4 Best Yoga Studios In Tanjong Pagar For Your Body And Mind

June 21, 2021
Best Yoga In Tanjong Pagar

Yoga is a form of exercise that helps your body gain not only strength and flexibility but also helps with your brain’s functionality. Some would even get their yoga pants on and lay their yoga mat on the floor because they want to gain the spiritual benefits that this exercise promises, such as helping with increased personal awareness, a boost in confidence, get creatively inspired, just to name a few. That’s why some people make it a point to devote an hour to do yoga every day to help them get past the stresses from their day-to-day tasks and monthly dues.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, or you’re just curious about the best places to do yoga in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place because we have compiled 4 of the best yoga studios in Tanjong Pagar! Whether you are tapping into yoga to further strengthen your body or to simply help your mind harness the many spiritual benefits it provides, read on.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Yoga Movement

Yoga Movement

Source: Yoga Movement

We’re getting our list of the best yoga studios in Tanjong Pagar started with one that is built and driven by a goal to make yoga very accessible to yogis, regardless if they are seasoned patrons of yoga or a newbie. You don’t have to stress out about how to get to their studio to attend a yoga class because the folks from Yoga Movement have made it a point that all across their six locations, heading to one of them will be a breeze. This studio also has quite a variety of class types that you can choose from, ranging from zen sessions where you can simply sit and meditate, all the way to hot classes that promise to get your heart pumping!

Yoga Movement opens its studio doors to a dynamic range of people, so if you’re coming in with your fancy yoga pants or reusing your old shorts from school, a conscious vegetarian or protein-driven carnivore, Yoga Movement is the yoga studio to visit!

Customer Reviews

Chelsea Kaitlyn

The aesthetic of this place is beautiful and everything about it serves a rather relaxing atmosphere. The studios are really spacious and I enjoyed my time here. Would definitely come back again!

Jerrine Ong Jiamin

I love the layout of the studio space and convenient to get to. The classes are amazing and the front desk and teachers are always welcoming and helpful!

Contact Number: +65 8139 9296
Address: 21 Tg Pagar Rd, #02-01, Singapore 088444
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-8.30PM | Sat-Sun 8.30AM-1PM

2. Yoga+


Source: Yoga+

If you’re looking for a yoga experience that is beyond the mat, then Yoga+ is worth a visit.  Their studio in Tanjong Pagar holds daily yoga classes five times on average, spanning from basic, stretch, power, flow, all the way to invert and cardio flow if you want to sweat your stress out! With 22 yoga teachers under its wing to help you out if you’re just getting started, you can trust that your yoga experience will give you the satisfaction that you are looking for–they even have a yoga teacher who is also a doctor, isn’t that cool?

Yoga+ is driven not by perfection, but by progress. That’s why their yoga teachers help you rediscover a new meaning and a new approach to your yoga practice! They are offering “Yoga Discovery” which is a program that is targeted to really put your mind and body to work through physical conditioning, application of yoga philosophy, and the human anatomy behind the asana practice. This is perfect if you want to really immerse more in your yoga experience, or if you are looking into becoming a yoga teacher!

Customer Reviews

April Hoon

Lovely and clean studio. It’s easy to get to as well. The classes are balanced out well, easy to book too. I love that they prepare tea after classes which is a nice touch. I enjoy their revitalize classes the most, especially with Joyce. 10/10 would recommend!

Simon Woell

Went there for a power session drop in. The teacher was amazing and the class challenging yet inspiring. Will definitely go again next time Inam in Singapore

Contact Number: +65 9114 1639
Address: 89B Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088510
Operating Hours: Mon-Thur 10.30AM-9PM | Fri 10.30AM-1.30PM | Sat-Sun 9.30AM-6PM

3. Masters’ Yoga Sadhan

Masters' Yoga Sadhan

Source: Masters’ Yoga Sadhan

Located at the heart of Singapore’s heritage district, Masters’ Yoga Sadhan is a studio that all types of yoga practitioners can visit. Whether you are just starting to get into yoga, or maybe someone who has been doing it for more than 10 years, with the 12 classes that Masters’ Yoga Sadhan offers, there is surely a yoga class for you! Their classes are guaranteed your optimum satisfaction so that you can achieve all of your yoga-related goals, whatever they may be.

Their team of experienced and professional instructors is also dedicated to helping you improve your yoga practice by making sure that they fully engage with you and if necessary, offer a personalized yoga class so that your needs can be met more effectively. Complemented by their warm and friendly studio environment, Masters’ Yoga Sadhan is definitely worth a spot on this list!

Customer Reviews

Siggi A

A master dedicated to teaching & motivating always with a smile encouraging his students to push a little more, do the extra step. Friendly atmosphere; thankful that we found this place.

Kristina Vaklinova

Highly recommend this yoga studio, if you’d like to advance your yoga practice in a friendly atmosphere, challenge yourself, or simply have a good stretch. Amazing Ashtanga yoga classes and Wall ropes for deeper stretches.

Contact Number: +65 9774 8494
Address: 77A Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088498
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-9.30PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-3PM

4. Ziva Yoga

Ziva Yoga

Source: Ziva Yoga

Root down, rise up! With 8 years of being a studio that offers one of the best yoga classes you can find in Singapore, Ziva Yoga is the studio that caps this list! Founded by a group of yoga enthusiasts in 2013, their vision was to provide yoga classes that would not cost an arm and a leg, in a comfortable and friendly environment. Sure enough, Ziva Yoga was realized and stays true to its commitment!

Named after the Sanskrit word that means “Bliss”,  Ziva Yoga believes that yoga should not just be about Asana or the body posture, but also being at “bliss” with yourself. That’s why they offer quite a variety of yoga classes, both Hot and Non-Hot Yoga classes with various styles which are all driven by their hope to inspire you to embark on your yoga journey!

Customer Reviews

Elaine Tan

A homey, airy studio that creates a calm space to focus on one’s yoga practice Faiz is one very experienced yoga teacher with clear, detailed cues and thoughtful sequencing to help you improve your practice with each class. Recommended for people new to yoga and also seasoned practitioners.

Melly Tang

I was unable to finish my classes due to personal family obligations, but Yihan helped me extend my package so I could finish them. Thanks, Ziva Yoga! You guys are the best 🙂

Contact Number: +65 6220 2500
Address: Tg Pagar Rd, 84a 86a, Singapore 088507
Operating Hours: Mon, Fri 12.30PM-1.30PM, 6PM-9.30PM | Tue, Thur 7.15AM-8.15AM, 12.30PM-1.30PM, 6PM-9.30PM | Wed 6PM-9.30PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-4.30PM


Yoga helps you get the most out of your body and mind’s functionality, and the yoga studios that we have on this list can definitely help you do yoga in a safe and comfortable environment!

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