5 Best Cake Shops In Tanjong Pagar To Satisfy Your Cravings

November 27, 2020
Best Cake Shop In Tanjong Pagar

When talking about desserts, one of the first things that come to mind are cakes. Whether you want a cupcake, cheesecake or birthday cake, there are heaps of options to select from. Cakes are also one of the rare gifts that you can never go wrong with – you could send it as a gift for any joyous occasion, whether a wedding or baby shower. Likewise, you could also pick a flavour that fits the palette of the person you are giving it to or even adjust it according to someone’s dietary needs.

However, with so many cake shops all over Singapore, it can be a hard deciding on one to spend your money on.

Well, look no further because this list will go over 5 cake shops in Tanjong Pagar that is worth a try!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Cake Spade

Source: Cake Spade

Cake Spade was established in 2013 and with the main aim of baking cakes that are light and affordable to be enjoyed every day. Their variety of cakes eliminated the notion among many that cakes are to be indulged only on special occasions. In order to make their cakes light, their team goes the extra mile in ensuring that all their cakes are made from scratch. This enables them to take full accountability of the quality of cakes they bake and to be in complete control of how their cakes turn out, ensuring customers only get to savour the best treats!

Their prominent pink shophouse is something you can’t miss when looking for their shop. Inside the shophouse is a minimalistic-styled dining area here you can indulge in their cakes or even host a celebration with your friends and family.

Customer Reviews

Grace Shan

I think the cakes were nice, especially the red velvet it’s so heavy I love it. Cheesecakes also nice the most normal one is the fruit cake.

Omg that matcha honey yuzu is so special must try!

Randy Tan

Great ambience with a good selection of cakes and beverages with even ice cream. Lively service crew!

Contact Number: +65 6444 3868
Address: 83 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088504
Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs 12PM-10PM | Fri, Sat & Eve PH 12PM-10.30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

2. FLOR Pâtisserie

Source: FLOR Pâtisserie

FLOR Pâtisserie is a Japanese-styled patisserie that serves authentic Japanese-inspired French pastry. If you are open to trying new types of cakes and pastry, then this is definitely the place for you to visit! At FLOR Pâtisserie, they abide by a strict rule against artificial stabilisers, agents or preservatives. None of their pastries is made with baking powder which amazes many of their customers since they are able to achieve such delectable pastries with only natural ingredients. If you are visiting FLOR Pâtisserie, you should, without a doubt, try their selection of cakes which have been featured on many food blogs and articles.

Apart from their cakes, they also have gift cards which make a perfect gift since the person you are giving it to, is free to pick any cake that they want and when they are craving for it.

Customer Reviews

Jeslyn Chew

The rainbow millecrepe was really refreshing with different layers of fresh fruits. Need I mention? Pleasing to the eyes! The frozen cheese tarts are a must try – we had original and matcha. I have to say the original one is the best. Royal milk tea was really milky if you like milk teas towards the milky side this is for you.


Place was clean and neat. Gave people a really nice atmosphere to relax and chill. The cafe has great aircon too 🤣. Their prices on the menu is before GST, so take note when making payment. I personally love their royal milk tea!

Contact Number: +65 6223 8628
Address: 2 Duxton Hill, #01-01, Singapore 089588
Operating Hours: Tues-Sun & PH 11AM-7PM | Closed on Mon

3. Keong Saik Bakery

Source: Keong Saik Bakery

Keong Saik Bakery was started in 2017 by 2 friends with the goal of merging contemporary baking techniques and styles with traditional and local flavours. The combination of this results in perfectly textured pastries with a hint of nostalgia from every bite. Since their bakery is located on Keong Saik Road, they decided to pay homage to the rich history behind that road by naming their shop Keong Saik Bakery.

Most of the specialities from Keong Saik Bakery that keeps their customers returning are cakes that are fused with local delight. For example, their Attap Chee Rose Cheesecake which is inspired by the Attap Chee Potong Ice Cream that was popular in Singapore during the 1980s. Hence, if you are planning to drop by Keong Saik Bakery, do take note that they are only open for dine-ins on the weekdays and are open for takeaways on the weekends!

Customer Reviews

Darren Tan

Nice cheesecake. Two face cheesecake for those that wants to try the original and Matcha flavour. 👍🏻

Nikhil Durgani

With the recent hype around basque burnt cheesecake, we decided to try it out from keong saik bakery. They have a few varieties and we ended up trying the regular and the two faced one. It is amazing to see the least and it’s very fluffy and well structured. Highly recommend it for the cheesecake

Contact Number: +65 9021 9626
Address: 33 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089140
Operating Hours: Tue-Sun 8AM-7.30PM | Sun 8AM-6.30PM

4. Pâtisserie Glacé

Source: Pâtisserie Glacé

In 2008, Pâtisserie Glacé was started to meet the increased demand of Japan’s finest cakes, pies and cookies and tarts in Singapore. Led by Chef Tomoko, the team at Pâtisserie Glacé put in their best every day and are passionately involved in getting all their cakes and pastries to achieve the authentic taste of Japan.

If you are someone with food allergies, you’d probably try to stay away from cakes and pastries. However, Chef Tomoko and the team at Pâtisserie Glacé strives to ensure that everyone gets a chance to taste their cakes. Hence, coming up with their egg-free cake series for those who have to abstain from eggs due to dietary or religious reasons. At the same time, there are also dairy-free and gluten-free options available in the all-inclusive Pâtisserie Glacé; the choices are endless!

Customer Reviews

Sherd Cheng

Bought the dark chocolate cake. Excellent and tasty. This is my to go place for birthday cakes and it did not disappoint. Their strawberry short cakes are pretty awesome too.

Liz Ng

The strawberry cake deserve 5 stars!

Contact Number: +65 6400 0247
Address: Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, #01-31/32, Singapore 078877
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat, Sun & PH 11AM-5PM

5. Nesuto Patisserie

Source: Nesuto Patisserie

Nesuto Patisserie is one of the most acclaimed bakeries in Singapore, and they are a well-known cake shop in the Tanjong Pagar area. The cakes and pastries that they serve have strong influences of French pastry techniques which is evident in the use of their meticulously sourced premium imported ingredients.

Led by Chef Alicia, Nesuto Patisserie aims to be a bakery that gives its customers an experience that is usually only available in hotels or high-end restaurants but with a twist. This same experience is given to their customers in a more comfortable cafe setting, where anyone can drop by and enjoy their delicious artisanal pastries and cakes! Some of their signature cakes that you have to try are the Yuzu Raspberry Cake and the Classic Tiramisu cake that makes you savour each bite.

Customer Reviews


Bought the September special, Praliné Noisette, for a relative’s birthday! It was simply delicious and such a family favorite! It’s flavorful, not overly sweet and those little crunchy pearls between layers made it extra yummy – the cake paired really well with a nice cup of coffee or green tea! Can’t wait for the next Birthday celebration – so that I can fret over the next flavor to indulge in!

Rohit Bhatia

Fresh cakes, light, nice flavours and well executed. Drinks were good too.

Contact Number: +65 6920 2922
Address: 53 Tras Street, #01-01, Singapore 078992
Operating Hours: Fri-Sat 12PM-9.30PM | Sun 12PM-5.30PM | Closed on Mon-Thurs


Regardless of the type of cake you’re craving, be it a mouth-watering cheesecake or red velvet cake, you’re sure to find the best delights in any one of these cake shops near Tanjong Pagar.

Visit any one of these places and satisfy your sweet tooth in no time!

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