Top 5 Drum Schools in Orchard to Become a Pro With the Drums

October 3, 2022
Best Drum Lessons For Beginners

Ever had an interest in playing the drums or dreamed of playing as well as those world-class drummers you look up to? Whether you already have an ear for rhythm and beat or still need to develop it, learning from an experienced music teacher and being under their wing is one of the sure-fire ways to achieve mastery in your drumming skills!

As you may already know, one can only go so far on their own. Getting extra help, especially from someone who has become proficient at the drums, is certain to boost your progress sky-high. So, ready to get started with drum lessons for beginners and see what those hands of yours can do? Then check out the following 5 best drum schools that can help you get your beat on!

1. Drum Tutor

Image Credit: Drum Tutor

Drum Tutor was established in 2016 by award-winning drummer Er Chow Kiat and has since grown to become one of Singapore’s top drum schools due to his expertise, leadership, and exceptional lessons based on an up-to-date curriculum. The school offers extensive yet economical drum lessons for beginners for all ages, guaranteeing that students will enjoy playing the drums customised to their learning pace and ability. Furthermore, with three locations at Orchardgateway, KINEX, and Grandstand, it is easy to find a convenient location for you to start your drum journey.

Drum Tutor’s studios are among the best in Singapore for learning music, furnished with cutting-edge instruments and equipment to ensure an optimal learning experience. Students can also benefit from an online portal to track their progress, custom song transcriptions for learning new songs, recitals and showcases, and much more. With a talented and renowned drummer at the helm and all the tools necessary to succeed, you can never go wrong with Drum Tutor.

Customer Reviews

 Brandon Chia

 Good experience at Drum Tutor, Ian was really patient with us and also tailored the program to suit our pace.

 Anarane Thng 시린

My 4-year old attended drum lessons at the Kinex branch with Instructor Lolita, and she was incredibly patient with him. I personally feel that the lesson was suitably timed to hold his attention and interest. By the end of 4 lessons, he could play to short excerpt of a pop song! Administrative wise, the team is extremely responsive, and information regarding class cancellations etc due to covid measures were always promptly disseminated to us. Thanks for the pleasant experience!

Contact Number: +65 9666 4979
Orchardgateway, 277 Orchard Rd, #04-03, Singapore 238858
KINEX, 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #02-29, Singapore 437157
Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Rd, #04-13, Singapore 287994
Opening Hours:
Orchardgateway Mon, Thu, Fri 6AM-9PM | Tue-Wed 2PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM
KINEX Mon, Thu, Fri 6PM-9PM | Tue-Wed 2PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM
Grandstand Wed-Thu 3PM-7PM | Fri 3PM-6PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM | Closed Mon-Tue

2. Nousound Academy

Image Credit: Nousand Academy

 Nousand Academy is where learning music is made exciting, and students gain the confidence they need to excel. Their teaching approach is centred around the student to ensure a relaxing learning environment where they can hone their musical skills while having fun simultaneously. Nousand Academy cultivates its students’ abilities through private one-on-one sessions, group classes, and their signature Nousand Ensemble classes, where they can get vital experience playing in a band.

These special ensemble classes are beneficial for drummers-to-be as they will be making music together with other musicians down the line, which requires know-how and confidence to perform well. All in all, if you’re keen on working with experienced instructors and becoming a well-rounded musician that can play solo and in a team, Nousound Academy is the place to be.

Customer Reviews

 Bindy Ferris

 Richard is a gifted musician with a amazing ability to teach. Currently he is teaching two of my children guitar and has a kind and caring nature. He keeps the lessons enjoyable my teaching them songs they want to learn and is extremely patient with them. Couldn’t recommend any higher.

Ann Jameson

 Richard has been an absolutely inspiring teacher for my 11 year old son. My son loves his weekly guitar lesson and truly looks forward to it. He’s learned quickly and is eager to keep improving. Richard is a calm and patient teacher and is very encouraging. Great fit for how my son learns. Thank you!

Contact Number: +65 9863 9953
Location: 81 Clemenceau Ave, #03-12, Singapore 239917
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-7PM

3. Ritmo Music Studio

Image Credit: Ritmo Music Studio

Ritmo Music Studio holds the belief that everyone can benefit from music, and that it may even improve lives. Moreover, they recognise that everyone has different goals, plans, capacities, and learning styles. As a result, their courses, workshops, and programs are accessible and designed to help people of all ages and skill levels discover the benefits of music.

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned musician, you will be welcomed into their supportive and inclusive community where you can learn, grow, and flourish. Their instructors are skilled, patient, and knowledgeable about various musical genres, instruments, and styles. As such, they are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, and come from various backgrounds and fields of study. Whether you are a musician or not, you will discover how music can enhance your life and improve your overall wellbeing through their drum lessons.

Customer Reviews

Jay Ong Minzhi

Jennifer, the highly skilled percussionist, drummer, co-working with her highly qualified, experienced team of instrumentalists, singers who are well-coordinated at educating, imparting various skills practical to the music industry, relevant to current times are top-notch and promote music teaching excellence based mainly locally, in Singapore.

 From internationally qualified full fledged music performance artists to professional educators, tutors, this team of friendly musician-educators are serious about what they do. Their musical-lifestyle and practice shares cocurrently with nurturing good relationships and enjoyment of music with their mentees at Ritmo Music Studio, regardless of their age etc.

 Ritmo Music Studio itself is a community of developing, nurturing skills, talents neccessary for individual to music team advancement, good psychological welfare and enjoyable times.

 Focusing on musicality, assessments are well-tailored to each individual’s style of learning, thus boosting their forte in the knowledge of rhythm, dynamics, articulation, expression, creativity, all these and more, also inclusive of the foundation of harmony.

 The experience, practice and practical guidance by these music mentors are priceless, in which much more successes, achievements; Good, great experiences, cultivation processes encourage confidence to each brighter future.

 Ding Ni

My three kids aged 6 years, 8 years and 10 years attended the 4-hours course on last Sunday (19 November 2017). It’s a fantastic experience to all of them.

The course has two sessions, each lasting 2 hours. The first session focused on how to play instruments such as Egg Shaker, Snare Drum, Floor Tom, Crash Cymbal, Djembe, Ocean Drum, Rain Stick, Wind Chime and etc. The second session was on music/video coding by utilizing prevailing software/platform. Both sessions were lectured by very experienced experts.

The course helps to open a big music and video world for young children. Within the 4 hours, the kids were fully exposed to an amazing music world and their passions were largely ignited by the teachers.

In summary, the course is a great program and it has my strongest recommendation to all parents.

Contact Number: +65 6913 7690
Location: Hong Lim Complex, 531 Upper Cross St, #02-59, Singapore 050531
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat 11AM-7PM | Sun 11AM-5PM

4. Vinnie Classroom

Image Credit: Vinnie Classroom

In order to offer top-notch music instruction to students of all ages, Vinnie Classroom opened its doors as a music school in Singapore in January 2014. For music lovers who had hoped to turn their love of music into a career, this marked the start of a new journey. Fast forward to today, Vinnie Classroom has blossomed and continuously attracts students of all age groups to its music school.

Vinnie Classroom offers a team of energetic, engaging, and skilled music educators who can work with students one-on-one, in small groups, or in a classroom. All their instructors are experienced musicians who play a variety of musical styles – some even entertain crowds on a regular basis! In addition to providing expert instruction, they are also skilled at helping students build their confidence, especially those who might be a little shy about performing in front of others. Whether you have a child who is interested in music or wants to explore music yourself, Vinnie Classroom is a great place to start!

Customer Reviews

Florian Gallon

 Vinnie Classroom – one of the best music schools in Singapore! A great team of teachers adapting their lessons to your goals. The yearly recital is a great outcome for all students to work on a common project and learn how to perform during a live show!

 Stella Law

 Vinnie Classroom has a special place in my heart. The teachers and staff are so warm and friendly; it’s not just a music school but feels like a second. home! After spending half a year at Vinnie Classroom, I also realise that Teacher Vinnie’s method and style are undeniably different from other teachers that have taught me. I know because I’m growing and progressing at a steady pace. Teacher Vinnie always makes lessons more enriching by sharing interesting facts. This perks my interest in music tremendously. This shows that he does not just teach about techniques, but also practical and general knowledge needed for the long run.

Contact Number: +65 9298 0830
Location: 246A Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
Opening Hours: Tue 4PM-10PM | Thu 6PM-9PM | Fri 6.30PM-10PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-7PM | Closed Mon, Wed

5. Bozzworkz Music Studio

Image Credit: Bozzworkz Music Studio

Advancing your drumming skills is best achieved at Bozzworkz, where customised drum lessons take centre stage in progressing each student’s journey in drumming. Their team of senior instructors (some of which are Drum Off Champions in Singapore) are enthusiastic and passionate about helping students nail down the basics as well as learn advanced techniques through fun and inspiring lessons.

Besides learning to play the drums, Bozzworkz also helps students interested in taking grade exams for the Trinity College London Drum Kit or Rock & Pop Exams. To further support your training, they also provide drum practice rooms for rent so you can take your time practising without annoying the neighbours.

Customer Reviews

 Dasha Abramova

 I was impressed with the experience – it’s really easy to book a room on the website. After this, I received the email with instructions – it was really detailed. But it was my first time with Bozzworkz so I anyways asked lots of questions on Whatsapp. All communication was fast and polite.

Plus I was amazed by the equipment. I didn’t expect to find a drum pad in the room. The room was totally good for practice – it has a drum kit, pad, and fan. Even if you want to book a quick practice and for some reasons you forgot your drumsticks I think you can borrow one in the studio.

 Definitely will come again.

 Parama B

 My son has been going to Bozzworkz since last year. It’s an amazing place with truly amazing teachers…Jenson n Dane. They are extremely talented and more importantly good human beings who are really passionate about good music.

I strongly recommend this drum school to everyone!!

Contact Number: +65 9747 1588
Location:​ Parklane Shopping Mall, 35 Selegie Rd, #01-20, Singapore 188307
Opening Hours: Open Daily


Whether you aim to make a career out of your drumming or are just good enough to impress your friends and play your favourite songs, having a proper teacher is crucial to avoiding bad habits and learning more quickly and efficiently for continuous progress. To get started, enrol in one of these drum schools and let the music carry you away.

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