6 Best Enrichment Classes in Kovan for Kids

June 9, 2020
best enrichment class Kovan

Every parent would want the very best for their child. In Singapore, this can come in the form of enrichment classes. These classes offer a variety of subjects that can help give your child an edge over their peers. Furthermore, some centres provide fun and engaging activities such as dance and art programmes for the added calibre.

Yes, enrichment classes are available all over Singapore but bet you did not know that Kovan houses many reputable centres that are highly rated by parents. Instead of travelling far and wide, take a stroll through your neighbourhood where these hidden gems are kept. Without further ado, here are the 6 best enrichment classes situated in Kovan!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.


1. Morris Allen

Image Credit: Morris Allen English

Started in 1993, Morris Allen provides top-notch English enrichment classes to kindergarten and primary students. Founder, Mr. Morris Allen has the utmost passion for the language and strived to make interesting classes to allow engagement from children. To add on, the centre has a unique holistic approach to teaching. Meaning not only will your child learn have an impeccable flair in the English Language but they will also be taught the basics of social cues.

Their interactive classes are a hit amongst many parents, who prefer this lighthearted approach to the language. This helps to promote well-rounded writers as well as confident speakers when they are put in a social setting. Furthermore, Morris Allen’s syllabus is aligned with the latest MOE requirements, so that they are consistently kept up-to-date!

Contact: +65 6288 7988
Location: Block 205, Hougang Street 21, Heartland Mall, #04-02, Singapore 530205
Opening Hours: Wed-Thur 12.30pm-9.30pm | Fri 12pm-9pm | Sat-Sun 8.30am-6.30pm | Closed on Mondays

2. Maths Hub

Image Credit: Maths Hub

Whether its Mathematics or Science, Maths Hub has catered programmed to boost your child’s ability in these tough subjects. This homegrown enrichment centre has many outlets islandwide, making them one of the most well-known and trusted places to go to. Specialising in mathematics, their team of tutors are highly valued by many schools. Their team of math specialists annually train students for the Mathematical Olympiad programmes, which rewards the cream of the crop in every school.

Another unique selling point about this enrichment centre is that they provide coding classes. As upper primary students will now have to attend coding compulsory classes in schools. Allow your child to have an early start and master it well. Help boost your little genius with the expertise from Maths Hub!

Contact: +65 6281 1321 | +65 6281 1787
Location: Block 22, Hougang Street 21, #B1-68, Singapore 530221
Opening Hours: Differs for every class

3. YouLe Mandarin

Image Credit: YouLe Mandarin

For mandarin classes, head to YouLe Mandarin centre to help your child overcome their difficulties in the subject. Regardless of whether its writing or speaking, their team of highly passionate teachers will do wonders. The trait of being bilingual has proven to be a force in this ever-changing climate. With any language, picking it up from a younger age helps any child to build confidence and understand it better as opposed to starting later.

The centre uses interesting tactics that help to stimulate the interest in kindergarteners. Take their music programme, which engages children in a pro-active way so that they are able to apply it in their speech. Not to discount on the older kids, their range of oral and creative writing department will assure them victory in any examination. So, start your children on their journey to perfecting mandarin with YouLe Mandarin!

Contact: +65 9669 7203
Location: Block 203, Hougang Street 21, #01-49, Singapore 530203
Opening Hours: Wed-Fri 9am-7pm | Sat-Sun 8.30am-6.30pm | Closed on Monday & Tuesday


4. Artary

Image Credit: Artary

Opening its doors since 2011, Artary is an academy that teaches children visual arts. As one of the few places in Singapore that offers specialised art programmes catered to children. Artery believes that nurturing a child’s interest from a young age helps them better develop their capabilities in other areas. This centre also partners up with various local sectors that help these children showcase their art on a national scale.

If you’re worried about your child not having the natural abilities to paint. Fret not, Artary uses art-related activities to help boost your child’s inner creativity. They will not discourage your child’s ideas and instead tap on that to allow them to discover their passion. With many outlets around Singapore, head to Artary for a comprehensive range of art classes for every child.

Location: Block 208, Hougang Street 21, #04-215, Singapore 530208
Opening Hours: Monday 11am-6.30pm | Tue-Fri 11am-9pm | Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

5. Crestar Learning Centre

Image Credit: Crestar Learning Centre

Specially designed to suit the needs of every child, Crestar Learning Centre has everything you could ever imagine. They are known for having the ultimate range of programmes for every child. Never underestimate a child’s capabilities, they want to offer the widest range of programmes to give every child the opportunity to try out anything they desire. This makes it an excellent choice for parents who are looking to expose their children to many spectrums!

From academic subjects provided in schools, take your child here to give them a head start and learn how to better manage difficulties that they might come across in life. Or go for their interactive classes based on your child’s interest. The centre also offers art, arithmetics, drama and dance classes depending on your preference. Rest assured that your children are in good hands as Crestar Learning Centre will be the driving force behind your child’s development.

Contact: +65 6287 6385
Location: Block 202, Hougang Street 21, #03-00, Singapore 530202
Opening Hours: Differs for every class

6. KRTC Education

Image Credit: KRTC Education

KRTC Education is a hub for all academic students in Singapore. They offer a diverse range of subjects catered to different age groups. As one of the leading tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore, they are dedicated to fostering your child’s capabilities. Their classes are conducted in a warm and productive environment which helps to build each child’s confidence and allow them to build a competitive spirit.

The centre aims to be a one-stop-shop to all your child’s needs and aims to nurture them all round. From phonics, arts and crafts, speech and drama, baking and robotics. These are just one of the few activities that this centre has to offer. Additionally, KRTC Education also provides classes for academic subjects to gear your child for PSLE!

Contact: +65 6288 8444
Location: Block 205, Hougang Street 21, Heartland Mall, #02-07, Singapore 530205
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am-9.30pm | Sat-Sun 9am-7pm

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