4 Best Korean Language Course in Tampines For K-Drama Fans

June 16, 2021
Best Korean Language Course Tampines

Fans of Korean culture know the pain of watching their form K-media! Whether it’s watching your favorite drama hit or listening to a newly-released album from your favorite bias groups – as much as you love watching or listening to them, nothing beats the pain of waiting and reading those English translations! Luckily, there are various Korean language schools for those who want to learn and explore the beautiful language.

If you are thinking of enrolling to learn the language but not sure where to get lessons from, don’t worry! We came up with a list of the best Korean language schools in Tampines!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Sejong Korean Language School

Source: Sejong Korean Language School

Sejong Korean Language School is the top-rated Korean language school in Singapore since 2012! The school is a MOE-registered Korean Language Centre with headquarters and offers a range of Korean courses from basic for beginners to advanced level classes. You can learn to speak the Korean language with the school’s native Korean teachers who deliver structured, systematic yet enjoyable Korean lessons. The teachers in the school speak excellent English, which makes communicating with the students easier.

Sejong Korean Language School was established by a Native Korean Principal who has lived in Singapore for over 20 years! He developed the “Sejong standard”, a systematic, structured, and engaging teaching method in which the teachers are trained in-house to meet. Plus, their teaching methodologies are vouched for by thousands of students to be perfectly suited for Singaporean learners.

Customer Reviews

Jessica Lim

Sejong Korean is a very systematic and structured learning place to learn Korea. Here they have well catered English speaking Korean teacher that is able to explain the Korean words and sentence in English clearly for you to understand.

Alyssa Toh

I am taking lessons at Sejong Korean Language School under Teacher Ashley and find the lesson plans high-quality, intuitive, relevant to current times, and really fun. The lesson materials are thoughtfully designed and encourage review and practice of past materials too.

Contact Number: +65 8688 8803
Address: 10 Anson Rd Tanjong Pagar, International Plaza, #34-15, Singapore 079903
Operating Hours: Mon-Thu 2PM-9.30PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-5PM | Closed on Fri

2. Daehan Korean Language School

Source: Daehan Korean Language School

Daehan Korean Language School was established in 2006 and has now over 50,000 successful students on the record! The school has years of experience and expertise and also offers interactive live online Korean lessons with their certified native Korean teachers. The school began when their Education Director, Ms Grace Shin, the Principal and Head Teacher, and Mr Harry Quek, decided to put their all into establishing the first-ever Korean Language Centre in Singapore owned and run by native Koreans.

Daehan Korean Language School has grown tremendously and is extremely proud of its achievements over the past 15 years, enrolling over 2000 students and 25 dedicated teachers and staff members. The school strives to bring Korea to their institution by organizing various events throughout the year.

Customer Reviews

Kai Hang

The lessons are really fun and engaging with the teacher – Mr Harry and classmates! All of them are friendly and helpful too and I learned a lot from the lesson.

Eugene Lee

I would highly recommend Daehan Language Centre for learning the Korean Language in a friendly and structured environment. The textbooks, workbooks, and notes are also very good. Many thanks to Kim, my first Korean teacher.

Contact Number: +65 9113 9264
Address: Kembangan Plaza, 18 JIn Masjid, #02-01, Singapore 418944
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-6PM

3. Hana Korean Language School

Source: Hana Korean Language School

Hana Korean Language School was established in 2012 and is part of the Crystal Learning group of language schools. The school offers Korean classes in small groups of up to 8 persons and believes that learning Korean effectively is about more than hard work and putting in the hours to make sure their Korean course materials are ultra-relevant and interesting. The teachers focus on small-class teaching and the school has the smallest Korean language group class in Singapore.

The school believes that a smaller class means better attention, allowing the students to pay more attention in class while making friends who are also interested to improve or learn with them. The team consists of experienced and dynamic Korean language trainer with excellent communication skills and patience.

Customer Reviews

Goh Ching

You definitely will find the classes here at Hana Korean worthy of your time. The language is taught by skilled trainers. Even the schedules are flexible so you can choose the one that suits your business.

Alberta Sai

The Korean Language courses at Hana Korean are all worth spending for. They are offered to students according to their level of knowledge in the said language. I’m glad to have signed up for one of the courses.

Contact Number: +65 6589 8674
United House, 20 Kramat Ln, #05-05, Singapore 228773
Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. ezSAM Korean Language School

Source: ezSAM Korean Language School

ezSAM Korean Language School is set up by native tutors who are passionate about the Korean language. The schools offer Korean language courses to learners of all levels from beginner to advance levels. Established in August 2012, ezSAM is one of the leading Korean language schools in Singapore. Plus, the school believes that learning a language is not only about knowing how to read, write or speak, but also about understanding the culture as well as the history of people.

At ezSAM Korean Language Centre, they are professional, convenient and fun, while bringing you effective learning language training and delivering the results you deserve. Plus, the teachers in the school assures you that learning the language would be as easy as ABC!

Customer Reviews

Verina Dinata

I’m taking the Basic 1 class right now and am very satisfied with all the classes that I’ve taken so far! The teacher is very friendly and kind. She explains the class materials very well and makes them easy for us to understand. 

Yap Wancheng

I have just started the basic 1 course with ezSAM Korean Language School and it has already made me so into learning the Korean language. The size of the class is just nice for efficient learning. I’m so grateful to have chosen here also meet with great teachers and classmates.

Contact Number: +65 9278 3262
Address: 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #10-11, Singapore 179803
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-9.30PM | Sat & Sun 10.30AM-5PM


If you want to learn or improve your knowledge about the language, enroll in a Korean Language School! These schools are taught by Korean natives or locals who speak the language fluently, so if you plan on taking up lessons to learn, check out our list of the best Korean Language Schools in Tampines!

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