher who taught very well. Had a great session and will come back!

Sheryl Tay

Lily Hwang on a Friday 11am class and she was one of the best teachers I ever had. Cheerful and bubbly, she made the whole class super fun and engaging. It was clear that we students were really having a good time not just with her but among each other too – lots of laughs together. She gave great tips to individuals and really helped to improve our form. Never once felt discouraged from attempting difficult poses. It really was a great class. When I left she was still giving tips to another student. Really appreciate the class and hope she can teach more classes especially weekday evenings and weekends 🙂

Contact Number: +65 6221 6683 | +65 8268 2880 (English) | +65 9880 1622 (Chinese)
Address: 134B Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068600
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM | Sat & Sun 8AM-2PM


The hustle and bustle of Singapore calls for a time of relaxation, and yoga is a great way to do so! Yoga does more than burning calories and toning muscles – it is a mind-body workout that combines stretching and strengthening poses with deep breathing and meditation. So, get your yoga mat ready and find your inner peace with our list of yoga studios in Tanjong Pagar!

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