4 Best Storage Space Operators in Yishun

August 5, 2020
Best Storage Spaces in Yishun

Why go through the trouble of stacking up your belongings in an unsafe way when you can get a hold of storage spaces? Making room in your already-overcrowded office or room will only add on to more unnecessary work. Overcrowding can also become a potential fire hazard as it may block doorways and windows. Adding on to that, items such as boxes, papers and clothing are likewise, extremely flammable.

As a business owner, you should focus more on your company rather than storage issues! So, stop yourself from going through the hassle of finding or making space in your office or room. Instead, outsource from any of these 4 best storage spaces in Yishun!

Through their help, warehousing your belongings will no longer be part of your work stress as you’ll find that they are trustable and will take extra care of your items.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. A S Storage & Engineering

Image Credit: A S Storage & Engineering

As a young and dynamic company offering a wide range of industrial warehouse related equipment, A S Storage & Engineering has different types of warehouse racking options for you! They are built on the desire to help companies and individuals tackle their storage needs. They provide racking systems such as Selective Pallet, Double-Deep Pallet, Drive-In Pallet, Mezzanine Racking Platform, VNA Pallet, Cantilever, Longspan Shelving, Boltless Shelving and Mobile Compactus Shelving.

By establishing a clear understanding of your objectives, this company will provide solutions that can overcome any problem. On top of that, they specialise in designing and installing industrial pallet racking systems as well as commercial shelving solutions. With these, they’re able to help guide you to achieve the most money-worth solution to meet your storage needs!

Contact: +65 6264 4669
Location: 7 Yishun Industrial Street 1, North Spring Bizhub, #01-32, Singapore 768162

2. ALP Hub

Image Credit: ALP Hub

Here at ALP Hub, they offer pallets and loose cartons’ warehousing services. For all goods stored in their warehouse, if you wish to bring it back safely to your home, this company provides local delivery for you. Taking pride in their service, you wouldn’t need to worry about your belongings being damaged through their storage process. Equipped with various kinds of vehicles, it ranges from a van to 10FT / 14FT / 20FT / 24FT trucks to complete their daily trips.

Experienced in this industry, they have been handling deliveries to industrial estates, residential estates, supermarkets and shopping malls. So, be rest assured that your warehousing belongings will not only be stored safety but also be delivered in good condition!

Contact: +65 3109 0909
Location: 9 Yishun Industrial Street 1, North Spring Bizhub, #03-86, Singapore 768163
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6.30pm | Closed on Weekends

3. Sim Movers

Image Credit: Sim Movers

Whether you want to house a load of equipment or just need to store your belongings for a limited period of time, at Sim Movers, they will take good care of it! Here to solve your relocation problems, you can also keep your items organised at their spacious warehouse. With up to 7,000 square feet of storage space available for you, a warehouse that’s insured against fire and a 24 hours CCTV surveillance system, your items will certainly be safe in their hands!

On top of that, if you need relocation services for your moving, Sim Movers will be glad to assist you! Who wouldn’t want a clean and safe warehouse that’s coupled with relocation and disposal services? Not to mention, they also offer affordable plans and huge spaces for either your long-term or short-term storage needs.

Contact: +65 9048 0563
Location: 15 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Win5, #06-14, Singapore 768091

4. NTL Storage Solutions

Image Credit: NTL Storage Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience, NTL Storage Solutions has provided many solutions to make businesses more efficient. A one-stop place for storage and space solutions, they furnish various high-quality racking systems that can be customised according to your requirements. They range from Selective Racking System, Double-Deep, Very Narrow Aisle, Drive-In and Drive-Through, Mezzanine / Rack Supported Platform, Boltless Shelving, Longspan Shelving, Mechanical / Manual Mobile Shelving and Modular / Super Block Mezzanine.

Not only are they committed to giving you a safe, simple yet superior storage solution, but they are also always looking out for their clients’ satisfaction. Hence, they will constantly offer their best, sincere and dedicated services by striving to achieve even higher customer satisfaction whenever you go to them.

Contact: +65 6665 2515
Location: 7 Yishun Industrial Street 1, North Spring, #03-33, Singapore 768162



With any of these 4 best storage spaces in Yishun, you can tackle your overcrowding issues or relocation problems. Offering ample space for your belongings, you can easily rent a space to store your items! Why stack your belongings using improper methods when you can outsource from any of these storage spaces? To top it all off, they will ensure absolute compliance with occupational health and safety requirements.

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